What To Do If a Rottweiler Attacks You? 15 Strategies

What To Do If a Rottweiler Attacks You

Rottweilers are confident and defensive dogs; however, they are not very aggressive. But, any dog can become aggressive depending upon its heredities, health, physical activity, and environment. Thus, what to do if a Rottweiler attacks you? Just stay calm and be quiet. Never make eye contact. This article gives you some helpful strategies on what to do if the Rottweiler dogs attack you.

Be Ready

You have to be conscious that once the Rottweiler dogs attack, your only protection will be physical power. Not numerous individuals can match a Rottweiler dog’s physical power; thus, you will have to depend upon your nature, speed of feedback, adrenaline, and luck.

Furthermore, watch videos of self-protection against Rottweilers. Try all that you can to reach the point where your primary responsibility will be the correct response.

What To Do If a Rottweiler Attacks You? Top 15 tactics you can do.

  1. Be calm, and don’t run to fold and wave your limbs to appear frightening. You will only stimulate the Rottweiler dogs into assaulting sooner and eradicate all likelihood of dispersing the situation.
  2. Avoid making a noise. It looks counterintuitive; however, you must not even cry for assistance. Noise can make you look intimidating or call for help like prey.
  3. Adopt the right body language. The feeling you need to give is self-possessed but not belligerent. Do not turn your back on the Rottweiler. Do not fight a dog. 
  4. Don’t make eye contact with the dog. In canine language, this contact is a challenge.
  5. If your Rottweiler rushes you, then once it jumps, take your knee up and utilize your dog’s energy to hit your knee into the dog’s chest.
  6. If you can’t control the chest kick, heave whatever you grasp on you at your Rottweiler so that it attacks this rather than you.
  7. Jot your Rottweiler if probable. When it jumps, attempt to grasp the Rottweiler’s neck and convey its momentum. Use your body weight and jot it to the earth, having your hands on its neck and then your knee on your dog’s side.
  8. If you are fast and powerful to jot it, then only allow it again once it halts fighting you and its inhalation calms down. Then gradually release and adopt the right body language.
  9. If you are next to the Rottweiler, grasp it from the neck’s skin, behind its head, as well as the skin over its bum. Controlling a Rottweiler dog, however, requires strength.
  10. If you can get Rottweilers in this grasp, trudge them somewhere to catch them up. Or you can request someone for assistance. 
  11. Protect yourself. In this condition, you undeniably overlook animal rights as well as morals. Try it with your keys, cane your fingers in Rottweiler’s eyes—anything. Only make your actions controlled and determined.
  12. Your goal is to halt the dog, not to involve it in a fight.
  13. If it grasps your arm, never pull it away because this will lead to severe injury and will inspire the Rottweiler to sustain the attack.
  14. Guard your vitals. 
  15. Your arms should be above your head, having your elbows over your face. Besides, your hands should be fisted above your neck’s back, shielding your spine.


Q: Do Rottweilers casually attack?

Those actualities are straight at odds with the wrong concept that Rottweilers attack their owners. Yes, there have been cases where Rottweiler dogs have attacked their owners.

Q: Can I hit my Rottweiler if it bites me?

Don’t go for physical punishment.

Conclusion: What To Do If a Rottweiler Attacks You?  

The attack situation is going to create a significant change in how you can manage the situation. The attack situation contains things like how it occurs, where it occurs, what you hold as an accessible weapon, if someone is around, no of Rottweilers, and why Rottweiler is attacking.

So, you have to choose if you can fight a dog or if your attention must be defensive and shield yourself: however, prevention is an ideal option. Discuss the situations and your awareness response in each frequently to help make sure that you can react appropriately should the condition ever arise.

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