Can A Pitbull Kill A Rottweiler? 4 Major Differences

Can A Pit bull Kill A Rottweiler

Dogfighting is not permitted; however, people still consider matching up 2 strong dogs. A dog fight between pit bull and Rottweiler would be the most fantasized. Thus, can a Pit bull kill a Rottweiler? A Pit bull cannot beat a Rottweiler. Rottweiler can easily kill a pit bull as it is larger, sturdier, heavier, and contains a stronger bite force rather than a Pit bull.

Here is a short-term comparison.

Pit bullRottweiler
Normal Height17-21 inches22-27 inches
Average Weight30-65 pounds80-135 pounds
Bite Force235 PSI328 PSI
Body FormVery MuscularMuscular

Can a Pit bull kill a Rottweiler? Which one would win

Why can a pit bull terrier kill a Rottweiler?

A Rottweiler is a bigger and more violent dog compared to a pit bull, but Rottweiler is not a fighting pooch.

1.     Strength

Even though generally the Rottweiler dog is stronger, Pit bulls are sturdier when you estimate the power pound by pound. So, Rottweilers are giant; however, Pit bulls contain high muscle power.

2.     History

Pit bulls are accustomed to being raised for bull-baiting as well as dog-fighting. Therefore, there is no uncertainty that Pit bulls will not surrender easily in combat.

3.     Traits

Pit bull dogs are quicker and far healthier compared to Rottweilers. But, Rottweilers like the quickness and willingness that Pit bull dogs have, which can quickly make Pit bulls win contrary to a Rottweiler dog.

Likewise, although Rottweilers hold a stronger bite; however, Pit bull dogs bite diversely. They grasp and shake, deprived of letting go. Due to this, it is challenging to eliminate anything from a pit bull’s mouth when it bites something without aching the pit bull at all.

Why can a Rottweiler dog beat a pit bull?

1.     Strength

Both Rottweilers as well as Pit bulls, are among the most dangerous dog breeds. They are powerful with gigantic, large bodies. In size, a Rottweiler dog is larger than a pit bull dog. So, it can easily defeat a pit bull in a battle.

2.     Purpose

Although Pit bulls are grown as pets as household dogs, Rottweilers are grown as protector dogs. They are generally busy and are taught to fight off any outsiders.

3.     Strong bite

Rottweiler’s teeth are sharper compared to those of pit bull dogs. These dogs can bite anything easily.

4.     Aggression

Although Pit bulls have gained the standing of being violent dogs, Rottweilers are, in fact, more aggressive. Pit bull dogs are amiable and have just acquired a bad name.

Is a rottweiler dog more unsafe than a pit bull?

Rottweilers were accountable for 11.4% of deaths. Therefore, for every one deadly attack by a Rottweiler dog, there are above five fatal attacks by a Pit bull dog. On its face, the research would look to show that Pit bull dogs are by far the most dangerous dog breed.

Which pooch can kill a tiger?

No canine can kill a tiger one on one; however, in the woods of India, there is a dog breed called ‘Dhole’ in the local language. In groups, they are recognized to hunt tigers, yet only when they are anxious and out of possibilities.


Q: Is a Rottweiler better than a Pit bull?

If you’re seeking a better all-around protector dog, then a Rottweiler is the best choice because of their loyalty and defensive nature. Pit Bulls are usually more even-tempered than Rottweilers.

Q: What is the best dog for fighting?

Pit Bull dogs are the most favorite breed for dog fighting as they are robust and very trustworthy and are hereditarily more aggressive because of breeding.

Q: Which dog is the strongest dog?

Tibetan Mastiff is the strongest dog.

Take away

If you select the Rottweiler to beat or kill a pit bull dog in a fight, you choose right! To be sure, the pit bull is a robust, experienced pooch that can give tough war. His stats are remarkable, and his antiquity in dog-fighting shows a negligible role in his fighting skills. 

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