How to preserve dog hair? Latest Guide in 2022

how to preserve dog hair

It can be hard and emotional to lose a pet, such as your family dog. As if to remind themselves that their faithful friend is always by their side, some people keep a piece of their dog’s fur. If you find this comforting, learn how to preserve dog hair?

How to preserve dog hair? 5 Easy Steps

Plan for where you’d like to keep the fur. Keeping it in a tight container is your best option for preserving it. Lockets and ornaments are popular choices. Here is my simple guide on how to preserve dog hair?

  1. Clip and lay fur in Tissue

Have Kleenex ready when you’re at the veterinarian’s office or clipping hair at home. Arrange the hair ends in shallow rows as you lay the fur into the tissue. All the furs should face one direction and shouldn’t be stacked too deeply. It is important to lay the fur as flat and straight as possible to prevent it from getting twisted up.

  1. Fold it like an Envelope

Secondly, fold the edges of the tissue up around the fur so that it looks like the side of an envelope. You should make sure to do this in such a way that the fur lays flat and smooth. Note the date and name of the pet on the tissue taped up for later reference.

  1. Place Envelope in a Bag

Make sure the little tissue envelope in which the preserved pet fur is placed is enclosed in a plastic bag that can be zipped closed to prevent moisture from getting to it.

  1. Don’t carry it around all the time.

Once you return home from the vet, remove your fur from your pockets or purse as soon as possible. The hair will become an unruly, unrecognizable ball of fluff if you let it roll around for a long time.

  1. Archive your pet’s fur

If possible, move all your pet’s fur to archival-type materials once it has been collected so that it has a safe place to rest. Using acid-free and lignin-free tissue paper, plastic archival bags, and keepsake boxes is the best way to preserve your loved one’s hair. The pH-neutral nature of these products preserves the natural color and texture of your pet’s fur and prevents it from deteriorating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to preserve hair clippings?

It is fine to put the hair lock in an archival box if you won’t be displaying it. Put the hair and tissue paper in an archival box after you lay it on the archival tissue paper.

Q: Do dog hairs last long?

During the catagen stage, growth ceases. During the telogen stage, the body rests. Your dog sheds its hair during the exogen stage. A dog’s growth phase can last anywhere between one month and one year.

Q: Do I have the option of keeping my dog’s hair?

To keep pet fur at bay, you’ll have to launder all bedding at least once a week since pet hair is likely to stick to quilts, comforters, pillows, and sheets. Make sure you regularly clean the lint screen in your dryer.


The pain of losing a pet dog is something every dog owner can relate to. There is no way for you to bring your dog, but you can keep the hair as a souvenir. To find out how to preserve dog hair, read this simple guide.

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