Important Things to Know About Miniature Bernese Mountain Dog in 2024

miniature bernese mountain dog

The miniature Bernese Mountain Dog is a smaller form of the strong, faithful giant Bernese Mountain dog. This dog is bred by mixing the Bernese mountain dog with a smaller dog, presenting the dwarfism gene or utilizing small thoroughbred Bernese Mountain Dog parents. 

Additionally, these dogs are below 25 inches tall and below 80lbs as grown-ups. They are envisioned to pack the lovable, friendly, faithful character into a more controllable body. Now I will take a look at whether it’s likely to build a truly mini Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. 

The standard Bernese Mountain Dog is recognized for its loving nature and its smooth, tri-colored fur. One feature that might stop some from accepting one of these faithful friends into their home is their size. Having approximately 26 inches at the shoulder, Berners are very hefty dogs.

Consequently, I have perceived a spike in a notice in the mini Bernese Mountain Dog. Such factors should be weighed before determining whether a mini Bernese Mountain Dog is a suitable option for you.


The Miniature Bernese Mountain Dog is spirited, trustworthy, and obedient. These dogs like to run as well as play with the other dogs. The Bernese mountain dog is a very loving dog that loves to snuggle and play with its family members.

These dogs can be good with kids. They love to play and love company.


Miniature Bernese Mountain Dogs are kind, loving dogs that are good with kids. They have loads of energy and love to play; however, they are calm and relaxed. Miniature Bernese Mountain Dogs are devoted to their families. They are also very defensive of their area and bark at everyone who enters their house.

Breeding a Miniature Bernese Mountain Dog


As you can see, the full-size Berner dog makes a calm and friendly addition to your family. They also contain a beautiful, characteristic coat and a good-looking face. Because of this reason, they have become more popular.

But their size can be a disadvantage for people who do not have the budget to home. And feed a pooch that averages around 26 or 27 inches.

The Appearance of a Miniature Bernese Mountain Dog

Miniature Bernese Mountain Dog is a tiny and attractive dog that can be present in several colors. They are very welcoming and enjoy playing with kids. They are very faithful to their people.

Miniature Bernese Mountain Dogs originate in various colors, for example, black, white, brown, apricot, and cream. The health of the pooch is excellent. These dogs are small in size. These dogs can be a bit anxious at first; however, with time, they change.
Size: The height of this dog is around 18-19 inches, and its weight is around 20 to 40 pounds. This dog size depends upon the mix of their parents as they are a crossbreed among 2 different breeds.
Lifespan: Miniature Bernese Mountain Dogs generally live up to around 10 years.
Color: The Miniature Bernese Mountain Dog originates in 3 different colors: black, red, as well as white. They also have apricot and fawn colors.
Coat: The coat of this dog is short, straight, plus soft. The outer fur of the dog is short. Their ears are droopy and long.

Ways to Create A Mini Bernese Mountain Dog.

There are usually three approaches in which miniaturization is attained in dog breeding. Crossing, dwarfism, as well as breeding from runts.

Mini Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes

Discussing the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, miniaturization is frequently attained through crossing it along with a smaller dog that appears similar. Although several breeds can be crossed to make a smaller canine that looks like a Bernese, 2 breeds that are usually crossed with the mountain dog are the Cavalier King Charles and the miniature or Poodle.

In addition, Cavalier King Charles might have analogous coloring to the Berner. Therefore, the subsequent cross-breed seems very much like the grown-up dog, only smaller.

Once the Bernese Mountain Dog is mixed with a mini Poodle, the outcome is a Bernedoodle dog. This has become a fairly prevalent crossbreed.

As the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle share several personality characteristics, the nature of these dogs is expectable.

Dwarf Mini Bernese Mountain Dogs

Miniaturization of canines can also be due to dwarfism, technically called chondrodysplasia. Besides, dwarfism is actually a genetic disorder that not only causes shortened limbs; however, other health difficulties as well. There are numerous syndromes linked with dwarfism. The grade to which the dog bones are exaggerated can differ, as can the additional health problems linked with dwarfism.

Some health problems include eyesight issues, joint issues, and mobility problems. Dwarfism can also occur due to a tumor or other issues with the pituitary gland. In such circumstances as dwarfism, development can be undersized, although the dog stays in proportion. This can affect some dog breeds, for example, the German Shepherd, above others.

Dwarf Mini Bernese Mountain Dog Health problems

Canines that are born having dwarfism can still live full and inspiring lives. These dogs can do so with appropriate care. But, the morals of consciously breeding dogs with the disorder are seriously uncertain. Particularly once the dog stands to hurt as a result.

An accountable owner of a dog with this type of condition also deals with any additional costs. The owner might have to modify their living measures to put up a dog with particular health care requirements.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is not recognized as predisposed to dwarfism. It is infrequent to see dogs with dwarfism being traded as mini or toy Bernese dogs.

A Miniature Bernese from Smaller Puppies

Just like a human, dogs come in different shapes as well as sizes, even in their breed categories. So, while Bernese Mountain Dogs are large, some canines are just small.

A smaller sire and dam can be bred to generate smaller kids. A trustworthy breeder would be cautious about making sure that the parent dogs’ smaller physique is not the outcome of a genetic disorder or undernourishment.

Naturally, small canines will not experience the same health problems that dogs suffer from dwarfism. However, they will also not be tremendously different in size to a typical canine of that dog breed. For instance, these canines cannot be predicted to be toy-size.

Breeding Miniature Bernese from Runts

The main difference comes once breeding with smaller canines that were the smallest of the litter. These smaller-than-normal puppies will frequently grow into smaller grownup dogs; however, they come with several health problems because of their restricted growth.

These canines are frequently stated as teacup Mountain Dogs. However, they are still not even close to teacup sized as grown-ups and have a complete load of health problems!

Miniature Bernese Mountain Dogs as Pets

It is important to ensure that any dogs presented as such are not canines suffering. Either having a health problem or malnourishment.

In numerous conditions, if you have discovered a miniature Bernese for sale, it is expected to be a crossbreed.


How large is a mini Bernese dog?

A Mini Bernese Mountain Dog must stand fully grown among 16-19 inches tall and weighs around 35 to 55 pounds.

Which one is the smallest Bernese Mountain Dog?

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is also recognized as the Entlebucher Sennenhund dog. This is the smallest of the 4 Swiss Mountain Dogs. 


Have you ever seen a mini Bernese Mountain Dog? Have you carried one into your house? Let me know your opinions and understanding of these canine friends in the comments section.

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