How to Stop Birds from Attacking My Cat? New Guide

how to stop birds from attackign my cat

Birds usually attack birds because the birds have nests nearby. The bird may also attack a cat if it perceives the cat as a threat to its territory. Eagles, hawks, and owls are some of the larger birds that eat cats. As a cat lover, you might wonder how to stop birds from attacking my cat?

How to Protect Cats from Birds Attack?

Every time someone steps foot out of the door, they dive-bomb and peck at humans and household animals, relentlessly pestering cats, dogs, and humans with loud threatening noises. Nearly always, birds that behave in this manner have a nest near them and are protecting their young. The problem will likely resolve itself when the baby birds leave the nest. To solve the problem of how to stop birds from attacking my cat, try these tricks:

Top 7 Tricks to stop birds from attacking your cat

1.      Identify the location

Determine where the bird harasses the cat the most often in the yard. Observe where the bird comes from and where it goes after each attack to pinpoint the location of the nest.

2.      Watch over pets

Your pet should always be kept in your sight. When hunting with larger animals nearby, birds are less likely to attack smaller creatures. You must be able to see your pet clearly from the air if there is no umbrella, canopy, or roof in your yard. Staying close to your pet in a large yard, park, or other open space is the best way to keep him or her safe.

3.      Have your pet

If your pets are outside unattended, provide them with a roofed enclosure or cage. By doing so, the pet will have the freedom to roam outdoors yet will be protected from aerial threats. Roofless ruins do not offer the same level of protection. As well as providing shade, roofs also keep pets safe from other threats.

4.      Don’t feed birds on the ground.

Put bird feeders where your cat won’t be able to reach them. Get rid of bird feeders altogether. It is best not to feed doves, quails, and other birds who feed on the ground.

5.      Scare Birds

The owl should be placed between the nest location and the area where the cat is typically attacked. In the minds of birds, plastic owls are predators they wish to avoid.

6.      Exercise Pets Together

Play with all your pets outdoors at once. When other animals are present, birds are less likely to attack. This is because they worry that the other animals may defend their companion or steal the kill.

7.      Train Pets

Ensure your pets don’t molest birds regardless of their size. The chances of a dog coming across a raptor are much greater when the animal chases birds. A dog or cat may see that as a threat when exploring nearby birds, even if it is just being playful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of bird attacks cats?

Small dogs and cats typically under 20 pounds are targeted by great horned owls, northern goshawks, and red-tailed hawks.

Q: Why do birds attack cats?

When a cat gets too close to a fledgling, birds will dive bomb it, knowing that cats are apex predators. A bird may attack a cat not hunting for no other reason than the predation it suffered in the past.

Q: Do birds chase cats?

A lot of animals are chased away by the birds, including cats, squirrels, and larger bird species. The birds sometimes work together to attack the cats. It seems as if there is always a guardian bird watching for the cat and attacking it who has no other job to do.


It is common for birds to guard their territory and attack cats. You must wonder how to stop birds from attacking my cat in such situations. All you need to do is follow the above tricks to protect your cat from birds.

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