Why do Rottweilers Smell? Top 5 Reasons

why do rottweilers smell

Among the several myths regarding Rottweilers, the most frequently heard is that they smell bad. However, in contradiction to the prevalent belief, Rottweilers dogs do not smell any more than other dogs when taken care of appropriately. So, why do Rottweilers smell? They can smell due to several health problems. For example, bad breath, infected teeth, and ear infections. They can also smell because of rolling in stinking things.

5 Reasons why do Rottweilers Smell

1.    Ear infection 

All dogs can get an infection in their ears. The leading cause of infection can be excessive moisture in the ear because of extreme swimming or water entering into the ears when you offer them a bath.

When a yeasty odor comes from its ears, it is time to clean your Rottweiler’s ear. Likewise, if the infection is grave, there will be a disgusting smell, so you must take your dog to a vet. 

2.    Bad Breath

Bad breath is one more common reason for ruthless smell in Rottweiler dogs. In most circumstances, infrequent lousy breath is triggered by the accumulation of odor-generating bacteria in your dog’s mouth. In comparison, continuous bad breath can be due to an underlying defect in your Rottweiler’s digestive system.

3.    Flatulence

Tough infrequent burping, bloating, and flatulence are expected for your Rottweiler; it can go out of control in numerous cases. A fundamental medical condition infrequently triggers extreme flatulence in Rottweilers. Once a Rottweiler consumes something or drinks water, its squeezed-up nose lets him suck in loads of air which causes flatulence. In severe conditions, you must ask for a vet.

4.    Wet Dog

A wet dog is undoubtedly a stinky dog. Regardless of how frequently you wash your dog, it will smell bad once he/she becomes wet. Even if you brush your Rottweiler often, there will be microorganisms like yeast as well as bacteria hiding inside your Rot’s coat. Given that your Rottweiler remains dry, it doesn’t smell. However, when your dog becomes wet, these microorganisms separate from your dog’s skin and get airborne, generating a nasty smell.

5.    Urinary Infection

When your Rottweiler continuously smells like urine, the risks are that your dog might be getting a urinary infection. Common signs of urinary infection comprise drinking more water, strain while peeing, blood in urine, as well as and pain while peeing. If your dog shows these signs, take it to a vet.

 How to remove the smell on your Rottweiler?

Knowing how to fix Rottweiler’s smell always starts with recognizing what the cause of the smell is. This might mean you should take a trip to the veterinary clinic. You might require your veterinarian’s assistance to comprehend what is the main cause of Rottweiler’s smell that you can’t appear to bathe, brush, and groom away.

When you have recognized the reason, you and your vet can collaborate to solve the issue and get your Rottweiler smelling good again.


Q: Why do dogs smell butts?

It permits dogs to sense and interpret particular compounds containing the compounds in another pooch’s anal sacs. Thus, when your dog smells a butt, he can learn about a different dog’s identity, sex, health, temper, diet, and more.

Q: What does it mean if your Rottweiler rests on you?

A Rottweiler that leans on you might tell you how faithful he is and how much he trusts you.

Q: Why do dogs go between your legs?

A Rottweiler that stays among your legs indicates submissive or fearful behavior.


As discussed in this article, no pooch is smellier than the other, also in the case of Rottweilers. While debating a Rottweiler stinking badly, it all depends upon how good he is being taken care of.

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