Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Have Webbed Feet? (New Guide in 2024)

do Bernese mountain dogs have webbed feet

The Bernese Mountain Dog contains several exceptional features that set it aside from other dog breeds. Their denser coat, bigger build, and cold fight have made them a prevalent choice among pet owners. However, there is one more feature of this dog that you have to consider. I will answer this question, do Bernese Mountain Dogs have webbed feet? Continue reading to know exactly what you know about this topic associated with Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Have Webbed Feet? (Answer Revealed)

You might doubt if Bernese Mountain Dogs contain unique and webbed feet. This breed will hold webbed feet for the most part. However, in some situations where Bernese Mountain Dogs don’t hold webbed feet.

This is infrequent, but every dog can vary, even if they originate from the same breed. Thus, remember this when you look to purchase this pet. There is no promise that your Berner will contain webbed feet. Besides, it can be hard to see if your dog does have this feature.

Still, it’s relatively common for the Berner to have webbed feet. And if they are bred with additional kinds of dogs, there is a chance they will have this category of the paw.

Why Do Some Bernese Mountain Dogs Lack Webbed Feet?


As I stated before, webbed feet are not present in all Bernese Mountain Dogs, as this feature is a category of genetic mutation. Several years of being bred in the mountains as well as snowy zones led to the formation of webbed feet in Berners.

Then most Bernese Mountain Dogs receive this feature; your dog is possible to have webbed feet. However, some species of Berners are less expected to have this trait. Thus, they won’t transmit this trait to their Berner puppies.

3 Advantages of Webbed Feet on Bernese Mountain Dog

1.      Webbed Feet Make Your Berner Easier to Swim

This is one of the main benefits of webbed feet. Having webbed feet, it becomes easier for your Bernese mountain dog puppy to swim in the water. Webbed feet will let your pet learn to swim faster; however, they will move in water quickly and more smoothly.

2.      Helps Your Bernese Mountain Dog Walk and Run Better

These same advantages can also be present on the land. Your dog will move quicker in water; however, it can also move rapidly once they walk on the ground. This is as your pooch is given way extra stability and equilibrium with webbed paws. Mainly, the webbed paw generates additional surface area and develops better balance. 

3.      Can Help Your Dog Move Better Over Uneven Terrain

One more benefit of this paw is steering through rough parts of the land. Although most pets won’t have to navigate through the mountains, Bernese mountain dogs will have this benefit over non-webbed dogs.

Particularly if you want to hike, your Bernese Mountain Dog will get an advantage from having webbed feet. Once their paws are arranged this way, Berners can run and move over any kind of land part with comfort.

How to Know If Your Berner Has Webbed Feet?

You cannot easily spot webbed feet as you think. Several canines do have some type of webbing in their paws, to start with. However, if you have to know, you must look out for some of the subsequent signs.

Like this, you can observe if Bernese Mountain dogs have webbed feet. Initially, take your canine’s paws and see if they are linked together.

True webbed paws will not be entirely detached. In its place, they can be associated with the feet of geese and ducks. A sheath will join your dog’s toes and make a webbed look.

Taking Care of Webbed Feet on Your Bernese Mountain Dog

Some owners might wonder if they have to take additional care of their Bernese’s paws. Yet again, most canines have some webbing in their paws. Thus, the care of your dog won’t be much dissimilar based on the paw category.

Still, numerous care needs should be kept in mind. Your canine’s paws are significant to their general health in the end.

1.     Cut Your Bernese Nails

The initial thing you have to do is retain your Bernese Mountain Dog’s paws tidy as well as trim. The length of Bernese nails will affect their paw health. Therefore, trim them frequently and don’t allow them to get too long.

2.     Have Their Paw Hair Healthy

Most individuals don’t do this; however, the fur near your canine’s paw must be in top shape. You can cut the hair near the paw or comb them. Like this, it doesn’t get tangled and knotted up. This will make your canine a lot happier.

3.     Always Examine Their Paws

You never see once your Bernese can hurt their paw. Therefore, it’s best to frequently look at their feet to ensure it isn’t diseased or cut up.

In numerous cases, dirt and debris can lodge in your dog’s skin; thus, inspecting doesn’t hurt. Blisters, as well as cracks, can also appear and harm your canine’s health. Seeking these symptoms of damage will have your pet alive longer.

4.     Have Their Paws Clean

Lastly, have your canine’s paws cleaned by washing them. This can appear like lots of additional work; however, your dog will benefit. You can try massaging your dog’s paws to keep them in good condition.


What dog breeds do not have webbed feet?

Several dog breeds do not contain webbed feet. Just dogs for swimming, such as the Newfoundland, contain webbed feet.

How can I tell if a Bernese mountain dog has webbed feet?

To govern if your Berner has webbed feet, hold your dog’s foot and spread out its toes. If your dog has extra skin among his toes, just like a duck’s foot, then your Berner has a webbed paw. 

Final Thoughts 

Webbed feet don’t build a Bernese Mountain Dog healthier or worse. However, you need to recognize if your dog has this feature. Like this, you can take appropriate care of them and see how to keep them glad and healthy.

Bernese Mountain Dogs having webbed feet do hold some benefits. However, with or without this trait, they are still excellent dogs to have.

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