How to Get Dog Smell out of Blankets? Latest Guide 2024

how to get dog smell out of blankets

Pets are no longer just working companions. Now, they snuggle with us in bed as well as on the couch when we watch TV. As a result of all this personal time, our blankets will smell distinctive of dogs. Thus, we are going to tell you how to get the dog smell out of blankets in this article.

How to Get Dog Smell Out of Blankets? Top methods

If your pooch has a distinct blanket they lay on or nap on continuously, it’s possibly one of the stinking things in your house. Thus, how do you remove the dog odor from blankets? Frequently, one of the subsequent tips will work well:

  • Utilize vinegar
  • Consider baking soda
  • Utilize hydrogen peroxide
  • Use a specially formulated laundry cleanser
  • Add borax to the wash
  • Utilize a deodorizing spray
  • Go for dog shampoo
  • Pay for an ozone machine

1.      Routine Wash

It is necessary to wash the blankets and clean the dog’s bedding on a regular basis. Keeping these healthy habits will not only keep your house smelling fresh but will also keep it clean and hygienic. It prevents dangerous bacteria from gathering, which, in turn, keeps the dogs healthy.

2.      Wash with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Wash With Baking Soda The blanket can be soaked in a mixture of vinegar and cool water overnight to remove the urine smell. A chemical reaction occurs in the urine when vinegar is added to break down proteins and enzymes.

The next step is to allow a thorough washing to eliminate the odor-causing chemicals. As part of the vinegar soak, pour 2 cups of white vinegar into a gallon of water. Submerge the blanket overnight in the vinegar-and-water mixture.

Wash the blanket in the machine the next day. Be sure to add one cup of white vinegar to the washing machine as well. Baking soda neutralizes odors, just like vinegar, when used to clean blankets.

To get rid of urine odors, mix two cups of baking soda into your regular laundry detergent. Using this method may be necessary more than once for older urine stains and smells.

3.      Drying the blanket

It is universally agreed upon that the sun is incredibly beneficial when it comes to eliminating bad odors or germs. The blanket or other bedding of your dog should be hung in an open area where the sunlight can reach it.

Combined with the outdoor air, the sun can help freshen your bedding and neutralize stinky odors. You can either air dry directly after washing your clothes or after your washing machine has finished its drying cycle. When the blankets are air-dried in the backyard, they don’t take very long to dry.

4.      Call The Professionals

In the event none of the above methods work to eliminate the dog urine smell from a blanket, you will need to contact a professional. Due to their expertise and use of professional-grade cleaning products, commercial cleaners and dry cleaners might succeed where you haven’t. Let the professionals handle your blanket odor problem before you give up entirely.

Frequently ASKED Questions

Q: How to get the dog smell out of the blanket without washing?

Hanging non-washable fabrics out in the breeze can remove odors from them. Alternatively, you can put the perfumed garment in an open box of baking soda if you have a large, sealable plastic container or bag. The baking soda will absorb the odors from the garment if it is sealed for several days.

Q: How to get the dog smell out of fabric?

Add 14 cups of white vinegar to the garment if you wish to soak it in vinegar. Wash the garment normally after 30 minutes. This should eliminate the dog odor.

Q: How to make blankets smell good?

Make scented sachets and place them in the storage area. Insert lavender flowers or cinnamon sticks into them. Use dryer sheets between the blankets if you have them. Oils or anything that will not come out of the fabric should not be used on fabrics. Keep blankets dry when storing them.


Having a pet dog is undoubtedly one of the best things in life. People who love dogs can’t imagine life without them. Nevertheless, dogs can be very smelly because of the way they urinate.

Follow our instructions to learn how to remove dog smell from blankets. This will ensure that your blanket is free of dog odor.

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