How to Stop Dog from Drinking too Fast? 4 Easy Tips

how to stop dog from drinking too fast

Dogs often have trouble drinking enough water. Other dog owners experience the opposite difficulty. Drinking too much water at once may seem harmless, but it can have several negative effects on your dog’s health. Here are some tips on how to stop dog from drinking too fast?

Best Tips to Prevent a Dog from Drinking Water Too Fast

Water consumption by dogs is sometimes difficult to estimate since they are messy and hit-and-miss drinkers. It is generally recommended to provide an ounce of fluid per pound of body weight per day.

Puppies, in general, drink more water than adults and active or lactating dogs may require more water. Your dog may be suffering from a health problem if he drinks too much. Consult your veterinarian before assuming your dog drinks excessively.

Has his food been evaluated by your veterinarian? Diets high in sodium or moisture cause dogs to drink more water. Consider your options to stop the dog from drinking too fast after addressing any medical issues.

1.      Water and food bowls on an elevated platform

Make sure your dog’s water and food bowls are elevated or positioned on a high surface. Dogs with long necks and heads that must reach down for water will benefit from this. Taking a drink against gravity is challenging for a dog when he stretches. The process requires forceful swallowing. Raise the water bowl to alleviate this problem.

2.      Limiting their water consumption

The cheapest method is to slow down the consumption of your dog’s water, although it is not always easy to do. It is necessary to give them water frequently when you give them small amounts of water. It will be extremely useful to people who spend a lot of time at home or who want to be able to keep an eye on their dogs. In cases in which your dog cannot be monitored daily for water intake, this method is not recommended.

3.      Ice Cubes

You can also put ice cubes in their water bowl, so they must pick out the water by fishing around them. He will drink slowly as he nudges the ice out of the way or catches it as it falls.

4.      Fill their water bowl with a large object

If you are still clueless about how to stop dogs from drinking too fast, we recommend using this “hands-off” technique. Most puppies between the sizes of medium and large will benefit from this treatment. You can put a baseball in the water bowl, or any other large object. This will force them to splash water on it.

Why Does Your Dog Drink Water Quickly?

Drinking water rapidly is natural for canines. But that doesn’t mean it’s a sensible move on their part. After drinking water too rapidly, dogs take in a considerable quantity of air into their gastrointestinal tract, which can show fatal for them ultimately.

What if you observe your dog drinking excessive water or drinking water at a quicker pace than normal? In this situation, it’s great to talk with your doctor, who can suitably analyze the root cause of amplified water drinking.

Some reasons might contain:

  • Your dog’s diet
  • Weather variations
  • Behavioral problems
  • Underlying health issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my dog drink her water so fast?

Your dog can develop excessive thirst or dehydration for several different reasons, including diarrhea, fever, infections, diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, kidney disease, and liver disease. Occasionally, however, excessive thirst in your dog is not caused by the condition itself, but by the medication, you are using to treat it.

Q: Do you know why my dog gulps water?

Diet generally affects how much water you consume. In addition to renal failure, diabetes mellitus, and Cushing’s disease, several diseases cause excess water intake and urine output. Dogs suffering from psychogenic polydipsia drink more than usual.

Q: Why does my dog drinks too fast and cough?

Nonetheless, if your canine pet gulps water too quickly, water will find its way into the breathing tract. A cough that appears as a gag is caused by the contraction of the airway muscles after the water passes through the epiglottis. Lungs are protected in this way.


It is easy and cheap to stop a dog from drinking too fast with these solutions. Taking these simple steps now can prevent your dog from suffering from serious problems in the future.

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