Bernese Mountain Dog Newfoundland Mix: (9 Amazing Features)

Bernese Mountain Dog Newfoundland

Bernefie dog is a cross between Newfoundland plus Bernese Mountain dog. These two dogs are excellent guard dogs and faithful companions. Likewise, the coat of both dogs is dense and thick. However, their temperament and character are also similar. So, let me have a comprehensive look at the qualities of the Bernese Mountain dog Newfoundland mix.

Bernefie: Bernese Mountain Dog Newfoundland Mix Physical Appearance


The body of the Newfoundland Bernese Mountain dog mix is big, muscular, durable, and strong. Their facial expressions give off the logic of friendship, sympathy, and cleverness. The length of their muzzle is regular, while their neck is round.

Frequently, they contain brown eyes that are round and dark. Their nose is black, having open nostrils. Besides, the floppy as well as silky ears hang alongside the head. The typical weight of a Newfoundland Bernese Mountain Dog Mix is around 80-125 for males while 70-95 for females.

When we talk about their height, the male Bernefie is approximately 25-28 inches tall, while the female dog is 23-26 inches tall. The normal lifecycle of the Bernese mountain dog mixed with Newfoundland puppies is around 8-10 years.

Newfoundland mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament and Nature

As the personality of both the parent dog breeds is not much dissimilar from now, the Bernefie dog contains the same temperament too. They have glad, calm, brave, loyal, affectionate, and caring personalities. They make a special connection with fellow pets and kids at home.

They are caring as well as whenever you will require protection; your Bernefie dog will be there. They do not react well to outsiders; thus, early socialization is significant in their case. Furthermore, their energy level is neither very high nor very low. Therefore, unnecessary exercise is not tolerable for them.

Newfoundland mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog for Sale.


The Bernefie breeders demand $1000 usually for a pure Newfoundland mixed with Bernese mountain dog. Bernefie dog breeders occasionally demand $3000-$5000 for distinct breeds.

Although, if somebody asks for this amount for any normal dog, then he might be creating false privileges of a canine being rare. Likewise, you can adopt the Bernefie dog or save your money. The adoption price can be as more as $75 and less than $300.


The coat of the Bernefie dog is dense in consistency. The length is average, although they are silky as well as soft. The skin color comprises tri-color, brown, black and white, white and brown, solid brown as well as solid black.

They are furry; thus, consistent brushing of their coat is necessary. The dense fur will retain the Bernefie warm in wintertime and airy in the summertime; thus, the temperature is not an issue for these dogs.


Because both parents are smart, thus, is the Bernefie dog; henceforth, training is not problematic at all. Just ensure you are not considering harsh procedures for training your dog because it might add anger to its nature.

Treat your Bernefie with tolerance, although if you cannot control them, then it’s good to take them for group working out sessions. Similarly, you can hire an expert trainer if you cannot bring your Bernefie to the training center; however, remember that this process can cost you extra.

Health Worries


Bernefie is a healthy dog, but it can also hurt from some diseases because of inappropriate breeding. Some of the negligible disorders comprise color dilution alopecia, cataracts, as well as urolithiasis, although the significant illnesses contain elbow and hip dysplasia and histiocytosis.

Correspondingly, cancer, skin allergies, plus heart illnesses can be developed in this dog. Thus, whenever you disturb your dog’s health, ask for the vet. Likewise, keep the appropriate check on the dog’s calorie consumption, as being overweight can cause hip dysplasia.

In spite of these things, if your Bernefie is normal, it is suggested to take your canine for a check-up once a year.


After this dog’s notable appearance and nature, you might be speculating on how to groom the Newfoundland Bernese mountain dog mix puppies. As the fur is dense, you must brush your dog regularly utilizing a comb or brush. Furthermore, brushing will avoid the matting of hair and elimination dead hair.

Additionally, do not take your pooch for bathing often, as it may remove the natural oils. Plaque grows on the teeth, so brush them 2-3 times a week. Although, if you need to prevent your canine from getting numerous dental illnesses, then I will prefer everyday brushing.

Numerous dogs wear long nails; however, if they don’t, utilize a nail clipper for trimming the nails at least once a month. Finally, check your dog’s ears to see if there is any soreness or odor, as that can be a sign of infection.

Bernefie Dog Feeding

As their activity level is not very high thus, the Bernefie dog does not need lots of food. Usually, this dog eats 2-3 cups of food every day. To prevent bloating, it is optional to give your Bernefie small meals after each interval.

While if you are not certain about anything, then talk to the veterinarian as excessive food can cause obesity and additional serious issues.

Activity Requirement

The Bernefie dog can gain weight, so suitable physical activity is essential for the dog. You must take your dog for a daily walk, mainly when the puppy raises into a dog. Even though they are temperately active, it does not mean that Bernefie dogs can live inactive life. They cannot stay in apartments as they require space to work out, play or do any physical activity.

Does the Bernefie Shed?

Yes, the Bernefie shed. These dogs have loads of fur, and they shed all over the year. There are specific “shedding seasons” once their shedding gets even more extreme. You can decrease shedding by regular baths, brushing and tours to the groomer. But you cannot eradicate shedding with this dog.

If you cannot bear dog hair on your attire or furniture, this dog is not right for you. Most Bernefi parents feel that the good potentials of this dog far outweigh the bad abilities. Just be assured to stock up on brushes, hair rollers, and an excellent vacuum cleaner.

Is the Bernefie dog hypoallergenic?

If you have allergies to pooch fur, this dog may not be suitable for you. The Newfoundland mixed with Bernese mountain dog mix is not a hypoallergenic dog.

How Big Do the Bernefie Get?

Let’s know their parent’s size. The Bernese stands among 25 to 27 inches and weighs approximately 80 to 150 pounds. The Newfoundland dog, instead, is a massive dog that stands among 25 to 29 inches and weighs approximately 143 to 176 pounds.

We can imagine that the mix of these canines can stand anywhere among 25 to 29 inches at the withers plus weigh amid 90 to 150 pounds. Similar to any other canines breeds, Bernefie male dogs tend to be greater than females.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is a Bernefie dog?

The Bernefie is a dog that was developed by a cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Newfoundland, which are massive-sized dogs with coats that let them live in cooler temperatures and warmer surroundings. 

Q: What is a Bernewfie dog?

These are great dogs but very affectionate and calm. The Saint Bernewfie is a stylish dog and is a cross between a pedigree Saint Bernard and a thoroughbred Newfoundland. These dogs weigh around 180 pounds having a height of approximately 33 inches; thus, they can look quite frightening; however, they are, in fact, adorable and outstanding with kids.

Resources (MEET the BERNEFIE) A Complete Guide to This Majestic Breed

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