Why Rottweilers Are The Worst? 6 Reasons

Why Rottweilers Are The Worst

Although several individuals are fighting against the inappropriate stereotype, Rottweiler dogs still hold the status of being a dangerous and destructive breed of dogs. However, why Rottweilers are the worst? They are the worst due to their large size. They can cause damage. In this new guide, I will thoroughly discuss why Rottweilers have bad repute. Thus, let’s dive into this. 

Top 6 reasons why Rottweilers are the worst

1.    Rottweilers have a large size.

Our instincts show that larger dogs are very dangerous, and some dogs can challenge Rottweilers when we talk about weight, height, as well as size. This is a natural response; however, we have to be progressed enough to leave this primary response and recognize that just as Rottweilers are large dogs, which does not mean they are precarious.

2.    They can cause damage.

A Rottweiler holds a higher bite force than any dog breed, around 328 PSI. So, just because a pooch can cause damage does not mean it will. Awkwardly, several people cannot seem past this ability, and this causes Rottweilers to be the worst breed. 

3.    Rottweiler are protective

One of the outstanding features of a Rottweiler is its natural strength. It is what prepared them as brilliant cattle dogs once they were initially bred, making them astonishing police dogs and family guard dogs today.

Your dog will protect you against invaders and other dogs, setting their lives in trouble just because of you. However, this trait supports the idea that Rotties are unsafe or violent.

However, remember that it is essential to never leave your Rottweiler unsupervised near a child.

4.    Rottweilers have a prey drive.

Rottweilers grasp a natural prey drive. This feature is a natural response for them to pursue a small and scurrying creature. It means that if a Rottweiler dog has not been hanging out with cats as well as other small animals, they can unconsciously chase them, and as they are so robust, they can harm them. 

5.    Individuals use them as fighting dogs.

As you know, dog fighting is brutality. The rules ruling out this practice have assisted in some concerns; however, it has by no resources eliminated it entirely. Size, as well as strength, are the main features that dog fighters seek in their victims.

They need a dog who can do huge amounts of injury; unluckily, they frequently use Rottweiler dogs. Once these Rottweilers become useless to the dog fighters, they are thrown aside and unrestricted in an outer environment that doesn’t know why they react to aid with aggression.

6.    It is difficult to break a bad stereotype.

Lastly, Rottweilers are the worst as they do not have a good reputation. A bad reputation is easily disseminated and hard to counter.

Can Rottweiler Dogs Be Trusted?

“Can Rottweiler dogs be trusted?” is not the correct question. The right question is: Can human beings be trusted?

Not all people can be trusted. So far, we don’t know each human into the same group as serial killers. Likewise, not all Rottweiler dogs can be trusted; however, that does not mean none of these dogs can be trusted.

Besides, one or two Rottweiler dogs could hurt somebody; however, that doesn’t mean we must treat them all just like they will.

One or two Rottweiler dogs could unintentionally harm somebody or something; however, this does not mean it was done unkindly; they are simply influential dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can Rottweilers be foul?

It’s because Rottweilers can become violent. Numerous bad eggs have gone through a lot to provide the breed dishonor. Since 1982, these dogs have been convoluted in above 700 serious attacks.

Q: Why should you not buy a Rottweiler?

“Sharp” canines aren’t defensive – they’re unhinged; because of this reason, they can attack an innocent individual or another animal. 


Rottweilers are pleasing dogs whose bad status has developed from the point that they look threatening, can cause huge physical harm, and keep naturally robust protective characters and prey drives. Because of these reasons, people are afraid of them.

Although several individuals agree that Rottweiler dogs are sweet-natured and kind protectors and friends, quieting a stereotype is very difficult. With one case comprising an aggressive Rottweiler temperament, the whole dog breed imperiled by the negative result. Still, I will keep supporting this giant-hearted Rottweiler buddy!

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