Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Be Left Alone? 11 Ways to Keep Them Happy When Left Alone

Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Be Left Alone

Even though you can’t bring your dogs with you when you go outside, it’s significant to ponder how dogs handle being alone at home. For Bernese mountain dogs, being left alone might be quite a problem. This article clarifies everything owners should know can Bernese mountain dogs be left alone? No, they do not handle it well. For detailed info, let’s dive into this without any delay.

Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Be Left Home Alone? Explained 

As discussed above, Bernese Mountain Dogs do not handle well once left alone. These dogs are amiable dogs and wish for a lot of human collaboration. Berners can build strong bonds with the owner and other family members and so struggle once left alone for several hours.

Nowadays, it’s very usual for the average family to go outside. Most households stay empty during the day, whether it’s a job, college, university, or running shops. This is the main issue for our dogs, who are incredibly social animals. 

How Long Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Be Left Alone at home?

Numerous Bernese Mountain Dogs can be left alone for approximately 3 to 5 hours; however, this doesn’t mean your dog will be satisfied with this. Each Berner is different; some might even go more than this; however, for most Berners, 3-5 hours will be enough.

So, it’s significant to realize your own Berner’s acceptance. Continue reading that below.

Knowing How Long Your Berner Can Bear:

To know how long YOUR Bernese mountain dog can bear, you’ll want to leave it alone for several periods: thirty minutes 1 day, one hour another day, then two hours, and so on. Once you reach home, you should observe the following:

● Does your dog look relaxed? Nervous? Overly-excited? Your dog’s physical response is one of the most significant things to check once you reach home. If it seems like your dog has just awakened from a nape, that’s great, but if it is shaking his tail among his legs, then you must see this was past his acceptance.

● Did you observe negative behavior? Rubbing on the doors or windows? Negative behavior isn’t just a training concern; it can occur when hindrance and dullness arise. The most obedient dogs resort to negative behavior when unsatisfied.

● As you’re coming to your home, pay attention to whining, woofing, or crying. This symbolizes that your Bernese mountain dog puppy is not handling well.

● Consider an indoor CCTV camera to notice your Berner.

Getting how long your Berner can bear is priceless information. If you see that he’s always satisfactory up until approximately three, you can create preparations to come home or get somebody to visit before the three-hour gap.

This will expressively decrease the long-term destructive side effects that the following section is about to explain.

Why Should Bernese Mountain Dogs Not Be Left Alone Too Long?

If your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy spends extra time alone, there might be several negative health problems develop. Let’s have a look…

What can occur if your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is left alone too much:

● Separation Distress

Separation Anxiety

● Negative Behavior

● Disobedience

● Anxiety

● Unhappiness

● Temperament changes comprising aggression and unfriendliness

All of the overheads are serious situations that any accountable pet owner must need to prevent at all expenses. Maybe one of the unhappiest things concerning being left alone is just how doomed it will make your dog.

Top 11 Ways to Retain Your Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Happy When Alone


Here are some ways to help retain your Berner glad when home alone. Besides, I must describe, however, the one true way to retain him gladly is to have physical, human company… Even though the following tips help, nothing blows getting a Berner sitter or friends to see you maintain his company.

1.      Offer him your un-washed t-shirt.

The definitive comfort item is giving your dirty washing basket… Yep! Offering him a dirty t-shirt of yours can go a long way! Besides, a dog’s sense of odor can be around 10,000 -100,000 times higher than ours. Smelling your unwashed t-shirt can keep him feeling peaceful and comfortable, and it can “trick” your dog into thinking his owner is still at home.

2.      Generate a dedicated site for your Berner

Making a dedicated space will aid your Bernese mountain dog to feel safer and more relaxed while left alone.

This part can comprise his crate, a water bowl, dog toys, and a comforter. Generate the perfect den, and your dog will feel suitable for longer.

3.      Leave the TV left playing.

I just stated outside sounds, and it’s an excellent factor. Thus, leaving the TV left playing is a good approach. It will aid drown out outside sounds, letting him relax. The definitive version is to record your voice and leave it turned on repeatedly.

4.      Exercise earlier than you leave

Exercising your dog before you leave is significant and must be done irrespective of when you leave. If your Bernese mountain dog puppy contains all of his energy used up, it will naturally cause frustration much more rapidly, rather than if he has had a respectable workout.

5.      Offer interactive dog toys.

Interactive dog toys or otherwise called puzzle toys, are pet toys that take in your dog resolving a challenge, generally to get a treat. These dog toys are splendid, and every dog must have a minimum of one interactive dog toy. 

6.      Two-way pet camera having audio.

If you like devices, this will positively be for you! Two-way pet cameras let you grasp your dog at home, and with the aid of a monitor and a speaker, you can speak via your mobile to attain your dog’s consideration. Your dog will understand you, which generally gets a very optimistic response.

7.      Consistent routine

Sustain a consistent routine for feeding, exercise, and playtime to aid in decreasing stress and nervousness.

8.      Gradual desensitization

If your Bernese undergoes separation anxiety, steadily enhance the time you’re away from your house to help them get accustomed to your nonexistence.

9.      Crate training

Crate training your pooch can make a safe, comfortable space for them once you’re away. Have the crate cozy with bedding and toys, and regularly familiarize them with it with positive reinforcement.

10.     Comfort items

Offer familiar items such as toys, blankets, and an old shirt with your aroma to help decrease anxiety and generate a sense of safety.

11.     Mental stimulation

Leave puzzle dog toys, treat-dispensing toys, and chew toys to retain your dog amused and emotionally engaged when you’re gone


Are Berners okay while being left alone?

Berners are faithful dogs who get close to their family. They choose to spend lots of time with their individuals; however, sufficient exercise and psychological stimulation can be left home alone for 5 to 8 hours. 

Can Bernese Mountain dogs get separation anxiety?

Because of how keen the Bernese Mountain Dog is on its family, he can get dog separation anxiety. When left alone for several hours and not given appropriate consideration and exercise, they can develop some negative behavior.

Take Away: Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Be Left Alone?

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies shouldn’t be left alone for several hours and can ultimately have numerous undesirable side effects.

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