Bernese Mountain Dog Chow Chow Mix: Authentic Berner Chow Guide

Bernese Mountain Dog Chow Chow

Bernese Mountain Dog Chow Chow Mix is a cross between Bernese Mountain Dog as well as the Chow Chow dog. As a hybrid dog, it contains the features of both of its parent breeds. It is not a prevalent hybrid dog breed; however, it can be found in numerous countries all over the world.

Berner Chow contains a sturdy and healthy appearance with a large body and small height. Its eyes are deep and in almond shape having smart expressions. Its parent dogs were used as friends and watchdogs, so this dog can also be an excellent watchdog.

Bernese Mountain Dog Chow Chow Mix: History

As for other mixed dogs, the history of Berner Chow is less recognized. But its parental history is deliberated to recognize its background. Berner Chow is a hybrid between Bernese Mountain Dog as well as the Chow Chow dog. The Bernese hint their basis far back to the pastures of Switzerland. It is a robust and tricolored pooch that was considered a herding and guard dog. 

The Chow Chow, instead, was grown in Mongolia plus Northern China. It is recognized to be one of the eldest dog breeds. It is an approachable and noble dog that was used in hunting and defending. Its coat was also once clipped for clothing.

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Possible character traits of Berner Chow

Bernese Chows are recognized for their faithfulness and love for their loved ones. They are usually calm, relaxed dogs that fit well in a home. They are smart and can be easily trained well, even though they can occasionally have a persistent streak that they receive from their Chow Chow parent. They are also recognized for their attentiveness and can be very defensive, making them excellent watchdogs.

The Bernese Chow is an affectionate, loyal and calm friend that can be an outstanding addition to your family. With appropriate care, socialization, as well as training, this brilliant mixed breed dog can live a glad and healthy life and be an appreciated family member.



This hybrid can have the combined features of both breed dogs. The Berner Chow’s body can be robust boned and directly made with the body being somewhat more extensive than he is tall, having strong limbs and a tail that will be shaggy and held close to its body or carried low once in relaxation.  

The eyes can be somewhat oval or almond in shape. The look can be intelligent, energetic and gentle, distinguished, lordly, sober and snotty, and self-governing. The fur can be thick, long, and smooth, with a thick, dense base coat. The ears can be trilateral, tiny, and droop down, staying close to the head. The lips must cover the teeth, which are in a scissor-type bite. 


The Berner Chow is a hybrid that will need at least sensible maintenance. He will require to be brushed regularly because of the moderate to high shedding level, which will be more during specific seasons. Regular brushing will aid keep the shedding under good control, decrease the chance of hair matting, and eliminate debris. Shampooing the Berner Chow must be done when essential so as not to eradicate the natural oils.  

This hybrid is not hypoallergenic; thus, all efforts should be made to sustain grooming to decrease shedding to guard those members of the family who are subtle or have breathing problems. Regular eye, ear, and teeth inspections must be done to have your Berner Chow as strong and fit as possible. 



The temperament of the Chow Chow and Bernese mountain dog mix can be any blend of the temperament qualities of the breed parents. The Berner parent contributes calmness, liking, intelligence, and faithfulness, whereas the Chow Chow dog parent contributes to anger, alertness, disinterest, independence, cleverness, loyalty, and security. 

The Bernese Mountain dog is cat friendly; however, the Chow Chow is not. Additionally, the Berners are wary of outsiders, and the Chow Chow observes them with a very high level of doubt. Both parent dogs have a moderate degree of energy and need regular exercise to keep them glad and fit.  

Both parent breeds are smart and can be trained, even though the Bernese will possibly contribute the nature, which is relaxed to train, whereas the Chow Chow’s freedom will likely generate a training encounter. Both parent dogs are recognized for faithfulness to their human relations; however, the Bernese Mountain Dog will share traits that will enable the bonding that numerous families want. 

Activity Requirements 

The Berner Chow is a cross that isn’t extremely energetic; however, he also isn’t a divan potato. He will require moderate to normal levels of exercise daily to remain healthy. This exercise level could be a walk one or two times a day for a 30–60-minute period. 

The Berner Chow is not a dog that is suitable for apartment living because of exercise and size. He can function fairly well in a home having a fenced lawn as long as there is sufficient opportunity for exercise every day. 

Furthermore, this dog can live in urban and rural areas and adjust to colder and warmer weather; however, the hotter environments will be more thought-provoking for him due to his dense, perhaps double-coated fur. 

Bernese mixed with Chow Chow: Nutrition

This stylish dog is taking moderate activity levels, which means that its food necessities are also reasonable. An everyday 2-2.5 cup of kibbles made per your canine’s size, age, and activity levels are satisfactory for your Berner Chow. But you should take a vet’s approval, by the way.

Berner Chow Health

Designer dog breeds are healthier and extra fit, similar to Berner Chow, but still, these breeds can be predisposed to definite health issues. These health problems comprise hip and elbow dysplasia, Panosteitis, as well as an ear infection.

If you perceive any such ailment symptoms in your canine, then shortly take it to the veterinarian for a rapid examination and medication to ease the problem. If not, then take your dog for a regular medical check.

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How Big do Berner Chow Get?

This hybrid dog can differ from medium to more noteworthy. A fully adult male, as well as female Berner Chow, can weigh around 55 to 90 pounds. Besides, both complements have an average height of approximately 20 to 25 inches at maximum.

How to Groom your Berner Chow?

This hybrid dog needs a little more care because it contains a dense coat. This fur requires daily brushing because it is prone to recurrent shedding. Bathing must only be done once required, say after a month. Repetitive teeth brushing, nail cutting, and ear cleaning is also essential.

How Long Does Bernese mountain dog Chow Chow Mix Live?

Berner Chow lives the normal life of a dog with appropriate conditions. It can last 13 to 15 years if you take good care. The wrong food and inadequate exercise can cause numerous diseases that upsurge the aging of your pooch.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a Chow Chow dog breed aggressive?

Chow chows are not generally social, outgoing canines. They have a habit of being aloof with outsiders and can be violent with other canines. This is apt with their history as protector dogs for homes as well as livestock animals. Early socialization to further dogs, pets and individuals are significant.

How Much Does a Berner Chow Bred Cost?

The Berner Chow’s cost depends on the type of breeder. Even though an adult Chow guess is $500-$1000, it can be bought at cheaper rates if the dog is very small. Furthermore, asking for the breeder’s well-being clearance before purchasing your puppy would be great.

How Long Does Chow Chow mixed with Bernese Mountain dog Live?

Berner Chow lives around 13 to 15 years when you take its appropriate care. An incorrect diet and inadequate exercise can cause various illnesses that enhance the aging of your canine.

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