Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Good Guard Dogs? 8 Characteristics a Good Guard Dog Must Have

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Good Guard Dogs

The Bernese mountain dog is a good guard dog if appropriately trained. It is a large breed that flourishes in colder weather, desires a lot of exercise, and is frequently a loving and faithful friend. The following article will clarify some questions regarding this breed: Are Bernese mountain dogs good guard dogs?  Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good with kids? So let’s get started.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good guard guard dogs? Answer Revealed 

Even though aggression is not a usual response for the dog, the Bernese mountain dog is a good guard dog. Protector dogs of any breed want training. This generated boundaries for violent behavior and indications that allow the dog to know once they want to act as a protector. 

Any dog should be evaluated at every stage of the training procedure. You must stop the training if the dog is not performing an outstanding job following instructions or has untrustworthy responses. Dogs who fight to listen or steadily respond will not be excellent guard dogs.

Additionally, the Bernese mountain dog is recognized to be intellectual and faithful, so they are easy to train. However, it is significant to recall that the Bernese mountain dog is also recognized to be subtle. So, harsh improvements or punishments might derail the training process and reduce the bond between the dog and the trainer. 

Thus, if you’ve selected the Bernese mountain dog for a guard dog, carry on reading this article to other significant questions about this dog. 

The difference between a guard dog and a watchdog

The difference between a guard dog and a watchdog

A watchdog is aware of its environment and alert once new individuals or animals arrive in these surroundings. The selected method of watchful for several dogs is to bark. The majority of canines are natural watchdogs. Numerous small dogs, comprising the chihuahua as well as the Lhasa apso, are outstanding watchdogs. But, training might be required if a watchdog frequently barks at non-intimidating stimuli.  

On the other hand, a guard dog has had some type of training for its job. The guard dog is likely to alert once there is a danger and protect its people. Guard dogs can be in training for several years to ensure they only react with aggression once they signal specific circumstances

In addition, guard dogs can be excellent family dogs, but they do need professional training to accomplish both roles.

Can a Bernese Mountain Dog be a good watchdog?

Yes, the Bernese Mountain Dog can be a great watchdog. This dog is recognized for having a sensibly loud bark, which makes it difficult to overlook. The volume of Mountain Dog’s bark is sure to be frightening to undesirable visitors.

 On the other hand, the Bernese Mountain Dog is not recognized to be an excitable barker, so your Bernese Mountain dog puppy will be likely aware of outsiders or the violent-looking squirrel; however, be calm with visitors who are greeted into the house.

The AKC rates the Berners as a dog breed that barks an intermediate amount, marking the breed accurately midway among ‘only to alert’ and ‘very voiced.’  This might be an ideal balance for families wanting to be alerted to the infrequent unexpected outsider while relishing a peaceful life.

Are Bernese mountain dogs good with children?

Yes, these dogs are known to be calm and sweet. But, just like any dog, it helps kids understand how to cooperate and play. Just as a dog is recognized to be gentle with kids, this does not mean these dogs will have limitless patience with hair dragging or being kept like a pony.

The Bernese mountain dog puppies can occasionally validate their herding characters by grabbing kids’ heels. This conduct will fade when the puppy matures, but kids should be trained to react without irritation or fear.  

Furthermore, several Bernese Mountain Dogs are noise sensitive. If your Berner shows a wish to get peace from the request of kids, they might sound sensitive. It will be significant to offer your Bernese mountain dog a space to relax as well as escape the noise.

8 Best characteristics a good guard dog have                                                

For a dog to be a good guard dog, it must be;

1.      Intelligent

A guard dog must be intelligent. Besides, intelligent dogs are good guard dogs because they can rapidly hold their guarding training and respond suitably to different stimuli. A clever canine will also contain a good memory; these aids avoid unwanted attacks on individuals who infrequently visit your compound.

2.      Loyalty

Faithfulness is a quality that any guard dog must have. A guard dog must remain enthusiastic to you. Your dog shouldn’t be attracted to treats. It must be ready to guard your territory.

3.      Obedient

Obedience is the main characteristic. Obedience in a dog makes it simple to train its rudimentary commands. It also stops your hound from getting unwanted behaviors.

4.      Friendly and Loving

A good guard dog should deliberate you to be its companion, then show love to you or your family members. A hostile dog can attack you because it contains no bond with you.

5.      Energetic and Responsive

The agility of guard dogs governs how good they are. A good guard dog having agility lets it easy to move with rapidity and ease while its guarding tasks. Besides, energy is also vital as it governs how long your dog can endure putting up combat with a burglar or an opponent.

6.      A Balanced and Aggressive Nature

Good guards’ dogs are aggressive but in balance. That is, depict hostile temperament if they get forcefully provoked.

7.      Boldness

A bold dog is an outstanding guard dog. It must be enthusiastic and not cautious about taking dangers in a bid to guard you.

8.      Alert

For a canine to make an excellent guard dog, it must be watchful of its surroundings and any variations that its owner shows.


Q: What is the most kind guard dog?

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the most kind guard dogs. 

Q: Are mountain dogs good watchful dogs?

This dog breed is not very violent; however, their large size, as well as garish bark, can serve to discourage intruders. On the whole, the Bernese mountain dogs are great family guard dogs, faithful and obedient.

Final Thoughts 

The Bernese mountain dog is an excellent contender for a family guard dog as well as a watchdog. They are intellectual, faithful, and physically scary. They can be a good protector and good for first-time owners. They also do well with kids and other animals. For many people, the Bernese mountain dog can be the perfect addition to their families.

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