Why Does My Rottweiler Pant So Much? (8 Possible Causes)


If your Rottweiler dog has been panting so much, it is perhaps fairly concerning for you. This article helps you understand why do dogs pant and what you can do. Thus, why does my Rottweiler pant a lot? These dogs are large, so they usually pant more compared to other dogs. But, it might be due to being hot, terrified, sick, or a health issue. If it begins suddenly, you must take it to your vet.

There are several causes of why do dogs pant so much, and it could be due to several factors. But, there are numerous things you can ponder when trying to understand the exact reason.

Why does my Rottweiler pant a lot? 8 Causes

The different causes why do dogs pant a lot will come with numerous evidence in how it sorts out. Below, I am showing you several causes of a dog panting.

1.     Nature

2.     Your Rottweiler has heatstroke

When you and your Rottweiler dog have begun panting severely after going out in the sun for several hours, it could be as if it contains heatstroke. This will happen if it has been presenting other symptoms of heatstroke, for example, diarrhea, nausea, and seizures.

3.     It is excessively hot.

If the climate has become hot where your Rottweiler has been panting a lot than usual, it could be due to hot weather. Panting aids dogs cool down; thus, they will usually pant more once it gets hot. Besides, it would help to ensure your Rottweiler can go to a cool room, water, as well as shade. 

4.     Fear

It might be the situation that something is making your dog fearful or nervous. This would happen when it begins panting a lot at specific times, for example, when you go out or when there are sounds outside.

5.     Your dog has a heart-problem

The cause can be because of a heart problem. This would happen when it has been panting extra abruptly; it constantly pants once it shouldn’t be. When it has begun doing it unexpectedly, the best approach would be to consult with a vet for an inspection.

6.     Illness

It might also be that the disease is causing your dog to do dog panting more than normal. This will happen if it starts panting a lot and if your dog has been showing additional signs of disease or injury.

7.     Exercise

Rottweilers will naturally pant a lot after getting a workout. If your dog pants a lot after a workout, this would be common behavior as panting aids supply oxygen to all body muscles. It is significant to ensure that your Rottweiler dog can get exercise regularly.

8.     Excitement

Rottweilers will also start panting more once they are happy, and it might be the cause why do dogs pant a lot. This will occur if your dog does it more in conditions, for example, when you walk it or when you come home.

How do you know dog panting?

If your Rottweiler is panting severely for no recognized cause or panting after over-exercising and can’t discontinue, that is a good sign it is too much. Kindly pay consideration to your Rottweiler the next time you observe that he is extremely panting in a condition you feel should not be. 


Q: Is it normal that your Rottweiler pant so much?                                                   

Rottweilers who are worried will pant a lot, no matter the fever. When you rule out heat, then most probably, your dog is anxious about something.

Q: Why is my Rottweiler panting while resting?

Several dogs do pant once they face fear, nervousness, or stress. Notice your dog’s body language to conclude if your dog is showing symptoms of anxiety.


As I have discussed, numerous reasons clarify why do dogs pant frequently. However, if you feel your Rottie’s dog panting isn’t normal, you must consider what is happening with your dog and consult your veterinarian.

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