All You Need to Know About Serbian Rottweiler in 2024

Serbian Rottweiler

The Serbian Rottweiler is frequently discussed as a different Rottweiler dog breed than either the American Rottweiler or the German Rottweiler. More precisely, the Serbian Rottweiler is a different dog breed lineage. Thoroughbred Serbian Rottweilers can trace their heredity back to a canine bred in Serbia.

Likewise, American Rottweilers grasp an American breed heredity, and German Rottweilers hold a German breed ancestry. This is the most precise way to know the differences among these three discrete lines of one breed, known as the Rottweiler. If you need to know more about different types of Rottweilers, I have written a complete article.

Controversy About Serbian Rottweiler

If you are somebody involved in the complex world of thoroughbred dog breeding, you should be familiar with the types of debates that often arise about breed ethics. These debates are common nationwide and worldwide as frequently different countries grow different breed values for the same breed.

One part where debate and difference can become mainly intense is around different predilections for appearance, as well as temperament, and features in a definite dog breed. Let’s say some dog breeders, as well as Rottweiler fans, choose the thinner, leaner physique of the German or American Rottweiler. On the other hand, other breeders and fans choose the stockier, thicker, and larger Serbian Rottweiler’s appearance.

For numerous individuals who love the Rottweiler, they don’t care whether their Rottweiler puppy looks closely like what groups of Rottweiler dog breeders from different states ponder the “perfect” Rottweiler look might be.

They just need a healthy Rottweiler dog. Here, it is very significant to think that individuals develop all “breed standard” guides for the public. The aim is always good: to verify dog breeders are breeding the well possible pooch with the best character and personality.

But occasionally, there can be such a strong focus on definite appearance or personality traits that this can exclude from the general healthy balance of the dog itself.

Without a very cautious study of the dog genome within every dog breed, you can start to see genetic health problems, temperament complications, and conformation faults start to arise. At this moment, this is where the discussion over the “newer” breeding programs of Serbian Rottweiler comes from. This does not mean that Serbian Rottweilers will be less perfect or less healthy compared to their counterparts.

However, it is stated here to inspire you to explore any Rottweiler breeder you think buying your puppy from very cautiously. The rottweiler pup price is around $1,500 to $2,500

Make certain the breeder can deliver you thoroughbred dog papers, hereditary health test outcomes, proof that all essential puppy vaccinations and treatments have been done, and an initial assurance of the puppy’s health. If the dog breeder fails to provide you with all of these things, do not purchase your Rottweiler puppy.

What’s Special about Serbian Rottweilers?

The Serbian Rottweiler has more of a blockhead, having a shorter snout, additional wrinkles, and deep-set eyes compared to the regular German Rottweiler’s head. The Serbian Rottweiler is frequently heavier with a body similar to a tube and can have a little sloping back.

Essentially, this appearance is what Serbia, as well as Croatia, recognized as their category to the liking of some and the complete disgust of others.

As stated by the ADRK (the German Rottweiler club), this category of Rottweiler frequently constitutes a fault. But you’ll still find a lot of Serbian and Croatian Rottweilers in German rivalries.

Not all Serbian Rottweilers appear like the conventional ones with extreme blockheads as well as small faces; there’s a range. However, it’s not always wholly clear-cut what kind of Rottie you have.

5 Common Features of Serbian Rottweiler 

Serbian Rottweiler 1

1.     Size

Usually, Serbian Rottweilers are raised for size and will be greater than other Rotties. But this isn’t sure since these dogs don’t follow a harsh breed standard. You can imagine Serbian Rottweilers fall on the maximum end of the spectrum when we talk about weight, maxing out at around 159 pounds.

2.     Appearance

Serbian Rottweilers are naturally broader in appearance. These dogs are bred to be sturdy and often poorly raised to have uneven features. These comprise a sloped back, facial folds, and a short snout. 

3.     Breeding Standards

serbian rotte

Serbian Rotties usually lack good breeding standards and don’t obey them as harshly. There is more diversity in appearance, personality, and health.

Finding a Trustworthy Breeder

  • Visit all the dogs’ home and look at the mom and puppies. This guarantees that the dogs are well-maintained. You’ll also see if the mother or pups are unhealthy.
  • Get proof of veterinary recordkeeping and health drafts for the parents as well as the puppy. Trustworthy breeders guarantee they’re breeding vigorous dogs and don’t mind displaying you the records to verify it!
  • Ask questions regarding the breed and pups. Leave if the breeder lies, for example, saying Rotties don’t have any hereditary health issues or behavioral problems.
  • Never purchase a short-muzzled puppy. This comprises if one of the parents contains one of these issues. 
  • Trustworthy breeders will also have queries for you. If it’s easy to adopt a pup, the likelihoods are you aren’t buying from someone trustworthy. 

Never see in a neutral place, buy from a pet store, or buy a dog online without seeing the home. If your breeder does not answer questions, bring veterinary paperwork, or bring other red flags, then walk away.

It can be appealing to “rescue” a pup from a breeder; however, this creates extra damage. If dog breeders cannot sell pups, they generally result in a shelter, letting them find homes deprived of the breeder profiting.

If anyone purchases from the breeder to save the pups from poor circumstances, this, unfortunately, reserves further abuse and will let them keep up breeding and profiting.

4.     Health

Any Rottweiler dog can have health issues, similar to any dog! There’s no way to guarantee complete well-being. However, once adopting from a good breeder, it’s important to adopt from anyone who tests the parent canines.

It’s also significant not to adopt canines bred to be unwell, which Serbian lines frequently are. A quality breeding plan is the number one technique to increase a puppy’s life expectancy. All Rottweilers are susceptible to the following conditions:

Hip & elbow dysplasia: Big dogs are disposed to hip and elbow dysplasia; however, a trustworthy breeder will screen for these disorders.

Arthritis: Several dogs grow arthritis by eight years old. Big dogs, as well as Rottweilers, especially, are more susceptible than smaller dog breeds.

Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy: This disorder is screened for by trustworthy breeders. It’s only observed in a few breeds, Rotties contained within.

Serbian lines, especially, might see health concerns because of inbreeding. They also often have sloped backs, causing an asymmetrical gait and deteriorated joint issues, mainly late in life. This is particularly bad as Rotties are already huge dogs, disposing them of joint problems and arthritis.

Serbian Rottweilers are also frequently brachycephalic, which means they’re developed to have short snouts, causing breathing problems, exercise intolerance, eye problems, teeth conditions, and more.

Brachycephalic dog breeds are more predisposed to heat stroke compared to longer-snouted canines. Together with the big size and dark coat of Rottweilers, they might be very heat intolerant.

Rotties are very active dogs that need a lot of daily exercise. Sadly, brachycephalic snout dogs can make this hard. They might suffer breathing issues or heat stroke in strenuous exercise.

5.     Country of Origin

It’s easy to ponder that Serbian Rottweilers must come from Serbia. But it’s not very simple. Serbian Rottweilers have lineage brought to Serbia and are frequently, yet only sometimes, poorly developed. There are also American as well as additional European lines. Frequently, American breeders will pursue German Rottweilers to improve the health of their breeding lines, and American individuals might seek to adopt pups from German breeding lines.

Is It Safe to Purchase a Serbian Rottweiler?


If you have to add a Rottweiler dog to your family and you have young kids or other pre-type family pets, this dog might not be a perfect choice; however, not due to which breed lineage the dog arrives from.

The key concern is that a large dog might accidentally sit down on an unimportant kid or chase one more family pet and create harm. The most significant thing you can do while selecting your new pet Rottweiler dog is to see the parent canines and visit the breeder’s kennel to guarantee it is a clean, harmless, health-fixated breeding action and that the parent dogs grasp good traits.


How much bite force does a Serbian Rottweiler have?

Predictably, Rottweilers contain around 328 lbs of bite pressure, greater than American pit bulls and German Shepherds.

What is the original breed of Rottweiler dog?

Rottweiler is a working dog breed that is supposed to be descended from herder dogs left by the Roman crowds in the district of what is now Rottweil in Germany; afterward, the Romans unrestricted the area in the 2nd century CE.

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