Top 7 Best Brush for Bernese Mountain Dog in 2024 

Bernese Mountain Dogs seem elegant and superior with their tri-colored coat; however, their double coats aren’t the coolest to care for. You need a dog brush that will reach into your dog’s dense basecoat without harming the waterproof protective layer. The best brush for Bernese Mountain dog will do both, together with untying mats, gathering loose fur as well as dirt, and scattering the natural oils all over your dog’s fur to keep it waterproof, glossy, and in better health.

Selecting between deshedders, pin, plus slicker brushes can be problematic for new dog owners; thus, I compiled these best brushes for Bernese Mountain dog reviews to aid you to get started. These reviews will give you a good start in finding the ideal dog brush for your Bernese.

7 Best Brushes for Bernese Mountain Dogs: Best Reviews

Top Seller
Mighty Paw Grooming Rake


Mighty Paw Grooming Rake


Ergonomic handle
Prepared with stainless steel for additional durability
Two-in-one dematter and deshedder
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Best Seller
Hartz Groomers Combo Dog Brush


Hartz Groomer’s Combo Dog Brush


Ergonomic handle
Pin brush gets knots out of fur
Two-in-one desig
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Best Seller
Hartz Groomers DeShedding Brush


Hartz Groomer’s DeShedding Brush


No blades
Ergonomic handle
Intended to decrease shedding
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Best Seller
Mr Peanuts Gloves Grooming Deshedding


Mr Peanut’s Gloves Grooming & Deshedding


Prepared by soft rubber pins
Appropriate for all coat categories
It can be utilized on wet and dry coat
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Best Seller
Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush


Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush


Self-cleaning quality
Detangles hair
Anti-slip rubber handle
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Best Seller
Bass Brushes De matting Slicker Style Dog Brush


Bass Brushes De-matting Slicker Style Dog Brush


Three sizes available
Rubber grip
Metal bristles detangle fur
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Best seller
FURminator Hair Collection Brush


FURminator Hair Collection Brush


It can be utilized on pets, clothing, furniture, and carpets
Easy to clean
Appropriate for wet or dry fur
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1.      Mighty Paw Grooming Rake


Material:           Stainless steel

Dog Brush Type: Dematting rake

Features:            Ergonomic handle, dual-sided comb

The Mighty Paw Grooming Rake is made with stainless-steel blades and contains two sides; thus, you can untie mats and eliminate dead coat to thin out the dog’s fur. Made with metal, it’s hard-wearing and rust-resilient without creating dog pain once you use it. Its ergonomic handle also guarantees your comfort throughout lengthy grooming sessions.

Even though the comb is made to be utilized on all canines, it’s most suitable for long coats and double coats; because of this reason, it is the best overall dog brush for Bernese Mountain Dogs. 

Not like some other canine rakes, the Mighty Paw isn’t sharp to remove matted fur. However, it glides via looser tangles, and it might have trouble with stiffer knots.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Prepared with stainless steel for additional durability
  • Two-in-one dematter and deshedder
  • Obtainable in green or orange color


  • Doesn’t cut matted fur

2.     Hartz Groomer’s Combo Dog Brush


Material:        Stainless steel, plastic, nylon

Brush Type:   Bristle brush, Pin brush

Features:        Ergonomic handle, two-in-one brush

When we talk about dog supplies, brushes are comparatively inexpensive; however, some of the fancy choices can become pricey. Luckily, numerous options are budget-friendly, similar to the Hartz Groomer’s Combo Dog Brush. As per the best brush for Bernese Mountain Dog for the cash, it utilizes a double-sided strategy to combine a nylon hair brush with a stainless-steel pin brush.

Although the pin brush allows you to untie knotted hair deep in your canine’s coat, the soft bristle brush has a tendency to the health of their external coat by reallocating the natural oils. Like numerous other dog brush strategies, it contains an ergonomic handle. 


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Pin brush gets knots out of fur
  • Two-in-one design
  • Bristle brush reorganizes natural oils


  • Cheap structure

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3.     Hartz Groomer’s DeShedding Brush


Material:        Plastic

Brush Type:   Deshedder

Features:        Ergonomic handle, Micro comb, 

Even though it’s a little expensive, this brush uses a micro comb design deprived of blades to eradicate shed hair from your pooch’s fur. The comb is made with two rows to guarantee that as much loose hair is collected as possible, and the absence of blades means this brush is less expected to upset your dog. 

Both rows can go deep inside into thick double furs to decrease shedding. Besides, the brush handle is ergonomically made to guarantee that it’s relaxed for you to grasp. Mostly prepared of plastic, this deshedder doesn’t have metal and isn’t in danger of rusting. But the material is also less hard-wearing compared to most metal brushes.


  • No blades
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Intended to decrease shedding
  • Fit for double-coated canines


  • Not that sturdy

4.     Mr Peanut’s Gloves Grooming & Deshedding 


Material:        Silicone

Brush Type:   Grooming gloves

Features:        2 gloves

Brushes can be problematic to grasp and move through your Bernese Mountain Dog’s fur, which is where Mr Peanut’s Grooming Gloves surpass. They permit you to pet your pooch as normal even though they are eliminating loose coat and dirt from their fur. Prepared with silicone pins, the gloves perform with wet as well as dry fur. The design is appropriate for all kinds of dogs and cats.

Despite having a modifiable strap, therefore, one size fits all. Dog owners having smaller hands can find the gloves hard to wear and use.


  • Prepared by soft rubber pins
  • Appropriate for all coat categories
  • It can be utilized on wet and dry coat
  • Modifiable Velcro strap
  • Easy to clean


  • Gloves are much bigger for small hands

5.     Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush


Material:        Stainless steel and plastic

Brush Type:   Dematting rake

Features:        Anti-slip handle, self-cleaning, 

One of the nastiest things about grooming canines is cleaning the brush later. Slicker brushes are well-known for being hard to clean; because of this reason, Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is perfect. Unlike additional slicker brushes, this product contains a self-cleaning button that withdraws the bristles; thus, you can easily eliminate the coat and lint assembled on the brush.

Made for both dogs as well as cats, the metal bristles glide over fur and untie mats. The anti-slip handle is relaxed to hold throughout long grooming sessions to ease the strain on your hand.

Besides, metal bristles can be much sharp for some canines with skin sensitivities, and some pet owners get the self-cleaning button tough to use.


  • Self-cleaning quality
  • Detangles hair
  • Anti-slip rubber handle
  • Appropriate for multi-pet families


  • The self-cleaning button is hard to use
  • Metal bristles can be sharp

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6.     Bass Brushes De-matting Slicker Style Dog Brush


Material:        Metal alloy, rubber, and bamboo

Brush Type:   Slicker brush

Features:        Rubber grip, wood handle, and three sizes

Slicker brushes can detangle knots while grooming your dog. The Bass Brushes De-matting Slicker is available in 3 sizes. It contains a stylish bamboo handle that lets it more eco-friendly than plastic brushes, and it contains a rubber grip for ease.

The metal pins are prepared from the best alloy and are intended to ease through your canine’s fur, whether they grasp long or short coats. However, canines with delicate skin can find the bristles extra rough or sharp. A few dog owners have also discovered that this slicker brush breaks easily.


  • Three sizes available
  • Rubber grip
  • Metal bristles detangle fur
  • Designed for medium or long coats


  • Inexpensive construction

7.     FURminator Hair Collection Brush


Material:        Plastic, rubber

Brush Type:   Comb

Features:        Ergonomic handle, four-sided comb, 

The FURminator Hair Collection Brush is intended with a four-sided comb to find hard-to-reach spaces on your dog, furniture, as well as clothing. Prepared from plastic and hard-wearing silicone, it gathers fur by producing an electrostatic charge to grasp lint and hair when you brush your pooch’s fur.

Its rubber bristles won’t harm your canine and are calm to wash off with warm water. This dog brush is also appropriate for the wet or dry coat; thus, you can even groom your pooch straight after giving it a bath.

Some owners have found it more relaxed to use it to eradicate shed hair from fabric and mats than to groom their canines. For canines that shed more, like the Bernese, it can be a beneficial count to your grooming tools to have your furniture clean. But the rubber bristles aren’t perfect at untying matted fur.


  • It can be utilized on pets, clothing, furniture, and carpets
  • Easy to clean
  • Appropriate for wet or dry fur
  • Four-sided comb design


  • Occasionally more operative on furniture
  • Doesn’t untangle mats
  • divider-paw

Best Brushes for Bernese Mountain Dogs: Buying Guide

The type of dog brush that you utilize on your Bernese can make or break the grooming session. Numerous brushes are made for different coat types as well as lengths. Here’s an overview of the most common dog brushes; thus, you can understand what you require in your kit.

Bristle Brush

Once you think of dog brushes, you may think of ones having thick nylon bristles. These brushes look like shoe brushes. Although they’re not perfect for reaching your dog’s thick basecoat, bristle brushes are the perfect way to reorganize the natural oils defending your dog’s external layer of coat. They retain your dog’s fur shiny and are good at removing dirt and in the protective layer.

Deshedding rakes

Deshedding rakes look frightening for new dog groomers. They’re made to reach deep into the dog’s thick coats. Even though numerous options are sharp to cover twisted mats — and you must be cautious while utilizing them — they’re mainly intended to prevent injuring your canine when used appropriately.

Because of their capability to reach deep into a canine’s fur, deshedders are also one of the great selections if you need to eliminate loose hair from your dog’s coat.

Pin Brush

A comparatively small brush containing metal bristles, a pin brush frequently holds rounded pins. They’re also frequently paired with bristle brushes to save space in your Bernese grooming kits. Even though the bristles are farther apart than those on slicker brushes, they are still useful for eliminating dead coats.

Slicker Brush

Just like a pin brush with a wider brush head, a slicker brush contains metal pins. The pins are extra tightly packed compared to a pin brush; thus, it covers a bigger area. Similar to a pin brush, it aids in detangling tangled fur and is a better way to gather loose hair from your pooch’s coat. They’re frequently better appropriate for dogs having longer coats, similar to Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Things to consider before choosing the best brush for a Bernese Mountain dog

Now you know the different kinds of brushes, it’s time to choose which brush you want for your Bernese. For the best outcomes, utilize a bristle brush as well as a comb — just like a deshedder — that can reach deep into your Bernese coat. However, there are some other things to consider before selecting the right brush for your dog.


Brushes are one of the most reasonable supplies for keeping a dog. However, they can become pricey. Although getting an expensive, stylish brush with a smooth wooden handle and a modified carving can be alluring, it’ll be primarily unusable if it doesn’t efficiently untangle your dog’s hair.

Select a brush that you can pay for that will work to clean your Bernese fur.

Sensitive Skin

Your pooch might not have sensitive skin; however, it’s worth remembering when you’re buying a brush. Slicker brushes, such as, can be sharp and scratchy. It might be operative for eliminating as much loose hair as possible; however, your canine might dislike the feel of it contrary to their skin. A pin brush having rounded tips can be a calmer choice.

If you are new and a brush you purchased online is rough for your pooch, try visiting a pet store. You can examine the brushes accessible and better judge how uneven or soft the brush bristles are.


A Mountain Dog is a big breed, so you’ll need a brush that makes grooming easy. Although a small brush works best once they’re a pup, when fully mature, that tiny brush cannot be as operative at covering their whole coat.

You also have to pay consideration to the dimension of the bristles. If they’re extra short, you cannot reach deep into your dog’s coat to clear their base coat of loose hair and debris.

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How Frequently Should You Brush your Bernese?

Initially bred to drive cattle, guard livestock, and enroll dogs, the Mountain Dog is among the numerous working dog breeds. Because of this, they grew thick, double fur to keep them warm while working in the field. Their coats contain a dense, fluffy basecoat for insulation.

Their fur can make Bernese easier to groom with appropriate tools. Brushing your Mountain Dog at least once a week is a great way to ensure their coat doesn’t become matted and decrease shedding. You might need to groom them more frequently throughout the shedding seasons.


What type of brush do you use for your Bernese Mountain Dog?

A double-sided pin brush is important for any Bernese Mountain Dog as it’s a double-duty brush. The side with the pin bristles becomes deeper into the fur, untangling and eliminating hair. The soft bristle side levels the coat, allocating healthy, natural oils that retain hair nice as well as shiny.

Should you brush a pooch wet or dry?

When his coat is wet, your dog can be relatively painful, producing extra tangles and knots. Because of this reason, you must always brush canines before you bathe them; after that, let them dry naturally.

Final Verdict: Best Brush for Bernese Mountain Dog

Purchasing a dog brush ideal for your Mountain Dog’s thick fur can be challenging. Expectantly, these reviews familiarized you with ideal options, like our best, the Mighty Paw Grooming Rake. Made to reach deep into your canine’s basecoat, it’ll help eliminate loose fur and debris.

If you lack space in your grooming kit, then the Hartz Groomer’s Combo Brush is a two-in-one pin as well as a bristle brush. The Hartz Groomer’s Deshedding Dog Brush is our 3rd best choice for eliminating matted fur and loose hair.

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