Most Popular Labrador retriever Breeders Iowa 2024


The Labrador retriever is the most popular dog for more than 20 years in America. Adored for its outgoing personality, high spirit, approachable attitude, and muscular build, it is a multi-purpose dog that doubles as a hunting dog, a show dog, and a service dog.

For lovers of the Labrador in Iowa, there are many Labrador retriever breeders eager to sell you a Labrador puppy at an decided price.

You must be careful with the breeder you pick to buy your Labrador puppy from, because not all Lab breeders care for the health of the dog. Some dog breeders are puppy mills want to make rapid money off the pups.

Fortunately, this article helps you by giving a list of some of Labrador retriever breeders Iowa. These breeders are the best breeders that truly take care of the breed and have devoted their time and resources to creating quality family pets.

With that being said, let’s dive into it.

10 Best Labrador retriever Breeders Iowa 2024

1.     Iowa Pointing Labradors


Iowa Pointing Labradors is the first Lab breeder on our list. This breeder is approved by AKC and has dedicated more than 10 years to breeding and training Labrador retriever dogs to become outstanding hunting companions, ideal for upland hunting and retrieving of prey. Their canines are well-behaved, smart, and outgoing. They are situated at the heart of Knoxville Iowa.

Their puppies are grown in three different facilities in Iowa. These are puppy havens that are big enough for the pups to play and train, temperature controlled for the whole year, and are raised clean at all times.

The pups are kept on healthy puppy foods and are provided supplements to help increase their immunity. Iowa Pointing Labradors give training services such as click training, potty training, and some additional training.

The breeding line has been supported over the years with many AKC-registered sires and dams. They all hail from championed lines and have their pedigrees adorned with hunter champions to show competence. The sires as well as dams are health checked for hereditary health issues and are also OFA licensed for hips, elbows, and eyes.

Contact Details

OwnerTim Galeaazi
Breeder SinceMore than 20 years
LocationKnoxville, Iowa
Phone Number(515) 805-5927
FacebookIowa Pointing Labs

2.     CaveInn Labradors


With more than 20 years of experience in breeding top-quality, AKC registered Labs of fur colors charcoal, white, as well as champagne. CaveInn Labradors are in love with this breed. Their dogs make outstanding family and show dogs.

Their breeding program is quite inspiring as they assemble AKC champion Labs through comprehensive research and cautious selection. All their parent dogs are top-notch with inspiring dogs with equally extraordinary pedigrees. The dogs are comprehensively DNA tested for hereditary health problems and each is a licensed professional. Bottom of Form

The puppies are grown in a safe family-oriented situation where they get love and care during their stay at the breeding facility. They are kept in climate-controlled surroundings and are given high-quality food and supplements. They also like appropriate socialization with the family and people of many age groups and being introduced to puppy culture, additional sights, textures, as well as sounds.

Every Labrador comes with a health assurance, they are all AKC registered, microchipped, and get their complete vaccination records.

Contact Details

OwnerPenny Grey
Breeder SinceMore than 20 years
LocationCheyanne Ave, Iowa
Phone Number(641) 394-5067
Facebook CaveInn Labradors

3.     Hunters Point Kennels


One more breeder on our list that emphasises breeding hunting AKC-registered Labrador Retrievers that make outstanding pointing dogs. Hunters Point Kennels breed old-style English-type Labrador Retrievers with the fur of yellow, chocolate, as well as black. They have been breeding since 1992.

Their Labrador puppies are outstanding hunting dogs, and as such cleverness and health are the main focus of their breeding. All breeding dogs used are AKC hunt masters. They are well adorned and have the lineages to show it. They cooperate with other kennels to make sure that only the best is considered. Each parent dog is health checked for DNA flaws and each has their OFA as well as CERF certification.

The puppies are grown in a 9-acre kennel devoted to providing training and ease for each puppy. Each Labrador puppy is given high-quality food and is offered great supplements to make them strong.

Every Labrador puppy is AKC registered, they are appropriately checked by a certified vet and are given the desirable vaccination as well as deworming. They also hail with AKC microchips and have health assurances.

Contact Details

OwnerNate Hamblin
Breeder SinceMore than 30 years
LocationMarshalltown, Iowa
Phone Number(812) 216-4119
FacebookHunters Point Kennels

4.     Formaro Labradors


Created by Frank and Crystal Formaro, this breeder has been creating great quality Labrador puppies of standard fur colors since 1994. They breed splendid family dogs that are great service canines or therapy dogs because they are blessed with high brainpower and a warm, kind temperament.

The puppies are kept in the family house which is big enough for the pups to run and play. The puppies like appropriate food and supplements and are kept in clean environments. As part of the socialization procedure, they experience numerous stimulating practices within and outside the farm.

Their breeding line contains AKC-championed title canines with impressive lineages backing them. They attained this through cautiously researching and choosing each dog deliberated for the program. Part of the exploration done includes hereditarily testing each Labrador breeding parent for hereditary issues that could prove detrimental to the litter. Along with that, they are OFA as well as CERF certified for hips, elbows, plus eyes.

A 2-year health assurance comes with all Labrador puppies. They are fully vaccinated, dewormed, and AKC-registered.

Contact Details

OwnerFrank and Crystal Formaro
Breeder SinceOver 20 years
LocationIndianola, Iowa
Phone Number(515) 402-3029

5.     Shadowmyst Labradors


Established in 1991, the breeding facility is situated in the southeastern part of Iowa, mainly Oskaloosa. They are devoted to breeding Labrador puppies of superb quality, taking well-being, intelligence, and personality as the priority for their breeding program. Their Labrador puppies are of the three coat colors, yellow, black, as well as chocolate and they grow to become outstanding work and therapy canines.

Each Labrador puppy is grown in clean as well as safe kennels that are temperature-controlled to offer the puppies maximum coziness. Along with that, they are fed the best kibble and are kept on NuVet supplements. They are adored and cared for during their stay and they are well socialized.

All Labrador breeding sires and dams utilized in their breeding plan are cautiously selected after hours of broad research have been done. They also have their hips as well as elbows licensed by the OFA and have each experience an annual eye check through the Canine ERO.

Every Labrador puppy is AKC registered and leaves with a written health assurance. They are also dewormed and appropriately vaccinated

Contact Details

OwnerJulie A. McVay
Breeder SinceOver 30 years
LocationOskaloosa, Iowa
Phone Number(641) 673-5491
FacebookShadowmyst Labradors

6.     Iron Hill Retrievers


This is a family-run Labrador facility that is possessed by Chris, Ron, and Shredder. They have been breeding Labs for quite some time. In addition to being unbelievable family pets, a lot of their canines have grown up to be therapy as well as working dogs.

Their breeding program improves the Labrador Retriever’s breed truthfulness. Because of this reason, they guarantee that only the best in pedigree. All their parent dogs are hereditarily tested for health blemishes that are recognized to affect the Labrador breed. They are also licensed by OFA to keep good hips, elbows, as well as hearts and are licensed to have good eyes through a yearly inspection they go through.

Every Lab puppy from Iron Hill Retrievers is nurtured in a family-centered atmosphere that is kept clean and comfy. The puppies get much love and attention during their stay and they enjoy appropriate socialization with other pets and experiences.

Each puppy is AKC registered. They are inspected by a registered vet and each goes with a 2-year written health assurance. Along with that, they are well-dewormed and suitably vaccinated.

Contact Details

OwnerChris, Ron and Shredder
Breeder SinceOver 10 years
LocationDelmar, Iowa
Phone Number(563) 212-9609
FacebookIron Hill Retrievers

7.  Bayad Acres


Established in 2011, Bayad Acres is quite new once compared to other Lab breeders situated on this list, however, they have devoted themselves to their breeding program, creating good quality Labradors of the 3 standard fur colors.

All Labrador puppies are grown in their family house. The puppies are grown with care and consideration; they are given highly nourishing food and also supplements. Besides, they are well-socialized interact with different individuals and get exposure to several sights, sounds, as well as textures.

Their breeding program ensures that only they produce the best litter each year. All their breeding dogs come from championed lines. They are verified for genetic health issues and are each OFA as well as CERF certified.

Every puppy is AKC registered, goes with a two-year health assurance, has their dew claws removed at an early age and each holds their vaccination as well as deworming records updated.

Contact Details

Breeder SinceOver 10 years
LocationKnoxville, Iowa
Phone Number(641) 530-1050
WebsiteBayad Acres Labradors | Website
FacebookBayad Acres Labradors

8.     Bear Creek Labs


This breeder is a top-quality Labrador Retriever breeder of silver, black, chocolate, as well as yellow coat types. All their puppies are bred with excellent health, great personality, sound intelligence, and lovely confirmation. Making them the perfect family companions and wonderful working dogs.

Every Labrador puppy is grown in the family house, where they get complete love and attention during their time at the home. They are well presented with the essentials of the crate and potty training and all pups enjoy enough space for to run and play. The puppies are appropriately socialized because they are controlled by people of different ages and are introduced to numerous stimulating experiences.

They have a harsh breeding program that involves careful selection of all breeding dogs. The breeding dogs are picked depending on the desirable health and personality criteria and as such each goes through hereditary health testing. They are also certified by the OFO for having good hips, eyes, elbows, as well as hearts.

Every Labrador puppy is AKC registered, dewormed, and properly vaccinated.

Contact Details

Breeder SinceOver 7 years
LocationShellsburg, Iowa
Phone Number(319) 213-5374
FacebookBear Creek Labs

9.     Silver Family Farm Labs

Silver Family Farm Labs

Silver Farm Labs is a quality-based Lab breeding facility that produces silver, chocolate, black, yellow, as well as charcoal coat colors. The breeding facility was established by Todd and Stephanie Volz.

Every Labrador added to their breeding program must have been carefully screened before being selected. They each hail from decent heritages filled with AKC-backed, show, and hunt canines.

Every breeding dog is health tested by licensed experts for hereditary health issues that could be delivered to the Labrador litters. They have the required hips, elbows, plus heart certifications.

The puppies are grown in the family house where they are introduced to Early Neurological Stimulation. They are kept in comfy environments that are retained clean and temperature controlled. They are exposed to an extensive variety of textures, sights, as well as sounds and are each introduced to individuals and pets of several age groups.

Every puppy goes with a two-year health assurance that each Labrador puppy is free from hereditary health issues and is free from hip dysplasia.

Contact Details

OwnerTodd and Stephanie Volz
Breeder SinceOver 10 years
LocationElkhart, Iowa
Phone Number(515) 577-7192
FacebookSilver Family Farm Labs

10.  Dusty Road Labradors


Dusty Road Labradors are situated at Loess Hills in Iowa and have devoted quite a long part of their life to Labrador Retriever puppies which are outstanding work dogs, gun canines, show dogs, as well as service dogs.

Dust Road Labradors maintains the truthfulness of their Labrador line through a very wide-ranging and carefully selective procedure. All their dogs come from championed lineages and they have been given the title, “AKC breeders with HEART”. All dogs are genetically checked for conditions, such as PRA, HNPK, and EIC.

All the Labrador puppies are retained in the family house. They are fed high-quality food and are kept on the necessary supplements. They are adored and each enjoys appropriate socialization with other pets and nearby experiences, sights, textures, as well as sounds.

Every Labrador puppy is AKC registered. They are presented to early potty as well as crate training and go with its health assurances. They also have their complete vaccinations and dewormings.Dusty Road Labradors

Contact Details

OwnerMark and Janell O’Connor
Breeder SinceOver 10 years
LocationCrescent, Iowa
Phone Number(712) 328-2697
FacebookDusty Road Labradors


Who barks more golden retriever or Labrador retriever?

Although the two dog breeds both bark, the Labrador is recognized to bark slightly more rather than the Golden Retriever. But the right training as well as cues can help reduce and even eradicate these errant barking problems.

Do Labrador retrievers have hair or coat?

What makes Labradors prepared for even the most icy water is the double fur that they shed two times a year. The breed contains distinctive fur made of an external layer of dense and longer hairs and an underneath layer of soft fur that acts as a protecting layer.


Iowa Pointing Labradors is my top choice from the list of Labrador Retriever breeders Iowa. Their commitment to providing top-notch hunting and pointing Labs is quite admirable as they are keen on a specific niche.

Also, their Labrador puppies are appropriately hereditarily tested and each gets the best in socialization done by their Head Start Program.

Now, I suggest you do the same and continue your research before selecting any breeder. Ask suitable questions as they are certainly significant.

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