Is it illegal to breed pit bulls and Rottweilers?

is It Illegal to Breed Pitbulls and Rottweilers

Nowadays, dogs are deliberately cross-bred to generate new designer breeds that integrate both dogs’ temperaments, characters, and look. Pit bull mixed with Rottweiler, also called the Pitweiler, is an exciting example of this. The question is it illegal to breed pit bulls and Rottweilers? Yes, it is illegal to get Pitweiler, but it is legal to breed pit bulls and Rottweilers in several areas. However, it is illegal to sell purebreds.

For Rottweilers and Pit bulls, their repute precedes them concerning their apparent temperaments. There can be lots of confusion nearby about what a mix of the two different breeds would be like as a house pet.

This article will clear that with an interruption of precisely what to assume from a Rottweiler pit bull mix, predominantly in terms of the personality and what is convoluted with keeping this remarkable animal.

Is it illegal to breed pit bulls and Rottweilers? Briefly explained 

It pays to look into dog breed principles where you live as it varies from one place to another. In some parts, it is not legal to breed any Rottweiler Pitbull mix, whereas, in other areas, mixes are okay; however, it’s prohibited to trade any purebreds.

Because these dogs can be destructive if they are not entertained appropriately, which needs a high level of assurance from the owner. Experts are cautious that individuals won’t pledge to this, and dog bite data of critically socialized and poorly-bred dog breeds can be high.

History of Rottweiler pit bull Mix

Although the Pitweiler is a new cross, the American Pit Bull Terrier, as well as the Rottweiler, hold strong and exciting histories. Knowing the history behind pit bulls and Rottweilers, mainly why they were bred, aids in getting an idea of why they perform the way they do.

In addition, a Rottweiler was born of a necessity for a strong dog that could pull carts in Roman times. Besides, Roman militaries would travel with groups of cows as a source of nourishment and do so into a region of Southern Germany, and today called Rottweil. From there, these antique drover canines were bred into the Rottweilers dogs that we get today.

Alternatively, the American Pit Bull Terrier contains a slightly additional vicious history – it’s believed that this dog was bred as a solider and more alert form of the Bulldogs utilized in pit combat in the 1800s.

Excitingly, regardless of the name, the American Pit Bull Terrier is, in fact, a British term, using the American version usually called the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Appearance and nature of the Rottweiler pit bull Mix

Like any mixed-breed, the appearance and behavior of these dogs vary quite extensively, even though there are some standard features:

1.      A Body-Builder Between Dogs

You spontaneously think muscular once you hear pit bull or Rottweiler dog; thus, it makes sense that this pit bull mix has a strong build. Besides, their build is intermediate to large – male canines can size up to 100 lbs and reach a height of around 23 inches.

Furthermore, their build is sturdy and very balanced. It’s infrequent to see a pit bull mix seeing it can’t take its own weight around.

2.      A Well-Mannered Dog

When this pit bull Rottweiler mix is trained effectively, you see the ancient characters of the breeds surfacing. Historically, both of these dogs are outstanding watchdogs, which, in up-to-date times, interpret watchful obedience. 

This is eventually why it’s such a disgrace that their repute has been so blemished. When dog breeds of this personality are trained, they don’t disobey. Relatively, these crosses have a loving manner that extremely agrees with their owner’s requirements.

Important things you should know about the Rottweiler Pitbull mix

  • Rottweilers augmented in fame in the 20th century, when these dogs were utilized as police, guard, and army dogs. 
  • Some Rottweiler pit bull mixes will grow the double coat present in a Rottweiler, which needs extra grooming in the hot season.
  • Pitweilers need one hour of fairly powerful physical activity each day.
  • Occasionally, female Rottweilers mixed with pitbull do not entertain well with additional female dogs, particularly if they’re not appropriately socialized.
  • The Pitweiler advantages from numerous small meals daily to ward off bloat formation compared to one large meal.

Physical Characteristics of Rottweiler Pit Bull Mix


Size: The Pitweiler is deliberated a large-sized dog that contains a solid as well as strong build, with the look of an impressive guard dog.

                               MALE                                                            FEMALE

Size                     Large-sized                                                  Large-sized

Height                46 to 64cm                                                    43-51cm

Weight               18 to 45kg                                                     18 to 45kg

Lifespan           12 to 15 years                                             12 to 15 years

Coat: This mix has a short coat that can be light and good similar to the pit bull or dense like the Rottweiler. This pit bull mix does not shed a lot.

Color: The fur color is predisposed to the parents, and it can be Fawn, Black and Tan, and Brown.

Temperament: The pit bull Rottweiler mix can be strong-willed as well as tenacious. This Rottie contains a high energy level. It can become a damaging mutt when not trained properly. With cautious training and socialization, the pit bull mix can be loving, trustworthy, and very protecting.


Q: Can Pit bulls breed with Rottweilers?

The cross of a Rottweiler, as well as a pit bull, is known as a Rottweiler pit bull mix or else called a Pitweiler. Breeders formerly desired a sturdy dog that had great characteristics, for example, a strong stature, safety, and strong will.

Q: What happens when you mix a pit bull with a Rottweiler?

A Rottweiler pit bull mix can be determined and persistent. This Rottie contains a high energy level. With watchful training as well as socialization, they can be loving and faithful.

Q: Why are Pit bulls mixed with Rottweilers illegal?

Police are sanctioned to apply these laws as pit bulls and Rottweilers are deliberated more dangerous rather than the other dogs because these specific breeds’ strong jaws and nature not to unleash their victims.


Keeping a truly smart and caring dog is one of life’s best desires that will continuously carry warmth and love into your life. Besides, the Rottweiler pit bull mix’s sharp mind is bound to protect you and your family. Their inherent ability to the lookout, when trained appropriately, translates to a faithful and loving friend.

The pit bull Rottweiler mix sometimes has the trouble of implementing a negative repute because of careless, lazy training, and poor bloodlines. If you train your dog just like a Pitweiler to be threatening, then it will become an impressive and destructive dog.

But, if you want to put the training in, mainly when they are immature, you’ll get a brave, fun, enthusiastic, and trustworthy friend. So, follow this helping guide if you want to get a Rottweiler pit bull mix in your home.

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