Do Rottweilers Drool? Reasons and Ways to Reduce Drooling

do Rottweilers drool

Rottweilers are large dogs having big jaws. You may think that Rottweilers drool; however, do Rottweilers drool? Yes, they drool – similar to other dog breeds. Some dogs will drool once they are hungry, and some drool constantly.

But, how much Rottweilers drool relies upon the single Rottweiler. Male Rotties frequently drool extra compared to females because of their head shape; however, female Rottweilers can also drool more.

Top 10 Reasons Why Do Rottweilers Drool more? 

1.      Jowls

Rottweilers contain jowls, also called flews, which are moveable upper lips that can hang over the lower jaw. They have more jowls, so they can drool. As Rottweilers contain a fair quantity of jowl rather than a thinner lipped dog such as a sighthound, they can drool more. When you link the Rottweiler’s jowls to a breed, for example, a Saint Bernard, there is significantly less jowl and noticeably less drooling.

2.      Big Heads

Rottweilers have big heads with some of the largest jaws in the dog world. All of this jaw gives a lot of area for drool. Therefore, German Rottweilers have huge heads, and male dogs, whose heads are bigger than female dogs, can drool more.

3.      Big Dogs

Rottweilers are large dogs to make a huge difference. A comparatively large dog of approximately 50 lbs looks to drool more. As a large dog drinks more and has a large mouth, which causes excessive drooling.

4.      One more dog around

Several dogs, comprising Rottweilers, can respond to the additional dog being in the region or the aroma of other dogs by drooling. It can be that drooling creates smells further strong for a Rottweiler, or it can simply be that the existence of another dog causes drooling.

5.      Anxiety

Drooling is a common reaction to feelings of anxiety. When your Rottweiler is conscious, there is a good possibility that they will show their anxiety partly by drooling. There is no evidence why pooches drool once they’re anxious; however, it seems to be a common response among several breeds.

6.      Hunger

Hunger can be the most noticeable cause of drooling to people because this is the reason that people typically drool. Your Rottweiler can also drool when there are pleasant odors of food around. It is frequently linked with licking as well as being concentrated on the food source.

7.      Dental or Jaw Issues

Rottweilers aren’t mainly susceptible to dental issues; however, any puppy can be distressed with these issues. Drooling due to dental problems becomes more prone that your Rottweiler gets old.

If your dog does not have a dental problem and you have observed them start to drool a lot more than they are accustomed to, it’s significant to have a vet appointment. Teeth issues may not look like a major concern, but a diseased tooth can infect the whole jaw and lead to serious health issues for your dog.

8.      Gastrointestinal Upset

Unnecessary drooling can be a sign that your pooch is feeling unwell. Rottweilers can be susceptible to short-tempered bowel syndrome, just like what people experience.

Additionally, dogs suffering from irritable bowel syndrome can also get diarrhea and nausea. They might not have a good hunger, or they can be exceptionally hungry due to failing to acquire the nutrients.

Occasionally, gastrointestinal upset comes from a bad meal and will get away on its own. If you observe your dog frequently drooling with other symptoms of gastrointestinal upset, it’s significant to consult with your veterinarian. This condition is very painful for your Rottie.

9.      Bloat

Bloat is a serious condition that can affect several large dogs, like the Rottweiler. It can be very dangerous and lethal; thus, it’s very significant that you treat this condition immediately. It takes place when gas forms in the stomach, letting your stomach upset. Bloat usually causes unnecessary gas as well as belching.

You must carry your pooch to the vet because it can be dangerous. While going to the vet, offering your Rottweiler an anti-gas drug, for example, Gas-X, can delay the signs for you to reach the veterinarian.

10.  URT Infection

If your Rottweiler has a respiratory disease, they are perhaps sneezing and drooling. Ensure to consult your vet if you suspect a URT infection because they can be hostile to your Rottie, are quite transmissible, and can turn into worse issues.

Ways to reduce Rottweiler’s too much drooling

There are several things that you can do to decrease excessive drooling of your Rottweiler to alleviate its effects.

·         Keep it cool

If you ponder that the heat is a possible reason for a Rottweiler’s too much drooling, then you must take measures to make sure that your Rottweiler can stay cool.

To keep it cool, you can do things, for example, providing it access to excessive water, providing it access to excessive shade, and grooming it frequently; you can also decrease the air conditioning temperature all-around your house.

·         Decrease its anxiety

When your Rottweiler becomes anxious, then you must take some actions to prevent anxiety. You can do this by primarily leaving it alone in a definite room for some seconds and then giving it a treat for being well mannered and then progressively enhancing the time that you leave Rottweiler alone for.

·         Decrease its access to toxic things

One more thing that you can do is to reduce its access to poisonous things. You can reduce this by blocking off some areas of your lawn. You can also do “leave it” training with your Rottweiler. When you teach this command, you can speak “leave it” when your dog is about to eat.

Is Rottweiler Drooling a Health Risk?

The answer is both yes and no.

On the record, a maybe. Drooling can be a health danger if the Rottweiler dog has parasites or disease. However, researches have discovered that drool reduces the risk of allergies emerging in kids. Dog saliva has histatins, which help in increasing the healing of wounds.

What is the Best Approach to Clean up Rottweiler Drool?

Everybody has their own way of fighting drool, and although you can find different methods to clean it, a great way is a simple mixture. Whether it is on sartorial, furniture or mat, drool boosts right off once you utilize vinegar as well as baking soda mixture:

  • Combine one-fourth cup of vinegar, one cup of water, and one teaspoon of baking soda, as well as dish soap.
  • Apply this mixture to the drool spot and then the drool will vanish.
  • Quick, easy and cheap.


Q: Which dog drools the most?

Some dogs that drool the most are:

  • Saint Bernard
  • Dogue de Bordeaux
  • Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Bullmastiff
  • Bloodhound
  • Bulldog
  • Newfoundland
  • Rottweilers

Q: Do Rotties fart more?

Rottweilers might fart a lot due to medical problems like bloat, different allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease. On the other hand, parasites, overfeeding, and stress can also cause too much flatulence.

Q: What two dog breeds make a Rottweiler?

Rottweilers derived from the Molossus and possibly from the Italian Mastiff.


Abnormal drooling can vary from breed to breed, and you can easily identify it by spending time with your dog. Keep in mind that you should judge your Rottweiler’s best behavior. If you notice excessive drooling in your Rottweiler, then you must consult your vet. We hope after reading this guide, you have learned a lot about Rottweiler’s drooling.

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