9 Differences Between Bernese Mountain Dog and Greater Swiss Mountain dog

Difference Between Bernese Mountain Dog and Greater Swiss Mountain dog

Interested in the difference between a Bernese Mountain dog and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog? If subsequently, it is no wonder. Both the Bernese as well as Swiss Mountain Dogs are giant working dog breeds having very much in common. They are both distinct in several ways. I aim to talk about some of these differences in this latest guide.

Bernese Mountain Dog vs. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: Overview

The Bernese Mountain dog and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog are both big dogs, even though the Swiss Mountain Dog is much bigger.

Key DifferencesBernese Mountain DogGreater Swiss Mountain Dog
Height24 to 28 inches23.5 to 28.5 inches
Weight80-10 lbs.130-135 lbs.
Coat typeLong, Thick, Double CoatMedium, Dense Outercoat, Thick Undercoat
ColorsBlack and White, Rust PatternsBlack and White, Rust Patterns
TemperamentLoving, Smart, EnthusiasticAlert, Courageous, Shielding, Confident
TrainabilityAbove AverageAverage
Life Expectancy7-10 Years10-12 Years
Health IssuesProgressive retinal atrophyEpilepsy, Bleeding Problems, Cataracts

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Main Differences Between Bernese Mountain Dog and Greater Mountain Dog

There are several differences between Bernese and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. These two breeds are Swiss worker canines. Swiss as well as Bernese Mountain Dogs are alike in appearance, having thick bones and prevailing muscles. 

Both dog breeds are extremely regarded for their household commitment and loving dispositions. But there are some differences to consider, mainly if you’re considering owning one of these superb dogs. Let’s discover…

1.     Appearance


The Swiss and Bernese Mountain Dogs are correspondingly built with heavy bones and strong muscles. They have a handsome mixture of black, white, and rust shades in their furs, with similar coat outlines and a white “blaze” starting from the nose to the forehead. Besides, Berners have a lengthier, heavier coat compared to the Swiss, which makes discrete differences when we talk about grooming!

2.     Height

Both dogs almost have the same height, measuring around 23.5 to 28.5 inches for the Swiss Dog and 24 to 28 inches for the Berners.

3.     Weight

Despite its huge size and weight, the Bernese Mountain dog is often lighter than its Greater Swiss counterparts. Besides, Berner males weigh 85-110 pounds, whereas females weigh around 80-105 pounds. On the other hand, Swiss Mountain Dogs weigh around 130-135 pounds, a little more than additional dog breeds.

4.     Coat Type

5.     Colors

swiss dog

The definitive Swiss colors of black, white, as well as rust are observed in both dog breeds. Both thoroughbred Mountain Dogs are tricolored, having tones of black and white, plus rust-colored outlines over the eyes, edges of the mouth, anterior legs, and out throughout the white chest.

The Swissy as well as Berner standards, alternatively, differ slightly when it comes to white and brown markings and head form. For instance, the Swissy’s patterns are more diverse than Berner, suggesting that its fur is not as distinguishing.

6.     Temperament

Bernese Mountain Dogs are cheerful dogs that benefit from optimistic reinforcement training. Bear with me if you plan to get an adult, Berner. In the meantime, they make close bonds with their loved ones they might adjust to new circumstances more slowly than normal. 

They are sociable dogs that like meeting new individuals and pets; however, they are also friendly, pleasant, and respectful friends when appropriately trained. Furthermore, they are caring toward dogs and kids.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is watchful, brave, and defensive. The size of the Swissy, accompanied by their strong, thriving bark, makes them an outstanding guardian. But they are kind dogs at heart, keen on their family, and loving toward kids.

7.     Greater Swiss Mountain Dog vs. Bernese Mountain Dog: Trainability

Berners are very easy to train if you provide them time to process the job at hand. Most significantly, they have an optimistic outlook on life and flourish on admiration and reward. 

Even though the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is generally easy to train, it is hard to begin obedience training and to mix with the Swissy as early as possible. Furthermore, do in advance a long puppyhood because the Swissy is sluggish to mature, both bodily and intelligently, and can keep on puppy-like in nature until they become three years older.

8.     Life Expectancy

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs hold a little higher lifespan, ranging between 10 to 12 years. However, the Bernese Mountain Dog naturally lives for 7- 10 years.

9.     Health Problems

Although the Bernese Mountain Dog is a usually healthy breed, they are predisposed to specific issues, for example, bloating, hip and elbow dysplasia, and cancer, among other things. Hip as well as elbow dysplasia, bleeding problems, eye illnesses, stomach twisting, epilepsy, and urinary incontinence, are all predominant health issues in Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.


Are Berners from Switzerland?

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a huge dog breed, one of the 4 dog breeds of Sennenhund-type canines from the Swiss Alps. These canines have origins in the Roman mastiffs.

What dog breeds develop a Swiss mountain dog?

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund) or French: Grand Bouvier Suisse) is a dog that was grown in the Swiss Alps. The name Sennenhund states to individuals known as Senn or Senner, dairymen, as well as herders in the Swiss Alps.

Wrapping up 

Swiss and Bernese Mountain Dogs are both sensibly healthy big dog breeds that are loving, making them outstanding family members. But if you want to buy a Swiss or Bernese, it is critical to know that although neither breed is unhelpful, they are both bodily threatening. 

The Swissy is more frightening because of its guarding nature and influential bark, while the Bernese contains a softer, calmer, and cautious attitude. Notwithstanding, both types look well worth the money due to the devotion, love, and friendship they carry.


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