Bernese Mountain Dog vs Golden Retriever: (Comparison and More)

Bernese Mountain Dog vs Golden Retriever

Buying a new dog can be very stimulating; however, before you bring a new dog into your home, you’ll have to understand which dog breed is good for you. If you have finished all the research and now can’t choose between a Bernese Mountain dog vs golden retriever, then you’ll need to know about comparing these breeds.

While selecting a dog, it’s significant to pick a dog breed that will fit into your house and your life. A new pooch will be an essential part of your life for several years to come, and you’ll have to ensure you can fulfill their requirements and pay attention to them long-term.

Bernese Mountain Dog vs Golden Retriever Height and Weight

If you keep a golden retriever dog next to a Bernese Mountain dog, you’ll quickly observe they are nothing identical in terms of look. At the moment, it will also be clear that Bernese Mountain dog puppies are larger than golden retrievers.

The Bernese is a very versatile and robust working dog. Big in size, the Berner stands among 23 to 28 inches tall and weighs between 70-115 pounds. Instead, the golden retriever is a powerfully built gundog and a sporting dog. Medium to big is 20-24 inches tall at withers and weighs around 55 to 75 pounds. Females are smaller than males and can be a good choice for a smaller home.

Coat And Color

Bernese Mountain dogs and golden retrievers contain thick double furs that normally shed all year round and more during spring and fall. Irrespective of which dog breed you select, expect to get a lot of loose hair in your home. Neither of these dogs is hypoallergenic.

The Bernese Mountain dog contains thick double fur, a woolly basecoat, and a lengthier outer coat. Berners are usually tricolored, and their beautiful coat is the breed’s trait. Bernese mountain dogs contain jet-black fur with white and rust patterns on the chest, among the eyes, and on the base of the tail.

Golden retrievers also contain thick double furs, but the variation is that their outer fur has water-repellent features. The fur can either be straight or curly and sheds a bit in the summer and winter and more throughout spring and fall. Different kinds of golden retrievers can hold different fur colors; thus, dogs might have cream-colored, golden, and dark golden furs.

Bernese Mountain Dog vs Golden Retriever: Temperament


The Bernese Mountain dog, as well as the golden retriever, contain similar personalities, and both make remarkable family pets and friends. Whether you seek an active and spirited dog or a relaxed and loving companion, a dog’s nature is one of the important things you must consider when selecting a new pup. Once it comes to character, guess your Bernese to be loving, gentle, calm, and watchful. Bernese mountain dogs are very loyal to their individuals and flourish when they are tangled in all family actions. 

The Berner is a low-energy canine that will sleep on the sofa, although you read a book. Whether playing on the lawn or chilling inside, your Berner will be gratified, given that they are spending time with their individuals.

Unlike the peaceful Berner, the golden retriever is a very energetic and healthy dog that wants plenty of exercise regularly. Loving, loyal, trainable, and very friendly, goldens make wonderful pets for all ages and families having kids. Because of their social and trusting nature, these dogs aren’t great protectors dogs.

Golden retrievers are suitable family dogs that love to be close to their individuals and be tangled in all family events. As with all additional dogs, early socialization as well as training is a must and will aid your golden to flourish into a good and respectful pooch.


Before you take a new dog into your house, it’s important to consider its general health and be conscious of any potential health issues. One of the main differences among Bernese Mountain dogs and golden retriever arises in health.

Bernese mountain dogs occasionally have grave health issues because of a comparatively small gene pool and negligent breeding. Not all Bernese will have health issues, but it’s significant to be conscious of them if you’re selecting this breed.

Golden retrievers, alternatively, are considered usually healthy. But like all additional breeds, goldens are predisposed to specific health difficulties you must know about if you welcome a golden retriever.

The most commonly observed conditions in both dog breeds are:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Gastric torsion
  • Cancer
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Von Willebrand’s disease

Bernese Mountain Dog vs Golden Retriever: Grooming Requirements


All dogs need a certain quantity of care and grooming to appear and feel their finest. The Bernese Mountain dog, as well as the golden retriever, need a similar sum of care, plus regular grooming.

As stated earlier, both dog breeds contain thick double furs that shed during the year. Since both dogs shed more throughout spring and fall, you’ll need to brush them regularly. If you want to get a Bernese Mountain dog, be ready to brush their fur a few times a week to diminish the shedding and stop tangles from starting. 

Besides, bathing your Bernese once every three months will keep them clean. However, if you need to bring a golden retriever, be ready for loads of grooming. Everyday brushing is perfect and will aid in eliminating loose hair and avoiding mats and knots. You’ll also have to bathe your retriever once a month or more frequently to keep their fur clean and smelling good.

Living & Home Environment

Golden retrievers are adjustable to different environments, while they flourish in homes with large yards and minor temperatures. But you can rest guaranteed that Golden retrievers can be pleased in apartments with small lawns as long as they have a lot of outdoor exercise.

Although Golden retrievers do bark occasionally, they are usually not big barkers. Their perfect outside temperatures start from 45 to 90 degrees F. Another great thing about these dogs is that they classically survive well with other animals.

While it obviously depends on the distinct dog and their preceding life experiences, several Goldens will luckily alter to spending time with felines and additional dogs.

On the other hand, Bernese Mountain dogs hold a much higher acceptance level for cold temperatures due to their roots near the Alps in Switzerland. But like several domesticated dog breeds, they have modified to living in most areas of the United States, flourishing in temperatures among 15- and 86 degrees F.

This is undoubtedly not a hot-weather dog! Due to their size, Bernese Mountain dogs prefer a home with a medium to big yard. They make excellent protector dogs because of their impressive size, watchfulness, and loud bark.

This dog breed also makes an excellent family pet, becoming along well with kids and other dogs. But they tend to select one human as their “preferred,” an individual with which they became the closest.

One of the significant differences among the two breeds is that Bernese only needs a little workout than a Golden Retriever. At least 30 minutes of exercise daily (half that of a Golden retriever) will make them happy and healthy. They would be a decent fit with a family that is not mainly active.


Which is better, Golden Retriever or Bernese Mountain dog?

Golden Retrievers contain additional energy and will need more exercise compared to Berners, who hold more passive energy. If you are energetic and imagine your dog helping you on many ventures, a Golden Retriever is perhaps the better option because they are more fit than a Berners.

Are golden retrievers the most affectionate dog?

Retrievers, both Golden as well as Labrador, are recognized to be one of the most affectionate dog breeds. They are smart and easy to train. “I’ve noticed young kids playing with these dogs for a longer period where additional breeds would surfeit to avoid worry.

Take away: Bernese Mountain Dog vs Golden Retriever

If you are seeking a new dog, Bernese Mountain dogs, as well as golden retrievers, make great pets and family friends. Both breeds are very loving, loyal, keen, playful, and want to spend time with their loved ones. However, even though they are alike in numerous ways, there are numerous key differences among Bernese Mountain dogs plus golden retrievers, counting:

  • Golden retrievers are very energetic and require extra exercise than Bernese Mountain dogs
  • Bernese Mountain dogs are shy and aloof near strangers, whereas goldens are welcoming to everybody they meet
  • Golden retrievers have a life expectancy of ten to twelve years, whereas Bernese Mountain dogs live six to eight years

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