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In the current world, once dog sports and breeding have become very viable, one can wonder what type of dog succeeded in being a designer pooch or not. The word “hybrid” or just “mix” of a dog can take even additional questions than answers. This guide will deal with the somewhat incomprehensible; however, still known Bernese Mountain dog Australian Shepherd mix

Mix breeds are fundamentally different breeds of canines who have had their genes joined to produce a singular dog with the characters of both their parents. Continue reading below to get more information about why these dogs are very distinct and why you must get them.

Overview of Bernese Mountain Dog Australian Shepherd Mix 

Group: Unidentified

Height: 20 to 25 inches

Weight: 60 to 90 pounds

Coat and Color: Lengthy coat that is somewhat silky. Colors can vary from Black and White complexions to Brown, Tan groupings, or even tri-colors in various cases.

Life Expectancy: 12 to 16 years

Temperament: Caring, loving, and keen to please.

Origin: Unidentified

The Australian Shepherd mixed with Bernese Mountain dog is one, if not one, among the more astrophysical mix breeds. They hold the Australian Shepherd, a steering type pooch, and Bernese Mountain dog puppy, a working canine, and a great protector making the mix of these 2 some of the most well-organized dog breeds.

Instead, these dogs might sometimes show qualities that can slightly vary from one of their ancestors as one gene can be more robust than the others. Their lengthy fur can also be somewhat hard to develop as it can shed more and is perhaps kept more to be groomed by an expert groomer.



While it is usually not recognized where the Australian Shepherd mixed with Bernese Mountain dog was bred, their parents’ past is indeed identified for those who need to get a clue of what the mixed breed of this canine has.

Australian Shepherd

Breed Overview:

Class: Herding

Height: 18 to 23 inches

Weight: 40 to 55 pounds

Coat and Color: Medium-length coat. Colors are Black, Red, Blue Merle & Red Merle, together with tri-colors that might comprise red colors or additional combinations.

Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years

Temperament: Focused on working and usually active

Origin: Western USA

In spite of being made for only herding, the Australian Shepherd is one of the best mate and family dogs who can be trusted to do a specific task without a flop. These herding dogs are usually great with kids and are smart to be considered police dogs!

Overall, these dogs are very capable and bodily agile; even though they might at times act lethargic, their fur will require grooming because they can shed a bit.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Breed Overview:

Class: Working

Height: 23 to 27.5 inches

Weight: 70 to 115 pounds

Coat and Color: Medium-sized coat. The colors might be Black, Rust and White. White and Black Tan.

Life Expectancy: 7 to 10 years

Temperament: Peaceful, dominating, and defensive

Origin: Switzerland

Berners are apt for their names, for these canines are bred to actively endure working in severe winters and usually have a frightening frame to start potential burglars. But, these working dogs will require a certain quantity of training to be an excellent watchdogs because they might often go on aloof to outsiders otherwise.



The character of Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with Australian Shepherd looks like both the Aussie and Berner, which means these canines are highly faithful, energetic, and outgoing. The mix of these two dogs will require training and exercise; otherwise, they will fall unhappy and become aggressive.

Else, these dogs are of the glad disposition; however, you will have to train them to be a little more violent with visitors if you are the kind of person to have a guard dog. Because these dogs grasp a parent that has its place in the herding group, you can imagine these mixed breed canines always seeking work to do because it will make them betrothed and glad; therefore, it is significant to give these canines a task to do.

Coat Color and Grooming

The Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with Australian Shepherd has a fur that looks like of their parents, which is a long fur with smooth texture as well as colors that can vary from even tri-colors to Black and White markings etc..…

Additionally, grooming of Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog mix will include some slight hardening; it is usually suggested to use a grooming brush to brush their fur neatly and moderately to try to decrease the shedding.

Feeding (Diet and Nutrition)

An Australian Shepherd mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog’s diet can be mixed and varied because of their different inheritance in terms of parents. If you are disorganized about which dog food to start, you can select to feed them cooked raw meat and additional raw foods until you attain a proper diet plan from a veterinarian.

Or else, you can pick to start feeding them dry kibbles; because these canines are medium-large in size, you must try to feed them twice daily along with a continuous water supply to keep your mixed dog hydrated. 

Common Health Problems 

Australian Shepherd mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog can frequently get some of the common health issues a purebred pooch faces. Some common health issues of Australian Shepherd mixed with Bernese Mountain dog can comprise:

  • Joint Dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye issues
  • Canine Bloat
  • Gum diseases

These are some common health problems faced by a Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with an Australian Shepherd. If you are inquisitive about other issues they might face, you will visit your veterinarian to discuss them.

Why You Should Own a Bernese mountain dog Australian Shepherd Mix?

This dog breed is highly adorable, and it’s not astonishing why people want to get a dog like this rather than others. The Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix contains many great personality features you would need.

Loving and always seeking your companion. These dogs always need you by their side, and if you like the company of a worthy friend, then you’ll relish being with this pooch.

Protective and Well-organized. Since they started as working dogs, you can conceive how good they are at herding livestock and protecting them from threats.

Great for people who have an active lifestyle. Active large dogs like this breed require constant attention, inspiration, and activity which is why you have to be able to give these activities.


What is a Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with an Australian Shepherd?

An Australian Shepherd mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog, also called Berner Aussie mix, and Aussie Bernese is a cross of Australian Shepherd plus a Bernese Mountain Dog. These dogs are large and spectacular that naturally get their parent breeds’ traits.

Are Australian Shepherd mixes good family dogs?

Their fun and true personalities and good appearance made them want to mix with additional purebred dogs after breeding. Besides, the Aussie is approachable, affectionate, family-oriented, and tremendously social. They are good family dogs.

Final Verdict 

An Australian Shepherd mixed with a Bernese Mountain dog can be hard to knob; however, it doesn’t mean they are not good. In contrast, because of their faithfulness and active behavior, these dogs will frequently improve the dry atmosphere of your home and make you happy.

Instead, it will be significant for you to verify to get these mixed dogs from only a trustworthy breeder accompanied by health documentation and all tests done to guarantee that these dogs are vigorous and do not have diseases. 

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