How to Stop Dog Barking While We Are Eating? 8 Ways

how to stop dog barking while we are eating

Initially, it seemed reasonable to have your dog bark when he wanted food. However, the charm has worn off since he barks anytime you sit down for a meal, eat something, or give him food. Every time you sit down to eat, you will wonder how to stop dog barking while we are eating.

Dogs bark in response to a specific stimulus, which is called “on-demand barking”. Your dog can pick up this habit in many ways. One of the most common ways is by being fed as above. Suppose you are sitting down to dinner with your dog when, for whatever reason, he starts barking enthusiastically.

You tossed him something off her plate to get him to stop barking, as this appeared to be the most effective method. Learning is a fast process for dogs, especially when there are food rewards. After three or four repetitions, the behavior will become established in his habits.

8 Best Ways to Stop a Dog from Barking While You Are Eating

When dogs give you their begging look, they can also be hard to ignore. Here are some tips on how to stop a dog barking while we eat.

1. Do Not Feed Your Dog Human Food

You may have already fed the dog every time she barks, or somebody in the household may have already done so. Animals like dogs are very smart. After a while, the dogs will learn that barking will lead to food rewards.

The puppy eyes might come at you, but you must stop this immediately. If you want to stop wondering how to stop dogs barking while eating, then you should stop this habit. Our diets can also cause dogs to become very ill.

Chocolate, grapes, and onions, for instance, are not good for dogs. Offer your dog as little as possible of your meal so as not to put their health at risk.

2. Teach it to remain in one spot

It may also be helpful to train it to remain in a certain spot for as long as possible without barking and then reward it when it does so. Reward your dog for not barking whenever you have finished eating.

3. Keep your dog busy.

While you eat, engage them in an interesting activity. Some owners have found that filling a Kong toy with treats keeps their dog quiet. The toy should keep your dog occupied until you have finished eating unless it is an insane genius.

In addition, don’t just dish out food from a bowl or plate. It won’t take them long to finish the treat, and then they will be begging for more.

4. Maintain Calm

Instead of rewarding your dog when she barks, you should reward her when she remains calm. There is often a training called ‘capturing calmness’. To successfully train your dog, you must ignore her when she begins begging for food.

Your dog will learn from any interaction you have with her. Whenever your dog remains quiet while you are eating, you should reward her with a treat. In time, it will learn that calmness is good quality. If the dog is stubborn, it may take a few days for them to get the message.

5. Pre-meal exercise

If the dog is interested in playing fetch, throw the ball for about 20 minutes in the backyard. Dog owners can have their dogs jump over obstacles, move around on bicycles while they chase each other, or take them to the dog park so they can interact with other dogs there.

Give the dog water or milk when you get home. It will be tiring after these activities. He will fall asleep shortly after eating, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful meal with your family.

6. Train your dog in crates

Dogs that aren’t trained to stay or go to a place should be kept in crates. Although he may bark at you initially, eventually, he will realize that barking does not lead to food. Make sure they have a distraction while they are in their space, like a toy or a bone. He will feel more at ease and not confined.

7. Make sure your dog is well-fed.

Having tried everything above, and nothing seems to work, check to see if the dog is getting a balanced diet. When a dog is hungry, it will always want food. Even trained dogs can disobey their masters due to hunger.

He will be misled by his survival instincts. The puppy should be fed three times a day, while the dog should be fed twice a day. It is fine to give your dog leftovers from the family, but make sure they are in the same bowl as where he eats them.

8. Desensitize your pooch to the stimulus

When your dog barks at particular triggers, steadily get your dog familiarized with whatever is triggering them to bark. Begin with the stimulus at a distance. It should be far away that your dog does not bark when he sees it. 

Feed him loads of good treats for continuing eye contact and not barking. Then move the stimulus a bit closer and feed delicious treats. If your canine starts yowling, you have gotten closer to the stimulus.

What else occurred when your dog started barking while you were eating?

If it did not bark at you when you eat, it would aid in deliberating what else occurred when it first began doing it. If your dog started doing it unexpectedly, it could be the situation that it learned that it receives rewards once it does it less often or later in the day.

What is dissimilar when your dog does not howl when you eat?

It would also consider what else is dissimilar when it does not howl; meanwhile, the timing could have something to do. If it does not woof once you are consuming food alone, it can be the situation that it does as it is resentful of you intermingling with the other individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I do to stop my dog from barking when I’m preparing food?

With a plate of food, sit down at your usual mealtime. If your dog barks, let him do so. It’s time to ignore him completely, and not feed him or scream at him. Don’t pay attention to anything he says or does, whether he barks, fusses, or whatever.

Q: Why does my puppy want to eat my food?

There are a few reasons why your dog might try to eat your food. There may be a reason for this that they don’t like what they’re eating or that they aren’t getting enough of it. It is important to ensure that he or she is getting enough food, following a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Q: What is the reason for my dog’s obsession with human food?

Because they don’t receive enough food to meet their needs, dogs can become obsessed with our food. The animal should be taken to a veterinarian if we suspect this could be the case. They will be able to decide if they need to change their diet, eat more food, or avoid certain foods.


Until now, you won’t have to worry about how to stop dog barking while we are eating. The key is to train your dog consistently. Your facial expression should also convey your feelings about saying no to the dog.

Do not curse or yell at your dog, no matter how hard-headed he might be. Choosing the right pet dog for you will depend on how well you can handle him. Keep trying if a dog is difficult to handle or ask for professional assistance if the animal becomes too difficult.

When your dog barks and howls, do not give in; you must stay strong. Seeing him in this state is heartbreaking; however, stopping him from begging is the only thing to do to ensure his well-being.

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