When do Rottweilers start their period? [New]

when do Rottweilers start their heat period

A female Rottweiler becomes pregnant at six months of age; however, the most common is in nine months. Besides, they become sexually mature at 18 months. Thus, it is highly suggested not to breed Rottweilers or any other dog breed until after their second heat cycle. In this guide, we will discuss when do Rottweilers start their period and the heat cycle of Rottweiler.

When do Rottweilers start their period, and what are the Stages of the heat cycle in dogs

Dogs show heat two times a year based on the variety of dogs. There are four stages of the heat cycle. These stages have signs linked with physical, behavioral, physiological, and hormonal changes.


It is a heat cycle stage that occurs once the dog owners observe changes in their dog’s heat. This stage remains for 9 days. When this occurs, the female attracts the male dog. At this moment, the estrogen level is at its peak, and the follicles develop. In this stage, the male is welcoming the female dog.


This stage occurs when the female is receptive to the male, and it lasts for 9 days depending upon their behavioral signs. This stage occurs within 4-24 days. In this stage, the fertile period starts, and the vulva becomes enlarged.


This stage of the dog heat cycle lasts for around two months. In this stage, the female dog does not receptive to the male dog. Progesterone becomes high within 3-4 weeks of dietrus and becomes low when the dietrus ends.


This stage occurs in between the diestrus as well as proestrus. Anestrus lasts for 4 months. Here the vulva does not swell, and there is no symptom of virginal discharge. In this stage, the uterus prepares itself for the following pregnancy.

Signs of heat period in dogs

  • Swollen vulva
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Female Rottweiler might allow male Rottweilers to mount her.
  • Male Rottweilers lick their genital region
  • Female dogs become nervous in the heat.
  • Frequent urination

How to take care of Rottweilers in heat?

1.      Give Emotional Support

Your female Rottweiler dog will be quite in heat and need extra patience and affection. Rottweiler dogs are natural guards, but similar to other dogs, they will go to their owners for relaxation as well as protection from discomfort.

2.      Keep Your Female Rottweiler Safely Locked Up

Intact Rottweiler dogs will energetically find female. When they find the female dog, they can try to jump your barrier to get her. At this moment, a female dog will also be looking for a mate; thus, she can try pushing the fence when she finds a male dog.

Finally, when your female dog is in heat, you should be her bodyguard.

3.      Keep Your Female Dog On a Lead

If you want to take your Rottweiler out for a hangout, then you must keep her on a lead. You have to avoid the dog parks. To a certain extent, you have to keep your Rottweiler dog on a leash whenever she is on your lawn for a toilet break and selected exercise periods.

4.      Entertain Your Female Dog

All the additional hormones, as well as urges, will make her quite antsy during the heat cycle. Your dog will become obsessed with finding a mate. Therefore, you should entertain her. Besides, you can also give her additional exercise sessions if possible.

How Do You Keep your Rottweiler from Becoming Pregnant?

There are numerous steps you can consider to prevent your Rottweiler dog from getting pregnant. Even though spaying is an excellent course of action, you might have to wait or may need Crataegus laevigata to need to breed your pooch. The best thing to see is that there are a few steps you can consider to prevent an undesirable pregnancy.

Do not allow your female dog out unsupervised during the heat cycle. If your lawn is not restricted, keep your dog leashed or consider a kernel having a roof cover.

Restrict any intact males to an additional part of the house. Avoid taking her out through the area where the male is. Your vet can give your pooch an injection to stop her heat cycle. Even though this is not a solution you can use all the time, it can provide you some time till you can have your dog spayed.


Q: How long do Female Rottweilers have their heat period?

Heat generally lasts between 2 to 4 weeks. During the early phase of the cycle, a female dog might not be friendly to male dogs, even though some are approachable throughout the whole cycle.

Q: At what age do Rottweilers go into heat?

Rottweilers can stay up to two years before arriving in their first heat. Dogs show heat twice throughout the year or each six months based on the variety of dogs.

How often are female Rottweilers in heat?

A dog’s heat cycle only occurs once or twice in one year.


Caring for a female Rottweiler in heat needs more time than you think, particularly in the presence of other dogs. Rottweilers become mature in 18 months. They show heat two times a year. If you want to know what happens in the dog heat cycle and how to care for your four-legged friend throughout the heat, then this is your go-to guide.

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