Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Like Water? (New)

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Like Water

It is quite typical for a kind Bernese Mountain dog parent to question, ‘Do Bernese Mountain dogs like water?’ The long, thick coat, sassy nature, and somewhat sedentary nature all make it incredible not to question their swimming skill.

And the point that you are seeking on this most frequently asked question shows that you are also a watchful and gentle Bernese Mountain dog parent.

Thus, if you just assumed this respectful and loving dog and are pondering whether you can get some fun with it in water or at the site of your selection, then do not worry because I have got you satisfied. I am going to provide you with the right answer as to whether these dogs like water or not.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Like Water? Answer Revealed 

As Bernese Mountain dogs are slightly ‘jealous’ and adore pleasing their holder, this dog breed will certainly join in to swim with you. Kindly do this at least 2 times; however, don’t overdo this act, as you can end up making your Berner get violent and assault the other water-loving dog or even you!

Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Swim?

can bernese swim

Yes, Berners can swim. But, unlike several other dog breeds, Bernese mountain dogs are not natural swimmers, and frequently they shy away from appealing to any swimming-related action.

Additionally, their long, thick double coat and heavyweight can make mountain dogs find it somewhat hard to swim, particularly once they are not trained at an early age. But, their strengths, as well as long legs together with never-ending energy and strength, a water-repellant fur, and a shaggy tail that helps in its equilibrium in water, make these canines become excellent swimmers when trained effectively as Bernese mountain dog puppies.

How to Teach Your Berner to Swim? Top 5 Tips

If your Bernese mountain dog is getting it challenging to circumnavigate through waters, then do not worry because I have got you protected. Below is the whole guide on how to successfully train your companion to swim;

1.      Help It Fight Its Worries

Get your Bernese mountain dog get in a hollow inflatable dog swimming pool, and gradually fill it. You can also numb it from its swimming terror(s) by having a mate bring a water-loving canine around.

One more option is to utilize toys or delicious treats to trap your Bernese mountain dog puppy inside the swimming pool. Just make sure not to push it excessively hard because this might do more injury than good.

2.      Buy A Good Life Jacket

The unique pet float should be durable and easy to retain your dog cool yet float happily. Your Bernese mountain dog will be feeling cool once he relaxes with you on a comfy and inflatable pool life jacket or float. Consider buying an easy-to-adjust pet floatation device while keeping a Bernese mountain dog puppy.

Buy a dog floater or a life jacket and use it. A floater aids your pooch build self-confidence in remaining inside water, deprived of any physical support.

3.      Provide Both Physical and Demonstrative Support to Your Dog

Always keep your dog’s back literally. Grasp it in a position that permits both of its limbs to move. Similarly, praise or encourage your dog’s confidence each time when it makes a success related to swimming. Articulate or clap for this achievement. Ensure that it recognizes it has done something excellent.

4.      Motivate Your Berner with Treats

Use treats to inspire your dog to do better. Ensure that you see what your Berner considers a delicious treat and give it with it every time it increases its swimming ability

5.      Be Consistent

Don’t avoid your doggie’s swimming exercise. Likewise, ensure that you deliver it with breaks amidst. Remember that appealing to the same action or training for long periods might cause your Bernese mountain dog puppy to lack the interest to do it.

Besides, swimming sessions must last at least half an hour. Always notice signs of tiredness while training your mountain dog how to swim.

Why water and the Bernese mountain dog do not always mix?

Bernese mountain dog puppies do not like the water all the time. Alike breeds, for example, Newfoundland, are well recognized for their affection for water, and because of this reason, several individuals think that a Berner is too. 

But, although they can swim and definitely pull you out of the water, this feature is not in their nature to do so.

It does not mean you cannot get your canine to like the water. Numerous Bernese mountain dogs like water, and others will even swim in the water with you. But, generally, you have to begin them off early, and you also need to offer them a lot of time to amend.

Several Bernese mountain dogs love nothing in excess of swimming in water; however, you will not see it unless you attempt it out. Carry your Berner to the seashore and let him swim. Some will thoroughly dislike the feel of the water, and they will decline to go in the water. 

If this occurs with your Bernese mountain dog, then you must not force him to go into the sea. Doing this would make the dog get afraid of water, and it would give the contrary influence of what you were training for.


Is Saltwater Bad for A Dog’s Fur?

If the dog is continuously in the water and his skin does not have a chance to completely dry out, saltwater generally gives the dog several health benefits. It contains healthy chemicals that treat dermatitis and other skin problems. 

How fluffy are Bernese mountain dogs?

Berners are an ideal blend of strong and cuddly. You can’t get extra doggy than Bernese—it’s no surprise this breed gives ample motivation for the luxurious toy industry! 

Final Thoughts 

Bernese Mountain dogs like water, but not all of them like becoming wet. Additionally, they can also swim. But, they are not fairly good swimmers once compared to other dogs. You can train your dog how to swim.

Allowing your Bernese mountain dog puppy to dive into the water will also progress its liveliness and stamina, burn undesirable calories and keep your dog busy, preventing it from agreeing or developing undesirable behaviors because of boredom.

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