4 Tips for Bernese Mountain Dog Potty Training

Bernese Mountain Dog Potty Training

In this article, I will give you 4 tips on potty training your Bernese Mountain dog puppy. These four Bernese Mountain dog potty training tips are not standard tips you will get on other social media platforms, like you should use a dog crate. However, using a dog crate is not a bad idea, but I want to provide different information you have never heard before. Thus, you can do these things with your Bernese Mountain dog puppy.

How to potty train your Bernese Mountain Dog? Bernese Mountain dog potty training tips 

1.     Take your Bernese Mountain dog puppy outside immediately.

Take your Bernese Mountain dog puppy outside when he becomes 8 to 12 weeks old. But several veterinarians still advise not to take your puppy until he gets proper vaccination. It means your Bernese puppy only pee on the lawn to avoid being infected by additional dogs. 

This would mean your Bernese puppy is not permitted to leave the lawn or home for around 12 weeks, making an unconfident and nervous dog. Puppies should be socialized to fit into society. They have to get optimistic experiences with the things they face in upcoming life. 

2.     Stop using the confusing rules of thumb.

Numerous people use a rule of thumb in puppy-house taring practice. Such as, a two-month-old Bernese Mountain dog can keep urine for 3 hours. For each month, it ages one more hour to this number, which means when your Berner puppy becomes three months older, it can retain pee for 4 hours. 

Regardle3ss of what might be roughly accurate on the whole, a great piece of advice is to refrain from using a rule of thumb while growing puppies. All dogs are unique, and different factors affect the house-training process. If you follow a rule of thumb, you risk focusing too heavily on that rule. 

There are a lot of factors affecting the time length that any pup can go without peeing. Consider fluid consumption, metabolic rate, and activity level. Puppies can sleep well the night without going to pee if resting quietly. Thus, don’t use a rule of thumb while house-training your Bernese Mountain dog puppy. 

3.     Find the dullest place near your house for a Bernese Mountain puppy to pee.

Several people ask how a pup that is only walked can pee inside after five minutes. Remember a puppy’s endless interest. When you take it for a walk, it becomes so focused on its surroundings that if you don’t provide it a clear chance to pee or poop, you create a risk of allowing it to forget all nature’s calls. When you return home, it realizes why you went for a walk in the first place.  

Try to think of yourself in its state. You would not take whizz with everybody around you watching as you would be too anxious. You want your puppy tired and relaxed, making it notice that it has to pee and poop. Any place in your surroundings that gives less interruption will do. Throughout the initial week, use the same tiring spot as frequently as possible where it should answer nature’s call. 

4.     Do not leave a puppy of 8 weeks alone at home for longer than 2 hours. 

 If you do this, you have a risk of your dog peeing indoors. Several individuals wonder how long they leave a puppy home alone as they have to return to their jobs a few weeks or days after bringing a puppy into their home. 

We should have a vacation of at least three weeks to cover the first arrival of your puppy. Keep in mind that puppies have small bladders, so they have to pee very frequently. Because of this reason, it is very significant to stick to the walking schedule steadily. 

How Long Should Bernese Puppy Potty Training Take?

If you expect your dog to learn potty training just like that, you might need to settle your expectations a bit. The majority of puppies will take around 4-6 months to completely potty train, and occasionally it can take up to one year.

This is particularly true if your Bernese puppy already has bad habits they must break. Stay steady and follow the tips mentioned above and you can speed up the procedure a bit; however, if you can completely house-train your Bernese Mountain Dog in four months, you’ve done a great job.


At what age are Bernese Mountain dog puppies potty trained?

Berners don’t contain full bladder power until around six months. Becoming angry throughout potty training is counterproductive. In its place, be patient, take your pup out frequently, and 

How long can a Bernese Mountain dog retain its pee?

Large dogs have been recognized to retain their bladder on the condition that 15 hours without requiring to urinate. 


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