10 best toys for Rottweilers: Buying guide and FAQs

best Toys for Rottweilers

The Rottweilers are a very social and athletic dog breed. They love to play around and need toys to keep themselves busy. If you are looking for toys to give to your Rottweiler, here are the details of the 10 best toys for Rottweilers.

The Rottweilers are very sharp dogs. They have developed the ability to learn and follow commands through games. They have strong jaws that every toy of Rottweilers cannot handle.

It is necessary to channel the energy of such a large dog into some positive activity to prevent aggression and boredom. For this purpose, you might need some reliable Rottweiler toys. Let’s look at our top picks of toys for Rottweilers.

Top 10 Best Toys for Rottweiler

The Rottweilers are dogs with powerful jaws. The chew toys wear out early in these large dog breeds. We have selected some best products that are durable and safe for your Rottweiler. The details of these 10 best toys for Rottweilers are:

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Kong Classic dog toy

KONG – Classic Dog Toy

Easy to fill treats.   Hygienic and easy to clean.

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Best Seller

KONG Tails Wubba

KONG – Tails Wubba

For dogs with an average weight of 13 to 30 kg.
Tugging, fetching, and thrashing all in one.
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Best Seller

Petstages Alternative Dog Chew Toy

Petstages Alternative Dog Chew Toy

Sturdy and durable toy.
Different sizes and flavors are available.
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Benebone Wishbone

Benebone Wishbone toy for Rottweilers

Several flavors available.
Nylon makes it suitable for many chewers.
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KONG Rubber chew tires

KONG – Rubber chew tires

Durable for tough chewers.
Space for stuffing.
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TRIXIE Dog Activity

TRIXIE Dog Activity

Interest dogs of all age group.
Non-slipping rubber.
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Best Seller

Deer Antler Dog Chews

Deer Antler Dog Chews

Rich source of minerals and proteins.
Easy to access and tasteful.
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Best Seller

Jolly Pets Teaser Ball

Jolly Pets Teaser Ball

Easy to clean.
Good for stuffing treats.
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Best Seller

Kong Rubber Flyer

Kong Rubber Flyer

Involves both owner and the pet.
Safe for Rottweiler teeth and gums.
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Monkey Fist Ball with Rope Ends

Monkey Fist Ball with Rope Ends

Good for teeth hygiene.
Keep your pet entertained.
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1.    KONG – Classic Dog Toy

Kong Classic dog toy

Easy to stuff: Want your pet to play using instinctive chewing habits? Fill this toy with peanut butter, kibbles, or other fruity treats that your dog loves, and let them have fun.

Fetch toy: The unpredictable bounce also makes it a good fetch toy. You can provide physical activity to your pet besides chewing activity.

Easy to clean and durable: The rubber is very durable. It can bear the bite of large dog breeds. Perfectly suitable for Rottweilers. You can wash it using a dishwasher.


  • Durable chew toy
  • Easy to fill treats
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Bouncy fetch toy
  • Available in the rubber of different strengths


  • They get chewed up over time
  • Some dogs show an allergy to rubber

2.    KONG – Tails Wubba

KONG - Tails Wubba

It is a durable rubber toy to play interactive games with your Rottweilers like tug of war and fetching games. It is the best toy for large and medium-sized breeds.

Durability: It has a rope design. The material is rubber reinforced with nylon. This design makes it a perfect toy to play tug of war.

Best chew toy: The long-lasting rubber formula makes it the best chew toy. It can endure the force of average to aggressive biters. It is best suitable for large breeds like Rottweilers and Pitbulls.

Squeaking toy: This toy has a squeaker that keeps your pet interested. It satisfies your dog’s instinct to fetch and handle whimsical objects.


  • For dogs with an average weight of 13 to 30 kg
  • Tugging, fetching, and thrashing all in one
  • Nylon enforced design
  • Best for large dog breeds


  • Some dogs are allergic to nylon and rubber
  • Dogs can chew and engulf the nylon handles

3.    Petstages Alternative Dog Chew Toy

Petstages Alternative Dog Chew Toy

This chewable dogwood provides a satisfactory natural chewing experience to your Rottweilers. It is also beneficial for the teeth of your dogs. It is available in different sizes and different flavors. It is one of the 10 best toys for Rottweilers.

Durable Wood chew: They make the wood chews with a combination of fibers, natural wood, and synthetic materials. This combination provides it the strength to endure aggressive chews of large dog breeds like Rottweilers.

Safe and diverse: It is a safe choice for pets. The wood is available in two flavors, the original wood flavor and hemp flavor. You can try both for your pet. It is available in various sizes, small to large, depending on the size of your dog.

Promotes natural behaviors: You can also use This toy as a fetch stick. The chewing on dogwood provides a natural chewing experience for the pet.


  • Sturdy and durable toy
  • Different sizes and flavors are available
  • Natural wood is beneficial for teeth


  • It can break, and wood shreds can damage the dog’s oral cavity
  • It can cause diarrhea and vomiting if your dog is allergic.

4.     Benebone Wishbone toy for Rottweilers

Benebone Wishbone

It is the most durable chew toy for aggressive chewers. It is long-lasting and safe for super chewers. Your pet will surely love it. It is a very sturdy and economical toy for Rottweilers.

Durability: This product has nylon and real bones. It is the best product for dogs with solid teeth. It is a strong and durable product that endures the chewing pressure of dogs without breaking.

Diversity: The Benebone uses real flavors and aroma to attract your dog. It is available in flavors like bacon, chicken, and peanut. It has four size ranges, including small, medium, large and giant length bones.

Easy to grip: Inspired by the grip of the dog’s paws and the sense of smell of dogs, this product is best to grasp for dogs of all sizes.


  • Sturdy and economical
  • Several flavors available
  • Nylon makes it suitable for many chewers


  • It is very tough and can break the teeth of dogs sometimes.

5.    KONG – Rubber chew tires

KONG - Rubber chew tires

It is an extreme black rubber toy that is the best product for tough chewers. Sometimes the Rottweilers are very determined, and they chew until the toy breaks. This toy is unbreakable.

Durability: The tire shape of this product provides extra durability. It is difficult to break and tear. The rubber is tough but protects the teeth of your fur baby.

Supports teething: This rubber tube helps your dog to sharpen its teeth. The dogs are canines, and they love to maintain their teeth.

Sizes: It is available in various size ranges. These tires are available for dogs as small as 7 kg and as large as 30 kg. There are no other Rottweiler toys available in this size range.

Stuffing: The tires have spaces to stuff the snacks. You can add any favorite snack of your Rottweiler in these tires and feed them during play.

Fetch toy: This toy also acts as a fetch toy. The tire can go farther, and your enthusiastic pet would love to bring it back to you. These Kong tires are the best toy for Rottweilers.


  • Recommended for medium and large dog breeds
  • Durable for tough chewers
  • Space for stuffing
  • Good to support teething


  • Industrial rubber can give a bad odor

6.    TRIXIE Dog Activity

TRIXIE Dog Activity

Using a puzzle game is a fun way to interact with your Rottweiler. It also helps stimulate their intelligent minds. They will enjoy the challenge and the praise they will receive if they succeed.

It is also helpful to relieve boredom and expel energy creatively and productively. This one is the best game to play with your pet indoors.

Puzzle boxes: There are four different test boxes from which to choose. You can start with one and work your way up to all four. The game becomes increasingly difficult.

Suitable for gentle dogs: This toy is a good option for Rottweilers who enjoy being challenged. It is also best reserved for gentler Rottweilers.

A complete package: This puzzle game package has a variety of games to keep your Rottweiler occupied. There are flipping games because canines love to flip the stuff.

Similarly, there are poker boxes in these games. These poker boxes hold the treats, and your pet must unlock the box to retrieve their treat.

Safe and Durable: This product has hard plastic. It is safe for your pet to explore, flip and play. It is easy to assemble and clean. The best mental stimulating toy for Rottweiler.


  • Interactive and stimulating
  • Challenging for cognitive dogs
  • Includes ropes, knobs, and flips
  • Interest dogs of all age group
  • Non-slipping rubber


  • Sliding chambers can pinch the paws of your puppies
  • Not suitable for unassisted use by pets

7.    Deer Antler Dog Chews

Deer Antler Dog Chews

They serve as the best natural dog toys. These are the sheds of red deer horns that are collected from the forest floor naturally. These antlers are the best source of many nutrients for your pets as well.

Source of nutrients: The antlers are the parts of a bony structure of deer. However, the animals shed their antlers periodically. The Rottweilers love chewing on these bony sheds.

The red deer antlers are a rich source of Collagen, Lipids, Glucosamine, and Calcium. These antlers do not contain any natural additives, bleaching agents, or flavors that might harm your pet.

Durable: These are hard antlers that are difficult to break. These are hand-picked and crafted articles from Eastern Europe. They are also available in variable thicknesses.

Teeth cleaning: These red deer antlers are a good source of teeth cleaning. They help to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth of your dogs. They act as dental sticks to remove plaque from the teeth.

Variation: You can choose the most suitable one for your pets. These antlers are available in two forms. The light or dark grey ones are soft. The dark brown ones are hard.

For little puppies and playful dogs, you can choose soft antlers. However, brown antlers are suitable for aggressive and hard chewers like Rottweilers and Pit bulls.


  • Long-lasting antler chews
  • Rich source of minerals and proteins
  • Easy to access and tasteful
  • Helps in teeth cleaning
  • Durable and safe


  • It can shred into pieces if the product becomes old

8.    Jolly Pets Teaser Ball

Jolly Pets Teaser Ball

It is the best toy for aggressive biters like Rottweilers. This product provides hours of year-round fun for both indoor and outdoor pets.

Add treats: You can add several treats to this toy. The Bigger ball has ample space to fill in the goodies for your pets. It can keep your Rottweiler busy for hours.

Games: There are several games that your pet can play with this teaser ball. They can play tug of war, fetching, and chase. You can add some additional peanut butter and puzzle toys to the larger globe as well.

Water games: This ball is also good for water games. It floats on water so your swimmer pet can also retrieve this ball. It can also help you train your pet for swimming.


  • Easy to clean
  • Good for stuffing treats


  • Not a chew ball

9.    Kong Rubber Flyer

Kong Rubber Flyer

It is the softest rubber flyer made up of flexible rubber. It is durable and does not break easily. It is safe for the teeth of Rottweiler puppies.

Enhances competition: This is the best Rottweiler toy if you want to play with your pet. It keeps both the pet and the owner busy and bonded. It is simple to play and easy to get.

Economical: It is the most economical option for a Rottweilers. The Rottweilers love to chase. This toy frisbee satisfies their needs of chasing and hunting prey.


  • Involves both owner and the pet
  • Safe for Rottweiler teeth and gums
  • Easy to play


  • The Rottweilers can become bored with it easily
  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers

10. Monkey Fist Ball with Rope Ends

Monkey Fist Ball with Rope Ends

It is the best product on a low budget. These are the mammoth flossy chews for Rottweilers. These cotton-poly ropes serve as safe chew toys for pets.

Safe and durable: These ropes are suitable for Rottweilers. There is no toxic material in this product. These cotton years do not contain any synthetic chemicals. Best durable product to keep your dog entertained.

Good for teeth: These cotton yarns act as floss for Rottweiler teeth. It keeps the plaque and food particles from sticking to the teeth. Protects the oral hygiene of your pet along with entertaining them.

Variety of games: You can play fetch games, tug of war, and other interesting games using this mammoth toy.


  • Good for teeth hygiene
  • Keep your pet entertained
  • Safe, non-toxic, and durable
  • Available in various sizes


  • Dogs can accidentally engulf the ropes
  • monitor your pet while he is playing with this toy

Toys for Rottweilers – A buyer’s guide:

The Rottweilers are very athletic and fun-loving dogs. They need games to have fun. They also need toys to chew because the Rottweilers have this instinct of chewing and biting.

The Rottweilers have a very large jaw size. Their jaws can break the toy Rottweilers. Therefore, you will need durable toys to keep your pet entertained.

Choosing toys for Rottweilers can be difficult for you. To keep them mentally stimulated and active, here are a few things you must consider while buying a toy Rottweiler.


The most crucial parameter of a toy for Rottweiler is durability. The Rottweilers are very aggressive biters. They love to tear things apart. A chew toy, if broken, can be dangerous for your pet. Your dog might engulf the broken pieces and suffer from gastric or intestinal blockage. It is necessary to purchase a durable toy to prevent this problem.


The size of the toy is important. A toy too large for a puppy will be challenging to handle. Eventually, your dog will stop playing with the toy. Similarly, a tiny toy will be unattractive to a grown-up Rottweiler. All the toys in the above list are available in various size ranges.


While purchasing a toy for Rottweilers, make sure you check your budget. Usually, pet toys are not very costly. However, they do not last long. So, it is insignificant to waste a huge sum on your pet’s toys.


It is necessary to keep your pet safe, even during playtime. When you purchase a toy, make sure there are no sharp edges or unpleasant material.

This material can damage the oral cavity of your pet. Sometimes the dogs are allergic to some material. Monitor all the health factors of your pets when you buy them a toy.


Mostly the toys for pets comprise synthetic rubber and nylons. These materials are hard and support teething in dogs. However, sometimes, these materials can cause problems in Rottweilers.

The rubber, if too soft, the dog can tear it into pieces. These pieces might choke your pet or cause any obstruction in the digestive tract. Similarly, too hard a material like nylon can break the teeth of your pets.

Therefore, while choosing the best toys for Rottweilers, make sure you choose the right material for your Rottweiler.


Lastly, the most important quality of a Rottweiler toy must have the ability to engage your pet. It is challenging to keep Rottweilers interested. They are very active dogs, and they get bored easily.

If the toy you choose for your Rottweilers is not challenging enough, your pet might end up paying no attention to this toy. Therefore, while buying the best toy for Rottweilers, make sure it suits the personality of your pet.  

Physical Exertion:

Rottweilers require loads of exercise daily. They’re big and active dogs that require lots of playtimes as well as plenty of organized physical activity. Having the right dog toy, you can offer all the physical activity your Rottweiler dog requires.

Toys such as ropes let you play tug-of-war. Besides, balls, as well as frisbees, make the best toys for playing fetch, which can make your Rottweiler dog run through the yard at high speeds. Additionally, a good chew toy can aid your Rottweiler dog in exorcising some of its immense energy stores with a hard chewing session.

Suitable dog toys for Rottweilers

The Rottweiler owners know they are attractively lively dog breeds. They like to play interactive games with their owners. Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep your Rottweiler engaged and interested in a playful activity.

The best way is to get a toy for Rottweilers to keep them busy and active. The Rottweiler toys are also an efficient way to train your pets. It helps to develop a bond between the pet and the owner.   

The Rottweilers are heavy-weight all-rounders, and they love to perform tasks that involve manual labor. They love to be challenged and entertained at the same time. The best toys for Rottweilers that might interest the Rottweilers are:

1. Tug-of-war toys

These are the toys that are physically challenging for the Rottweilers. The Rottweilers love to exhibit their power through fights. The tug of war is the best way to satiate their need to show anger and energy. 

The tug of war helps them channel their aggression. Letting the Rottie win can help you bond with it. It is one method to reduce anger and aggression in large dog breeds.   

2. Dog chew toys

Chew toys are the best toys for dogs. The dogs have this inherent habit of biting and chewing on hard things. Providing a chew toy can help them relax without damaging their oral cavity and teeth. 

3. Puzzle toys

These toys test the cognitive abilities of your Rottweiler. The puzzles provide mental stimulation. It is the best way to keep your pet engaged for hours without the being getting bored. 

The dogs love to earn treats by solving puzzles. Many interesting puzzle toys involve opening the boxes and solving the riddles to get the treats. All these toys keep the Rottweilers interested for a long time.  

4. Fetch toys

The dogs love to show loyalty. Fetching a toy gives them a chance to show their obedience to their owners. This fetching game also helps the dog understand and follow other commands of the owner. 

If you are a new pet owner, playing fetch games with Rottweilers is the best way to bond with them. This bonding eventually helps them train faster. You can choose any of the toys that fit the best for your pet.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Which toy is best for Rottweilers?

The Rottweilers are very enthusiastic dogs. They love to play with toys. The Rottweilers love to chew. So, it is best to get a chew toy. However, not all chew toys can bear the pressure of a Rottweiler jaw.

The rubber balls break into pieces. The nylon chews can destroy the teeth of your Rottweiler. Therefore, make sure you test the strength of chew toys before purchasing them for your Rottweiler.

Q: Do Rottweilers love to chew and bite?

Yes, Rottweilers are natural biters. They love to chew and bite stuff. Most large dogs are aggressive biters, and they need hard toys to chew.

Q: Is there any indestructible toy for the Rottweiler? 

No toy is indestructible for a strong Rottweiler jaw. The Rottweilers love to bite and destroy the toys. Buying hard toys can damage their teeth.

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Final thoughts:

Rottweilers are magnificent dogs. They love to exercise and stay busy. If owners have the time to devote to training and regular exercise, this breed can make an excellent family pet.

When shopping best toys for Rottweilers, look for brands that prioritize durability. We know the best toy Rottweilers for keeping dogs cognitively stimulated and entertained.

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