Are Rottweilers high energy? (Helpful Guide in 2024)

are Rottweilers high energy

Are Rottweilers high energy that they are tough to train? Or is this just lore caused by many dog owners who need a guard dog; however, they don’t know how their new Rottweiler puppy will be? Rottweilers are naturally high energy, which is normal for your working Rottie.

In this guide, we will discuss why Rottweilers can be high energy and what the specialists have to share about resolving this issue.

Are Rottweilers high energy? The truth regarding hyper behavior

Knowing the truth about Rottweilers and their hyper behavior begins by learning what the word “hyper” means. The term “hyper” means a level of continuous activity that is atypical. Thus, when a human or an animal is considered hyper or high energy, what this means is that something concerning the activity level is abnormal.

Hyper Vs Active Rottweiler Puppy

Puppies are indeed exuberant and active. However, this behavior is regular and is different from energetic behavior. Rottweiler puppies can jump for the happiness of jumping, play-bite as they are teething, bark only to listen to their voices, rip cushions separately out of boredom and take off everything as everything is new as well interesting.

Primarily, several Rottie puppy owners get these deeds cute. However, their Rottweiler becomes bigger, and robust and cute activities turn into unsafe behaviors. It is difficult to adore life with your pooch when behavior becomes an issue.

Several Rottie owners even feel dangerous around their own pooch simply as the dog hasn’t acknowledged the appropriate training earlier in life. Fortunately, encouraging dog training resolves these issues – and make no error about it. A high-energy dog can become out of control.

Several training procedures can be operative to eradicate hyperactivity you’re your Rottweiler puppy.

Why are Rottweilers high energy? 5 Reasons 

Rottweiler dogs require a long time to raise to maturity. If you are learning about your Rottweiler puppy for the first time, you might not yet understand that those gorgeous fluffy little dogs can easily grow to weigh around 135+ pounds.

Although Rottweilers, like several large and gigantic dog breeds, contain a shorter life of around 10 years, they can require three years to outgrow their initial life phase entirely.

This way, you can see puppyhood activities well into the Rottweiler puppy’s second or third year of life. Furthermore, when an adult Rottweiler shows behavior that is not a feature of this dog breed, it is essential to dig deeper and seek another reason that can cause your canine to act like this.

Rottweiler puppies grow up to get an adequate energy level with reasonable activity requirements. Rottweilers also contain naturally low barking predispositions and can bark once they think you have to know about any threat.

Therefore, you wouldn’t essentially guess an adult Rottweiler to act like a hyperactive dog with this breed outline.

1.      Your Rottweiler puppy is lonely.

The main thing to know about this breed is that they are strongly bonded to “their” owners. These dogs have to be a massive part of your life. If a Rottweiler puppy has been left alone or expelled to the outside regions of your home, this is a lonely dog. Besides, a lonely Rottweiler puppy is so glad to get its loved ones that hyperactivity is one possible result.

2.      Your Rottweiler dog is bored.

The Rottweiler is extremely intelligent. These puppies have the highest intelligence, as stated by a dog psychologist and almost 200 dog trainers. Thus, if a Rottweiler pup is not provided adequate mental and physical activity, encouragement, and awareness in their day, this will result in hyperactivity.

Additionally, a bored Rottweiler puppy is going to become a destructive Rottweiler as dullness will drive your pup to find something remarkable to do, even if it is excavating up your lawn or altering your den.

3.      Your Rottweiler dog isn’t getting adequate exercise.

Although Rottweilers in maturity doesn’t have to go uninterrupted to stay healthy similar to some working dogs, they require 1 to 2 hours of activity each day to burn off steam. The great approach to accomplish this is either to catch your pooch registered in canine exercises or to schedule a minimum of two to three stages of walks, jogs, activities, and play sessions.

This will make sure that rather than a hyperactive Rottweiler pup, you have a fatigued Rottweiler who is joyful to doze off on the sofa with you at night.

4.      Your Rottweiler dog is sick.

Dogs cannot tell their owners in words once they are suffering. They need to show you this behavior. Here are some reasons why health can aggravate hyperactivity in your Rottweiler of any age:

  • Thyroid ailment.
  • Vaccination side effects.
  • Medication side effects.
  • Food allergy
  • Interaction with a toxin.
  • Skin allergies or infections.

5.      Your Rottweiler dog is afraid.

To end with, if it looks like your Rottie contains random periods of high energy followed by phases of calm behavior, it might be that your pooch is afraid. Loud noises, weird people or animals, strange odors, weather occasions, and other events can cause periods of high energy that are directly associated with something awful in your dog’s surroundings.

How to stop your Rottweiler from being hyper?

Below are several options you have to get it to be calm.

Train it

To stop your Rottweiler from being hyper, you can provide it with training.

Begin with teaching your dog to do simple things, for example, to sit in a situation like the home to prevent it from external things. When you get it to do that, you can build up to teaching difficult things, for example, to come to you on order.

When you get your Rottweiler dog to listen to you in less diverting environments, you must build it up to coaching it to do the same in more challenging situations.

Give it exercise

It’s also significant to give your Rottweiler dog plenty of exercise to get it less hyperactive if it is mature. You might notice that walks alone aren’t sufficient for your high-energy dog, so you’ll have to find habits to wear it out yet more. One approach is to play fetch with your dog. By doing this, you can get your Rottweiler dog to do plenty of running in a short period that will be more expected to efficiently wear it out.

Don’t reward your Rottweiler the behavior

It’s significant not to inspire its hyperactivity. Thus, you should be cautious not to reward it once it is acting hyper. As an alternative, you can try overlooking your dog’s hyperactivity if you can, and afterward, reward it once it is well-mannered.

Keep it busy

You can also try distracting your Rottweiler’s consideration of things by giving it plenty of toys to play with.

Calming chews

You can purchase several chews that are made to calm your Rottweiler dog down.

Does Genetics Affect a Rottweiler’s Energy Levels?

Any particular dog’s genetics, or ancient background, is vital during the breeding procedure. By being careful about the dogs you are selecting for a dog breed, you can fortify specific qualities that you ask the breed to stay.

Instead, you can also breed missing traits and features that could be more satisfactory or select not to breed with canines with a bad past. This section states the historical makeup and important traits and features of the Rottweiler dog breed. By clarifying where the breed was invented from and important moments in its history, you can recognize why a typical Rottweiler dog might have a high energy level.

The Benefits of Having a Rottweiler Dog with Medium to High Energy Levels

There are several benefits of having your very own rottweiler, numerous of which I can show to. You will even think how you ever survived without one before. Since medium to high-energy canines, Rottweilers can make the ideal pet for active people.

If you train your dog from being a puppy, they can be very enduring with kids and will like playing with them throughout the day.

If you consider buying a Rottweiler due to its natural capability to guard and protect, its enormous energy resources will be beneficial. If you seek a dog to join you all day, you can be guaranteed to adopt a faithful and hard-working friend for years to come.

Frequently asked questions 

Q: Do Rottweilers have high energy?

Your Rottweiler’s energy level varies from couch potato to whirlwind. Ensure to tell the Rottweiler’s breeder what type of energy level suits. Reasonably active Rottweilers will appreciate around 10-20 minutes walk daily.

Q: Are Rottweilers lazy dogs?

They are not lazy, but they must be calm. Rottweilers have been bred to be calm so that they can be operative guardians of house and livestock.

Q: Are Rottweilers calm dogs?

The AKC Standard defines the Rottweiler dog as “a calm, self-assured, and brave with a confident detachment that does not give itself to abrupt and undiscriminating friendships.” Some Rottweilers are thoughtful dogs, whereas others are happy comics.


Now you recognize Rottweilers and have acquired the repute as being extra hyperactive canines. Having the right socialization as well as training and love, you can support your Rottweiler to live thankfully and peacefully with you.

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