Top 6 Bernese Mountain Dog Look Alike Breeds


A Bernese Mountain dog is splendid with a club of friendly, sturdy, and trustworthy pets that individuals cannot become enough of. Whether you are a passionate hiker or a pet lover, this dog is poised to add marvelous happiness and company to your life. With a relaxed temperament as well as a realistic/loyal nature, who wouldn’t fall in affection with him? However, several dog breeds have similar features to the Bernese Mountain dog. Here is a rapid overview of the top 6 Bernese Mountain dog look-alike breeds.

6 Bernese Mountain Dog Look Alike Breeds

1.     Greater Swiss Mountain Dog


The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a vigorous and robust mountain dog with the same fur colors as the Bernese Mountain dog. The fur is typically silky black with white and brown patches, whereas the eyes are brown.

She is 24-29 inches at the shoulder and weighs approximately 140 pounds. Bred to yank sledges and perform like a daft dog, this canine is alert, lithe, and reliable.

2.     Appenzeller Sennenhund


In spite of weighing around 70 pounds, the Appenzeller Sennenhund appears like the BMD in several ways than one. These are both mountain dogs that make outstanding hiking and camping associates.

They also hold great senses of smell, alert bodies, long feet, and brave spirits to live in the wild. They are energetic, lively, consistent, self-assured, and courageous.

3.     Entlebucher Mountain Dog


The Entlebucher is the preceding family of the 4 sennenhund-type pooches with appearances to die for. If you like the Bernese Mountain dog; however, need an even smaller variety of her compared to the Appenzeller, this one will be better. With the same fur type as well as colors, you know he is gorgeousness to behold.

Entlebuchers make outstanding pets and watchdogs at home. They carry a lot to the table, counting agility, faithfulness, devotion, self-interest, confidence, and liberation.

4.     Hovawart


One of the eldest German watchdogs, the Hovawart is one more canine similar to the Berner dog. The dog breed originated around 1210 AD, with its key aim to guard homes, ranches, and institutes.

Members of the dog breed weigh around 55 to 90 pounds, making them lighter than BMDs. Maybe the most distinguished difference among them is that Hovawarts don’t grasp white spots on the chest and additional areas as the Berner.

When we discuss temperament, Hovawart is keen, watchful, strengthened, outright, set aside, and active. They are also extremely easy to train rather than numerous breeds.

5.     Beauceron

Beauceron 1

After numerous years of herding livestock, the Beauceron has gained some of the most astonishing guard skills. He is a loving and faithful protector of the home.

Beauceron’s fur is short, dense, uneven, and tolerates black and tan. 

6.     St. Bernard


Similar to the Bernese Mountain dog, St. Bernard is a charming mountain dog breed having some of the most astonishing physical characteristics. Their faces also contain similar traits, and one might take time to see one another by observing the face.

Both dogs are good-looking, with big paws, four-sided noses, and robust muscular bodies. They weigh anywhere from 120 to 180 pounds, contrary to BMD’s 70 to 115 pounds.


Which dog looks like a Bernese Mountain dog?

Similar to the Bernese Mountain dog, St. Bernard is a charming mountain dog having some of the most astonishing physical qualities.

Which dog has same features as a Swiss mountain dog?

The Bernese as well as Swiss Mountain Dogs are alluring dog breeds. Besides, they have a lot in common. Both dogs originate from Switzerland, with the Bernese inventing particularly from the Swiss area of Bern. Both dogs wear the similar black, white, as well as rust colors in their fur.

Final thoughts 

There’s no rejecting that the Bernese Mountain dog is an amazing dog. His fame is rising daily among dog fans. Together with her, other dog breeds with similarities are also moving up the admiration ladder. All the Bernese mountain dog look alike breeds I have listed above are worthy, charming, and truly splendid – particularly for individuals that live in cold regions.

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