Unveiling Top 22 Dogs That Look Like Rottweilers

dogs that look like Rottweilers

Several individuals don’t know much about Rottweilers. And frequently, those people think that Rottweiler is a dangerous dog that does not have a place in a home. However, they are wrong! Rottweilers are kind giants. He will defend his family from mischief; thus, he is an excellent guard dog. Some dogs are similar to Rottweilers, and some upkeep a similar character. Some dogs even act like them. Perhaps the Rottie isn’t the best dog breed; however, are you in search of dogs that look like Rottweilers? In this article, we will discuss some dogs that look like Rottweilers. Let’s dive into this.

Top 14 dogs that look like Rottweilers

1.     Doberman Pinscher


The Doberman Pinscher is the most commonly misguided dog for the Rottweiler. This dog has the same height; however, a lot thinner and more fit compared to the Rottie. He keeps the same black as well as tan complexions and markings; therefore, it’s easy to know why some individuals come up with the Doberman as the slimmer sibling.

2.     Miniature Pinscher


If you like the Rottie idea; however, you haven’t acquired ample space for him, the Miniature Pinscher is the best choice for you. This small dog is called the “King of Toys”; thus, he is known for his small stature in attitude. Considering 8-10 pounds, you can fit this Rottweiler lookalike dog into your bag.

3.     Hovawart


If you love the Rottie complexions but the beauty of a Golden Retriever dog, the Hovawart is the top fit. He is a sweet watchdog and is progressively becoming a prevalent therapy dog because he is very gentle. This comparatively new and mysterious dog breed is one to look out for.

4.     Bullmastiff


The Bullmastiff is large and bulky similar to Rottweiler. Bullmastiff is another courageous dog who will stand by among his family and threat. However, this lethargic boy would choose it if each person would leave him alone. He has above 100 pounds’ weight; you have to be strong to grip this hefty hooch.

5.     Cane Corso


The Cane Corso usually translates into ‘guardian dog’, and this dog is one of the finest watch dogs around. Cane Corso is truly adjusted to his master’s sentiments; thus, if you are worried about the individual ahead of you, the Cane Corso will respond consequently. In addition, he has the same massive frame as Rottie.

6.     Beaucerons


This dog looks greatly like a Rottie bred with a Border Collie. Beaucerons also hold the IQs of the Border; therefore, if you are in search of a clever Rottie match, the Beaucerons will be the right dog for you. He is a delicate soul who makes a strange family addition to families.

7.     Manchester Terrier


He is a funny dog full of beans. He has 12-22 pounds. He is approximately half the size of your Rottie. Additionally, this dog is a ratting terrier who got more eager compared to the Rottie. Thus, if you are a truly vigorous family who likes to run about finding squirrels.

8.     Great Swiss Mountain Dog


This dog is also similar to the Rottweiler dog but with squishes of white across his coat. This dog is trustworthy and a family-oriented dog who likes to hang around the children in the family, letting him a great caregiver dog.

9.     Boxer


The Boxer has the same frame as the Rottweiler; however, a bit less hefty. He is also enthusiastic and likes to comic around with his people. Therefore, if you love the square structure of the Rottie but need a little extra family fun and energy. This dog is black and brown, just like the Rottweiler, but has white color, as well.

10. American Bully


The American Bully has different sizes and contains similar marks to the Rottweiler with the chest as well as eyebrows patterns. If you are seeking a heavy Rottie match, the American Bully is the right one. This dog is loving, faithful, and full of charm.

11. Boerboel


This dog was bred to guard South African farms in contradiction to lions and other killers. Therefore, if you are after a sturdy but infrequent guard dog, this breed could be the right one for you. Boerboel is an inspiring dog for sure; thus, you should be an experienced and healthy pack leader.

12. Great Dane


This dog doesn’t indeed similar to the Rottie in any way; however, they keep a similar personality. Hence, if you love big dogs having an even great personality, the Great Dane is one more gentle giant to go.

13. German Shepherd


This dog is the Rottweiler’s partner in the world of dog protection; therefore, if you need a guard dog, then this is another choice for you. He is a protective, clever, and trainable dog like Rottweilers. The German Shepherd is attached to his master.

14. The Tibetan Mastiff


This dog is a gigantic canine who is among the largest dogs in this list and much larger than your Rottweiler. He is kept with strangers; however, he is very affectionate with his owner. He is deliberated to be the definitive guard dog.

15.    American Pitbull Terriers


The American Pitties come with tan patterns and black fur. Because of this reason, they look like Rottweiler. Then, it doesn’t aid that the dogs have similar face as well as body structures. They are playful and highly trainable.

16.    German Pinschers


German Pinschers aren’t the same, but these two dogs do look similar. The resemblance is because of their matching colors: black as well as tan. But the physical similarity stops there. That’s because German Pinschers are lean and small. Furthermore, according to AKC, they have cropped ears and docked tails, which are their breed standard needs.

They are playful, protective, loving, highly trainable, and good with kids.

17.   Appenzeller Sennenhunds


They look like a Rottweiler; however, they have a white streak across their chest to face. Irrespective of an Appenzeller’s thin, v-shaped head, they still have the facial features of a Rottweiler. With their tan eyebrows, big, black nose, as well as brown eyes.

They are playful and protective.

18.  Bernese Mountain Dogs


Take a Rottie. Make it fuzzier. Then, double the amusement through an additional good-natured attitude, and you will get: A Bernese Mountain Dog even though they have a dual coat that’s denser as well as longer than a Rottie’s coat.

Notwithstanding, the dogs have similar body frames. Large, dense, and very huggable. Their only discrete quality is their colors. Whereas Rottweilers only contain black and tan colors. Bernese Dogs are colored white on their muzzle as well as chest.

They are playful, defensive, and loving.

19.   Anatolian Shepherd Dogs


Even though Anatolian Shepherd Dogs don’t generally have the colors of Rottweilers. These dogs have the same dense body build.  Furthermore, their heads are both significant and square-shaped. But, the Anatolian’s tail is lengthy and curved.

They are lively, good with kids, and have moderate energy levels.

20.   Dachshunds


Most individuals can easily know a Doxie.  I can unquestionably relate to how persons mix up Rottweilers with other pooches.

Because I saw a short-coated, brown-and-tan Dachshund, I assumed it was a Rottweiler. However, when the dog got up, that’s when I understood the dog was a Doxie.

Doxies are playful, loving, and have moderate energy levels.

21.   Boxers

Even though Boxers don’t have a black and tan color combo, their body and face still look like a Rottweiler. These dogs have square faces. And above, attached to their enormous bodies, are short tails. But Rotties have a longer muzzle than Boxers. However, the latter appears like a brachycephalic dog breed.

Finally, most Boxers cropped ears. Which is because of AKC’s breed standard?

They are playful, defensive, friendly to outsiders, and need constant psychological stimulation.

22.   Slovensky Kopovs


This dog is frequently underrated. Therefore, some individuals need to remember them once listing dogs that look like Rottweilers. However, Slovensky Kopovs also have a black-and-tan coat. Besides, their coat is short similar to a Rottie. Even though, Slovenskies are only average-sized dogs. Because of this reason, Rottweilers tower over them.

They are loving, good with kids, and have moderate energy levels.


Q: Do small Rottweilers exist?

Mini Rottweilers are similar to common Rottweilers, but they are smaller. Mini Rottweilers are strongly grown for their size. In addition, their colors are generally black, having tan patterns around their head, face, and paws.

Q: What is a pocket Rottweiler?

Definitely, mini Rotties are known as pocket Rottweilers because they are small. They came from a cross between a poodle or Chihuahua with a Rottweiler.

Q: Which one is better Doberman or Rottweiler?

Both Rottweilers, as well as Dobermans are smart, protective, and robust. Rottweilers are bigger, sturdier, and shed more. On the other hand, Dobermans are known for their faithfulness; they can run quicker.


Some dogs that look like Rottweilers have black and tan complexions, large bodies, and square shape. Besides, some dogs share his loving, loyal, and defensive temperament. Additionally, some dogs share both his good-looking looks and courageous personality.

So, if you like the Rottie and one of the corresponding breeds mentioned above but you are unable to decide among the two, then you should go for their hybrid puppy. In this way, you will get the best adorable dog.

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