Why do Rottweilers Growl? 10 Best Reasons

why do Rottweilers growl

Several people love having Rottweilers as they are very faithful, loving, calm, and brave. They have defending nature which makes them excellent guard dogs. However, they start growling once you love them; it might be unclear and concerning. Thus why do Rottweiler growl? Rottweilers growl for several reasons. It can mean they are in discomfort, fearful, play, and even happy.

Why do Rottweilers growl? Top 10 reasons 

Rottweiler growling is, in fact, normal instinctive behavior for this dog. They were bred to be guard dogs; therefore, they will unconsciously growl once they see any danger. Even though a Rottweiler growling can also mean that these dogs are trying to look after their land or anyone they are protecting.

If you’re pondering, “why do Rottweilers growl?” it could also mean that these pooches enjoy you, love them, and they howl to tell you to carry on petting them. There are numerous reasons for Rottweilers growling, and we will talk over these reasons next.

1.     Rottweilers growl as they are happy

Like several other dogs, Rottweilers love being with their loved ones. A Rottweiler growling can frequently confuse his owner as their owners take on the worst. Now, being conscious of the condition will help you understand that your Rottweiler is howling to talk with you and that they are glad and motivated.

2.     They growl because of separation anxiety.

Leaving your dog at home when you’re out can cause separation anxiety. In this case, Rottweiler’s growling can be a symptom that he is unhappy or has separation anxiety. In numerous circumstances, when Rottweilers have keen anxiety, they can get aggression, and growling is a way to show their anxiety.

3.     They growl to see you again.

In contrast, a Rottweiler can growl in anticipation that you are coming home. When a Rottweiler can’t hold in their enthusiasm or hope, they can growl to release that vigor.

4.     Rottweilers growl to welcome you

When you come home after a hectic day at the office, your Rottie growl because he wants to meet you. This howling isn’t aggressive or defensive. As a substitute, your valuable Rottweiler is growling as he is happy to welcome you! Dogs, like several mammals, contain a circadian rhythm. Actually, they’ll recognize when you’ll be coming home.

5.     They growl to protect your house or land.

Conversely, if a guest walks up to your house, your dog can growl because of his or her natural nature to protect the house. Their growling is to scare the visitor away.

6.     Rottweilers growl as they feel nervous.

Your Rottweiler will also growl if he feels frightened and deliberate something a hazard. This example would be a firework. The abrupt sound of thunder can activate your dog and make him fearful.

In addition, your Rottweiler will respond by growling to guard themselves against the danger and acquire your consideration that there is a possible threat. Dogs that have been abused or confronted in the past will growl.

7.     They growl to declare dominance.

It’s usual for dogs like Rottweilers to declare dominance when meeting another pet. When Rottweilers show their power, they will growl to alarm other dogs. They will clarify that they are protecting their land and are dominant.

8.     Rottweilers growl when they are in pain

Occasionally showing dominance can cause trouble for your Rottweiler. If the other pet challenges their power, both of them can start a fight and can get agonizing injuries. At this moment, your Rottweiler growls stridently to deal with that pain. When you touch their wound, they can growl at you.

In addition, they can growl because of pain from health problems, for example, hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. If you think your valuable Rottweiler is in pain from wounds or health problems, ask your vet to seek suitable treatment.

9.     They growl because of food aggression.

Finally, your dog’s nature is to guard their food. This is typical behavior as it is present in their DNA to defend their food from wolves and other dogs. For several generations, your dog’s descendants had to search for their food.

Besides, the food supply was uncommon since it was hooked on their capability to hunt. When they don’t get anything, it means no food; thus, this natural behavior to guard their food is constructed into their DNA.

And, if there’s an additional pet in your house that loves to steal your Rottie’s food, your dog might get that pet as a danger to his food. One more case would be when you keep a stray dog. As it’s difficult to get food on the street, they grow food aggression as that food could be the last meal.

10.Rottweilers growl because of survival.

You’ve perhaps welcomed home a new Rottweiler pup or adopted dog, and now your puppy is howling at you. You did nothing wrong, but your Rottweiler pup has been growling at you for several days as they compete with their siblings to get water and food.

This growling nature can last even when they are detached from their siblings. It requires 3-4 months before a Rottie stops roaring when he gets you near his food. They want to protect their food!


Q: Why do Rottweilers growl more?

Generally, a Rottweiler is a pretty vocal dog who tends to moan when being rubbed, touched, and played with. A common grumbler, without hidden reasons, will moan low in his chest, and no facial activity will go with the sound.

Q: Does my Rottweiler growl normal?

Rottweiler growling is, in fact, a normal instinctual character for this breed. Because of this reason, they were bred to be guard dogs.

Q: How do Rotties show love?

Rottweilers show love for their humans in different ways. Occasionally, it’s by touching—tilting against you, pushing your hands with your nose, or touching you. Occasionally they can follow you around, shake their tail, or do Rottie “rumble.”

Take away 

Even though Rottweilers can appear destructive or threatening, they actually aren’t. There are numerous reasons why Rottweilers growl, and it’s significant to know the condition and read Rottweiler’s temperament carefully.

These reasons can cause your Rottie to growl, comprising growling out of joy, sadness, eagerness, excitement, nervousness, and separation anxiety. Not every Rottweiler growling is destructive; therefore, it’s essential that owners don’t take it up right away.

In its place, it’s significant to stay calm and impose helpful training or search for an expert dog trainer to aid you.


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