Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Aggressive? 4 Reasons


Bernese Mountain Dogs are usually considered to be one of the friendliest dogs. They are loving and faithful friends and excel as affectionate family dogs. Frisky and often silly, they enjoy all moments spent with their loved ones, particularly with children. Thus, are Bernese Mountain Dogs aggressive? 

Berners are deliberated to be one of the least violent dogs towards people. But Bernese can occasionally be aggressive towards male canines. They also have robust protective natures and might growl or bark if somebody unfamiliar comes to your home because they need to guard their people.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Aggressive? Answer Revealed

Berners are frequently defined as one of the least aggressive dogs. They’re kind, cheerful, lively, faithful, and kind. Still, Bernese Mountain dogs have robust protective instincts. Not often, their instinct to guard their family and land can convert into overprotectiveness and allow them to be a bit violent.

Similar to any other dog breed, a Berner dog can have a personality that is somewhat dissimilar from the normal. Any demonstration of aggressiveness in these dogs has a lot to do with you and your failure to train your dog on time.

Appropriate socialization knowingly decreases the risk of your Bernese growing up to be violent. This is particularly significant with younger canines as they can infrequently be too territorial and aggressive towards other canines.

Moreover, some deeds that owners take as aggressive are somewhat harmless. Howling, growling, or cracking the teeth are more frequently a sign of boredom than a demonstration of aggression.

Why Does Bernese Behave Aggressively?

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As I said before, Bernese Mountain Dogs very infrequently express violence. However, when they do, it can be due to numerous causes.

1.      Old Behaviors Die Hard

Even though they’re infrequently called up for such responsibilities now, Berners served as guards for centuries. But, some of the natural characters have been bred out to produce more friendly dogs. Yet, Bernese Mountain Dogs are still defending their family and possessions.

If they sense a hazard to their owners, they might become over-attentive and express anger towards a supposed danger.

Furthermore, some Berners can be selfish when we talk about their territory or assets. Except they’re trained to esteem boundaries and that the safety is needless, they might behave violently towards anybody approaching the land they see.

2.      Fear Can Encourage Aggression

Like other breeds, Bernese can be violent out of fear. If these dogs think they’re in threat, they might need to guard themselves and behave violently. Most dogs, counting Berners, will prefer avoidance over aggression once they feel terror.

But when trapped, they might go with the “protection is the best crime” approach. Many fear-based aggressive deeds have roots in preceding bad experiences. A Dog might have suffered exploitation from the prior owner, had a bad understanding with other canines or didn’t undergo appropriate socialization.

3.      Age, Health, and Gender

Aggression frequently occurs because of natural reasons. Younger Bernese occasionally can act violently towards other dogs. This is mainly the situation with male Bernese Mountain dogs. Instead, as the dog gets older, it might grow certain health problems producing pain which can cause aggressive behavior.

Similarly, reduced sight or hearing, which frequently comes with age, might make each approach by individuals or animals more unexpected and consequently more terrifying, triggering aggression.

4.      Appropriate Care Goes a Long Way

The main duty for the dog’s actions lies with the owner. Beginning socialization, as well as training prompts, can go a raged way in growing a kind and approachable dog and overwhelming any potential anger.

Additionally, Bernese Mountain dogs need a lot of consideration and are very vigorous and bouncy. If they’re not emotionally and physically inspired, involved in family actions, and given sufficient exercise, they might easily start to get bored and unsatisfied.

This frequently lets them display some kinds of violent behavior, for example, growling or unnecessary barking.

How to stop a Bernese from Being Aggressive?

If your Bernese Mountain dog starts to behave violently, there are numerous steps you can consider to stop Bernese or prevent it from being aggressive. The key is to start your supremacy and control in the home.

This way, your Bernese will recognize that you, as a leader, are in control of caring for the family and won’t feel the need to be violent.

Additionally, try to decrease the anxiety in the dog’s environment. Avoid conflict in front of your dog because they’re delicate and can react violently to the bad atmosphere around them. As a puppy, Bernese must be socialized and bare to additional dogs and strange individuals.

This will make them more approachable and less shy to additional individuals and animals. Similarly, early and appropriate training administration will guarantee that the dog is respectful and make monitoring the aggression easier.

How can you train a Bernese mountain dog to avoid aggressive behavior?

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Training a Bernese Mountain Dog to prevent aggressive behavior involves a comprehensive approach that combines early socialization, positive reinforcement, and consistent training. Here’s a guide to follow:

  1. Start Early: Initiate training and socialization when your Bernese Mountain Dog is 7 to 8 weeks old. This early period is crucial for shaping their behavior as they mature.
  2. Socialization: Expose your puppy to various people, animals, surfaces, and environments. This exposure helps them become comfortable with different situations, reducing the likelihood of aggressive behavior arising from fear or unfamiliarity.
  3. Positive Reinforcement: Bernese Mountain Dogs respond well to positive reinforcement. Use praise, treats, or playtime as rewards when your dog exhibits good behavior. This encourages them to repeat positive actions and reinforces your expectations.
  4. Consistent Training: Consistency is paramount in training. Regular, structured training sessions help solidify learned behaviors. Patience and persistence are crucial, as training takes time, and each dog learns at its own pace.
  5. Obedience Training: Enroll your Bernese Mountain Dog in obedience classes. These classes teach basic commands and proper interaction with other dogs and people, fostering good behavior.
  6. Avoid Harsh Correction: These dogs can be sensitive to harsh correction. Instead of punishing undesirable behavior, focus on reinforcing positive actions. This creates a positive learning environment and diminishes the likelihood of aggressive behavior.
  7. Professional Help: If you encounter challenges in training, consider consulting a professional dog trainer. Their expertise can provide tailored advice and techniques specific to your dog’s individual needs.

It’s crucial to recognize that each dog is unique, and the effectiveness of training methods may vary. Understanding your Bernese Mountain Dog’s personality and requirements is essential for successful training and a harmonious relationship.


Are Bernese aggressive chewers?

Bernese Mountain Dogs want a great deal of friendship and do not love being left alone for above some hours. They can express their grief through destructive chewing.

Do Bernese Mountain dogs jump on individuals?

Being a big breed, the Bernese Mountain Dog takes more time to mature. Pups of any dog breed will frequently try to jump on you for hugs, and your Bernese Mountain dog is no omission. But if he stays to do this as he matures, he will hit you over.

Are Mountain dogs skittish?

Socializing as well training your Bernese are important to have a pleased home. Lacking socializing, he can get skittish and nervous around others. Deprived of training, he can get determined. Leaning into you as he is frightened or acting violently is not acceptable.

Final Verdict

Bernese Mountain Dogs are not an ideal fit for all owners. They are gigantic, need plenty of space, can shed more, and require a fair quantity of grooming as well as care. Similarly, they require a lot of care, and the owner must invest loads of time in joint actions with the dog.

With appropriate socialization, training, as well as care, your Bernese Mountain Dog will certainly be approachable, lively, and full of affection.

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