Can Rottweilers Have Blue Eyes? 4 Ways

can Rottweilers have blue eyes

Can Rottweilers Have Blue Eyes? Just like any other trait in a pedigree dog similar to the Rottweiler, blue eyes can seem along with a color band. Numerous Rottweilers might have darker or brighter blue eyes too. In several cases, it might be difficult to govern if the eyes are blue or if they are dark. Besides, seeing Rottie having blue eyes will leave a long-term impression. 

Rottweilers already contain a red carpet-worthy appearance with their powerful builds and imposing presence. However, how does a Rottweiler, which usually includes brown eyes, results in blue eyes? This is correctly what we are going to know in this guide.

Can Rottweilers have blue eyes? (Briefly explained) 

It is rare to get a pure Rottweiler dog having blue eyes. But, just as it is infrequent does not mean it is impossible. Once you see a Rottweiler with blue eyes, there are some likelihoods to consider.

It is rare to get a purebred Rottweiler having blue eyes; yes, it is possible. Once you see a Rottweiler having blue eyes, there are some things to consider.

  • Rottweiler dogs having blue eyes are not a common view
  • Usually, a Rottweiler dog contains black to brown eyes.
  • German Rottweilers are the renowned breeds of Rottweilers.
  • Because of genetics or other breeding problems like red as well as blue Rottweiler eyes.

If you get this Rottweiler dog or have it as a pup, you must consider yourself one of the blessed people.  Kindly note that in some conditions, the blue-colored eyes can alter if:

  • The pooch is still a young pup, and several puppies are born along with blue eyes.  Once they become older, their eye color will alter.
  • The dog can be a hybrid who inbred blue eyes from the non-Rottweiler dam or sire.

If you have a blue-eyed Rottweiler dog, you are one of the blessed dog friends.  Take great care of this dog because they are rare.

How Does a Rottweiler Have Rare Blue Eyes?

To know how a Rottweiler who is thought to have dark eyes can acquire blue eyes instead, it is essential to have at least a basic hold of canine inheritances. Two central genes regulate all the colors you can see on your dog: skin, eyes, nose, and coat.


The primary gene is known as eumelanin. This gene codes for eyes, nose, as well as coat and creates black or numerous shades of black. This gene can only crate other shades in the dark spectrum once it acts together with additional genes to do this. Additional shades can comprise colors starting from light gray or blue to dark blue/black or simple black.


Another gene is the phaeomelanin which codes for skin color and creates red or numerous shades of red. Just like with eumelanin, this gene can only generate colors except for primary red when it acts with extra genes in the dog genome to create these colors.

Four Main Ways, a Dog, Can Get Blue Eyes

There are 4 basic ways a puppy can have blue eyes. Not all ways assumed to the Rottweiler dog breed; however, they might apply if the Rottie in question is really a hybrid or crossbreed that has been mixed with another dog breed that contains blue eyes, for example, the Siberian Husky.

Here are the 4 ways a Rottweiler can get blue eyes:

1.      The pooch contains a distinct gene that codes for blue eyes

Usually, the Rottweiler lacks this gene. But, the Siberian Husky does.

2.      The dog contains albinism.

Albinism is relatively rare, and dogs generally do not normally have full albinism. But, partial dog albinism is possible and can generate red, pink, and blue eyes.

3.      The dog contains the merle gene.

This gene is very controversial as it is associated with certain innate (genetic) health problems and with blue eyes. Merle genes can also generate heterochromia or two eye colors, for example, brown and blue. 

4.      The dog Contains an extensive ring of white color around the eyes.

Once this wide white ring takes place, it is also associated with a lack of pigment comparable to what happens in albinism. This consecutively can generate pink, red, or blue eyes.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do Rottweiler pups get blue eyes?

You will notice that the puppy gets blue eyes although both parents had brown-dark eyes. You recognize that blue eyes are not included in the CKC Rottweiler standard.

Q: What is the rarest Rottweiler color?

The rarest color of Rottweiler dogs is red-coated color. They lack the black saddle arrangement in their coat.

Q: Do pit bull dogs have blue eyes?

Yes, pit bulls can get blue eyes as pups. Indeed, most breeds have bright blue eyes that gradually get dark as they age. 


Keeping a Rottweiler puppy having blue is worth it. Blue-eyed Rottweilers are deliberated more attractive and have a great market value compared to those without the transformation. They are pretty rare, and individuals tend to want something exceptional. If you want this unique breed, go forward and do your study to find the perfect Rottweiler puppy for you!

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