Can Rottweilers Eat Oranges? Here’s All You Should Know

can rottweilers eat oranges

For us, oranges are healthy snacks high in nutrients such as vitamin C – however, what about our dogs? Can Rottweilers eat oranges? Yes, Rottweilers can eat oranges. Oranges are safe and useful even when appropriately fed in adequate amounts. When your dog consumes extra oranges, it can get an upset belly and develop gastrointestinal problems. Continue reading to know more.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges? (Find Out)

Although the natural sugar in these fruits is not characteristically bad, it can influence the blood sugar concentration of diabetic dogs and can cause extra calories if fed in huge amounts. The sugar present in oranges, and their acidic feature, can develop an upset stomach in numerous dogs. 

In addition, you should only give your dog a minor piece of orange initially to make sure that this doesn’t occur. Dogs that are recognized to have sensitive stomachs should not be fed oranges.

All treats you offer your pooch (comprising any fruit like orange) must never make up extra compared to 10% of your pup’s daily calorie consumption, so ensure to regulate meal portions.

Different benefits of oranges for dogs

Oranges are high in healthy fiber, K, thiamine, as well as folate while having less sodium. They also have a high concentration of vitamin C, which can increase your dog’s immunity and aid them in keeping illnesses at bay.

Although dogs indeed create vitamin C on their own, so if your dog performs an energetic physical activity or is often stressed, then their liver might not produce vitamin C; therefore, eating oranges can be helpful for their health. 

Some specialists also consider that vitamin C can also aid clean your dog’s gut if they consume additional toxic foods. If your pooch is overweight, oranges are an excellent substitute for other calorie-rich dog treats.

How many oranges can Rottweiler dogs eat?

Generally, one or two orange pieces daily should be sufficient for your dog. But, the breed, as well as the size of your dog, can also influence how their body digests these fruits. So, larger dogs can bear larger quantities better than smaller ones.

It means that Akitas, as well as German Shepherds, can eat 2-3 orange slices without a problem, while smaller dogs, such as Pomeranians and Chihuahuas, can get a stomach upset when they eat the same amount. Puppies can also consume oranges; however, they can be more prone to stomach upset than mature dogs. Because of this reason, it’s suggested to offer puppies a small number of oranges, with the rinds and seeds removed.


Q: What happens if a Rottweiler eats an orange?

Dogs can eat oranges; however, only within the limit. These fruits are effortlessly safe and useful even when correctly fed in modest quantities. If your Rottweiler consumes extra oranges, they can get an upset stomach.

Q: Are extra oranges bad for dogs?

Yes, feeding dogs too many oranges can lead to upset stomachs and other health problems.

Q: Can Rottweilers eat tangerine?

Yes, Rottweilers can eat tangerines.


Oranges are safe for dogs, and the majority of them can consume a few slices without getting any health problems. Similar to any human food, balance is key, as offering dogs extra oranges can cause digestive problems and health worries.

Dogs that are bulky or analyzed with diabetes should not be fed oranges. As always, it will be a good idea to consult your vet before feeding your dog human foods, such as oranges, as they’ll recognize more about your dog’s exceptional medical history. After reading this guide on can Rottweilers eat oranges, you should feed your dogs oranges carefully.

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