How to Identify a Purebred Rottweiler Puppy? 3 Ways

how to Identify a Purebred Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweilers are faithful, affectionate, and smart dogs. Several people choose a purebred Rottweiler to have all of the qualities of their canine. But, it can be difficult for a new Rottweiler owner to differentiate the purity of the dog. Thus, how to identify a purebred Rottweiler puppy? Let’s dive into this…..

How to identify a purebred Rottweiler? 3 best ways to identify a Rottweiler 

Moreover, we will get through more features of pedigree Rotties. Pet stores and revenue-oriented breeders are notorious for trading mixed-breed puppies to fulfill the demands or enhance their earnings.

Mix bred canines are as gorgeous as other pure breeds. But, if you are particularly seeking a pedigree Rottweiler, you can do some things to evaluate the purity of your pup.

1.     Physical traits

Ears: A pedigree Rottweiler will always contain short and folded ears. If you observe that the pup’s ears stand straight, then it’s a mixed dog breed.

Coat: These dogs have short, dense fur that lays uniform on their bodies. Rottweiler puppies having a long coat are possibly mixed dog breed.

Color: Pure Rottweilers usually come in three color dissimilarities: Black and Tan, Mahogany, and Black & Rust. The additional 2 less common differences are solid red as well as solid blue. But, they are infrequent.

Nose: Rottweiler puppies contain a medium-length nose. Their nose is neither prolonged like German Shepherds nor insignificant like pugs.

Body structure: You should observe your Rottweiler’s body structure if he is an adult. Rotties contain a boxed face and a powerful body.

2.     Color markings

Several Rotties contain tan or rust color patterns on their black skin. Their paw, upper bodies, and face can see these color patterns. Containing these markings is a helpful indicator that your puppy is a pure Rottweiler.

3.     Behavior traits 

Rottweiler dogs are a working breed. These dogs are calm and self-assured. They are a brave breed. Frequently, they are not more friendly. They require some time to socialize with individuals. However, they won’t stay showing love to them when they do. They are rightly affectionate and loyal dogs.

In addition to that, being watchdogs, they can become defensive of their belongings or space. They are wonderful at protecting your family and you. These are some common personality features of Rottweilers. But, every dog contains a different character. Thus, identifying the pureness of the breed by their nature can be wrong.

Registration Paper

You must ask for a dog registration paper. Once the breeders keep pure-bred puppies, they don’t typically hold back on recording them in a Kennel Club. By recordkeeping the puppies, a breeder can demand much higher money.

Thus, if you need to be guaranteed the Rotties’ purity, request kennel papers from the breeder before buying the puppy.

DNA Test

The best method to be 100% sure about the purity of your Rottweiler puppy is a DNA test. You can get a DNA test kit for dogs at home, keep an eye on the instruction and then send it to the corporation, and you will obtain the results within a few days.


Q: How do you know if a Rottweiler is German or American?

German Rottweilers are usually more significant, having a broad head as well as docked tail. They are stronger even though American Rottweilers have a slenderer head and are less powerful compared to German Rottweilers.

Q: What does the ideal Rottweiler be like?

The perfect Rottweiler dog is a medium-large, healthy, and powerful, with clearly distinct rust patterns. 

Q: Are red Rottweiler puppies real?

Red Rottweilers obtain their coat pattern from a receding gene; because of this reason, it is a rare incidence. 

Final Thoughts

Although we don’t think breed purity matters, it derives from personal liking. One thing that matters a lot is how well-bred your Rottweiler is. Besides, professional breeders comprehend that the nature as well as Rottweiler temperament matter more than the prices. They breed two polite and equally tempered Rottweiler dogs; thus, the puppies acquire these qualities as well.

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