Bernese Mountain Dog vs Newfoundland: (Main Differences?

Bernese Mountain Dog vs Newfoundland

Are you bearing in mind whether to have a Bernese Mountain Dog vs. Newfoundland as your preferred pet? Although these two dogs are massive, loving, and caring, they are significant differences. In this latest guide, I will look at the fundamental differences and resemblances between the Newfoundland dog and the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog vs Newfoundland: A Brief Comparison

Key DifferencesBernese Mountain DogNewfoundland
Height24 to 28 inches25 – 29 inches
Weight80-110 lbs.99 to 150 lbs.
Coat typeLong, Thick, DenseFlat, Water-Resistant, Soft
ColorsBlack and White, Rust PatternsGray, Brown, White, Black
TemperamentLoving, Smart, KeenSocial, Happy, Gentle, Loyal
Energy LevelsAbove AverageAverage
Life Expectancy7-10 Years9 to 12 Years
Health ProblemsProgressive retinal atrophy or Von Willebrand’s DiseaseEpilepsy, Hypothyroidism

Main Differences Between Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain Dog 

There are several differences between Bernese Mountain Dogs as well as Newfoundlands. For instance, Bernese Mountain Dogs were initially bred in Switzerland, whereas Newfoundland originated in Canada’s rugged Atlantic coastline to work with Canadian fishermen. 

Moreover, the Bernese Mountain Dog is smaller compared to the Newfoundland. The lifecycle of the Newfoundland is more extensive than the lifetime of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Let’s have a look at these basic differences in more detail.



The Bernese Mountain Dog is smaller compared to the Newfoundland. The Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, even though standing tall at 24-28 inches, is much smaller than these 2 breeds. On the other hand, Newfoundland Dogs, similar to the Great Dane, is among the world’s largest dog breeds. Giant males measure around 27– to 29 inches, whereas females measure approximately 25 to 27 inches.


Coat Type

One more noteworthy difference between these two breeds is their category of coats. The Bernese Mountain dog puppy has a long, thick external coat and a dense basecoat that sheds often. On the other hand, Newfoundland has another smooth and water-resistant layer. The basecoat is dense and soft, whereas the outside coat is lengthy and rough. Most of the shedding happens in the spring and fall once the weather is insignificant.


Pedigree, Bernese Mountain dogs grasp tri-colored hair with black, white, and rust qualities. Rust-colored outlines embellish the upper part of the eyes, the margins of the mouth, the anterior legs, and the chest area. There are around three Newfoundland dog colors, which are brown, gray, as well as black. Besides, the Landseer Newfoundland is a black and white dog.



Despite its kindness and cleverness, Newfoundland may be somewhat sensitive; thus, owners should take care of them. Beginning at an initial age and using praise and dog treats can help. Males are more likely to be determined, while females are more likely to be submissive. Newfoundland canines are famous for their dedication to their family and capability to survive well with kids and other animals.

Instead, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a cheerful dog that is frequently happy and smiling. Unlike overexcited, this is not a kind of overconfidence. Once appropriately trained, they are loving and friendly as well as keen and respectful servants. Above anything else, they show a positive attitude toward life. Furthermore, they seem to cope with dogs and kids.

Energy Levels

Newfoundlanders aren’t excessively energetic and don’t want much exercise. But these dogs still need daily movement as well as social contact. This is as they are an amiable breed that likes spending time with additional pets and individuals of all ages!

Bernese Mountain Dogs grasp a higher energy level than most dog breeds. Consequently, they need a lot of everyday exercise and don’t attain much sleep. Unlike the Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain dogs don’t cope well with other pets; however, they are faithful to their families and can knob themselves in social surroundings once left alone.

Newfoundland vs. Bernese Mountain Dog: Lifespan

An average life expectancy of 7-10 years is distinctive for the Newfoundland dog, whereas Bernese Mountain Dogs frequently live between 9-12 years. Several people are confused as to why these dogs have such short lifecycles, and one clarification is their size—the greater the dog, the shorter its predictable lifecycle.

Health Issues

Hip or elbow dysplasia, tumor, and progressive retinal atrophy are well-known health problems that might distress the Bernese Mountain Dog. Newfoundland dogs are prone to numerous significant health problems, counting stomach torsion, hip dysplasia, subaortic stenosis, and epilepsy.


Q: What two dog breeds make Newfoundland?

The Newfoundland dog is a cross between the now-extinct American Black Wolf and Tibetan Mastiff. Through the couplings of those two dogs, Newfoundland finally evolved.

Q: What dog looks like a Newfoundland?

Like the huge Newfoundland and additional double-coated breeds, the Berners have a thick basecoat and shed heavily. The eager-to-gratify Bernese Mountain Dog can haul equal to 1,000 pounds—ten times their particular weight—as stated by Daily Paws.

Q: What’s the difference among a Newfoundland and a Great Pyrenees?

The Great Pyrenees, as well as Newfoundland, are two curiously similar dog breeds bred for protecting livestock while remaining extremely loving with family. Great Pyrs contain rounder noses and ears that sit more back on their heads. Besides, Newfoundlands are outstanding with strangers, drool abundantly, and bark rarely

Wrapping Up 

Newfoundlands and Bernese Mountain Dogs are the most prevalent dog breeds in America. The Newfie is mainly famous for its loving, protective temperament in homes with kids. But if the size will play a role in your option, it’s important to remember that the Bernese Mountain dog is big, whereas the Newfie is a giant. 

Intrinsically, heavy slobbering and extreme shedding should be predictable by owners of giant breeds like Newfies. Nevertheless, a Berner or a Newfie is a gigantic and loving dog that would make a pleasing addition to your family.

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