How to raise a Bernese mountain dog? Top 6 Tips

How to raise a Bernese mountain dog

Once you are in the early stages of planning your puppy ownership, it’s significant to validate that you have believed your decision. Is a Bernese right for you? How to raise a Bernese mountain dog? The additional info you have about this pleasing (but exceptional) breed – the better. Kindly take your time to read about Bernese mo8untian dogs. 

How to raise a Bernese mountain dog? Some essential tips 

1.     Pups like to chew

Confidently, you can have them chew on the correct things. There is plenty of dog chew toys available. There are hard dog toys, soft toys, noisy toys, elastic toys, and all kinds of bones. It will be experimenting to know what your pup likes; however, when you find the correct thing, you can prevent several problems.

Additionally, it’s also significant to take essential steps to guard things. Primarily, ensure to take care of your puppy. Your puppy can’t get in distress if you are close to him. Second, have things picked up from your luxurious items.

2.     Potty train your Bernese mountain dog puppy 


Bernese Mountain Dogs are clever and learn rapidly. You can consider some different things to accelerate potty training your puppy. Similar to chewing, you should be around for those primary some weeks. If you are getting problems, make a timetable. Take your pup outside after 30 minutes. Like this, you are less likely to have coincidences, and they learn how to go outside.

Not everybody has that type of time, though. If you are unable to take them outside after 30 minutes, do your best to take care of him or them. Besides, potty training does well if you can get your pup right before or when it occurs. You can utilize the word potty; therefore, they make that linking as it occurs.

Some individuals use other procedures; however, I haven’t had ample experience with them. Several people use pee pads; however, to me, that looks like you are training your pup to pee inside. 

3.     Sleeping at Night

Similar to babies, pups will keep you up those initial few weeks. It can be he or she requires to go to the washroom or isn’t utilized to the new condition. Like this, a crying Bernese mountain dog puppy can certainly make sleeping difficult.

There are some ways you can go around it. One, you can allow your new pup to sleep with you. For several individuals, this isn’t a great deal; however, others don’t love canines on the bed. An alternative option is to provide them with a site for comparatively isolated sleep; thus, they can’t get into worry. If you keep a crate, your Bernese mountain dog puppy can sleep in it once you are away and at night. Ultimately, he or she will pick up to love it.

4.     Basic Commands

berner playing

Dogs must learn basic commands, such as sit, stay, lie down, and come. The more readily you start training your Bernese pup, the better. Just like I stated earlier, they are very keen; thus, they must pick up things rapidly.

There are numerous approaches to training. You can use a shock collar for your puppy. Others like utilizing rewards rather than punishment. Whatever technique you use, the main thing is being steady. Do and say similar things often. Ultimately, your Bernese mountain dog puppy will make the link between what you say and what you need to happen.

5.     Other Puppy Issues 

Over the years of keeping puppies, I’ve discovered that each pup is different and will have diverse problems. Some pups were worse with chewing and squeezing at the children. Others really enjoyed marking the home. 

Most of these issues can be handled like the others. And it will take time and struggle, and the sooner you start managing the issue, the better. Use comparable training procedures to the basic commands. This way, you can change your pup’s behavior easily.

6.     Getting Past the Puppy Phase

The puppy phase is fun; however, it can be very exciting. Occasionally you will find yourself pulling your hair out; however, your puppy will raise and learn. Don’t worry if things don’t go right. Treat your Bernese mountain dog puppy with affection and do your best. At last, your pup isn’t going to be flawless; however, you’ll have made a bond with your Bernese that goes way past any puppy problems.

Who is the ideal human for a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies adore kids; however, they habitually confer with one individual at a time. They are watchdogs and can be fairly frightening once duty calls. Because of their size, energy level, as well as intelligence, Bernese mountain dogs would do best in a bigger house with a courtyard space; thus, they can romp everywhere with their preferred human!

Choosing a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy

Whether to accept or to work with a dog breeder for your new Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is a private choice that needs research. Gratefully, there are numerous resources out there to aid you in getting a rescue or dog breeder that gives healthy, ethically-sourced puppies of Bernese Mountain Dog.

Getting what you’re in for once you find a Berner puppy is a significant step in being an accountable pet owner. Whether you get a responsible breeder or want to adopt, be ready for an active and welcoming addition to your family.

Frequently asked questions 

Is a Bernese Mountain Dog good for newbies?

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a faithful, smart, and good-natured dog breed. These kind giants, which were initially bred as farm dogs, are a perfect choice for beginners who need a large, keen, family dog.

Are Bernese mountain dogs perfect house dogs?

Famous for being friendly and good-natured, Berners are supposed to be one of the least violent dogs towards people — making them outstanding family dogs. Because of their calm soul and inclination to play, they are vivid companions for young kids.

How much exercise does a Berner Dog require? 

As they’re outdoor canines at heart, Bernese Mountain Dogs adore spending some time outside the house, even though they do not have a great deal of stamina. The Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Club of Great Britain recommends up to 60 minutes of activity per day for your mountain dog.

The final verdict

The Bernese Mountain dogs have been considered for several years as an overall farm dog; however, they are primarily domestic dogs now. The Bernese Mountain dog will rapidly become your best friend and will be faithful to you as well as all your family members.

Their gentle behavior will let them play with the children until their heart is pleased. You will know they are mostly adjustable to working routines; however, they don’t want to be left alone at home for longer and want long walks occasionally. If you don’t mind getting lumps of fur on the floor throughout shedding time and love a large dog, this is the right breed for you.

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