9 Best Reputable Labrador Retriever Breeders in Minnesota


If you are looking for Labrador retriever breeders in Minnesota, then you are at the right place. Also called Labs, Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dogs all over the United States.

They are very loving, high-spirited, and an excellent choice for individuals who want to adopt a mid-to-large-sized pooch. If you can fulfill the exercise requirements of a highly robust dog, a Lab can be your ideal companion dog.

However, they are not very appropriate for families having allergy worries. When you have determined that the Lab is your preferred pet, you will have a responsible breeder. Here’s a list of the best Labrador retriever Breeders in Minnesota.

Top 9 Labrador Retriever breeders in Minnesota

There are numerous backyard Labrador breeders out there marketing unhealthy puppies. It would be good if you didn’t consider them; thus, we are providing this well-researched list of trustworthy Labrador retriever breeders in Minnesota.

1.     PuppySpot’s Labrador Breeders in Minnesota

PuppySpots Labrador Breeders in Minnesota

Since you’re looking for Labrador breeders in Minnesota, I highly suggest checking out PuppySpot due to how well-organized it is. PuppySpot is a dog market filled with numerous trusted Lab breeders along with several other similar dog breeds.

The website team harshly screens all breeders on PuppySpot; thus, you can rest assured knowing that your Lab puppy will be carefully shipped to your home. Before you carry on searching for black Lab puppies for sale in Minnesota, click the link below.

PuppySpot Details

2.     Fieldstone Kennels 


Fieldstone Kennels is one of the better places to buy healthy English Labradors in Minnesota. They grow puppies with the best inheritances and give them the best attention possible. Here, you will buy English Chocolate Lab puppies and Black Lab Puppies for sale.

The team of Fieldstone Kennels spends a lot of their time with their Lab puppies, confirming that all chocolate Lab puppies are well-socialized. Furthermore, all their puppies experience Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS).

The breeder produces black Lab puppies for sale with the best health and temperament. So, they only choose AKC-registered breeding dogs. Thus, they can create high-quality chocolate Lab puppies for numerous different families.

The breeders make sure that all black Lab puppies for sale are vet-checked before they go to their homes. Puppies bought from Fieldstone Kennels are released with AKC-limited registration, up-to-date immunizations, and deworming.

They are microchipped and their nails are clipped. Your puppy will be socialized with cats, children, adults, and other dogs.

Fieldstone Kennels Details

3.    Danikk Labrador

Danikk Labrador

Situated in Lonsdale, Minnesota, Danikk Labradors creates dogs for show, hunting, as well as companionship. Dr. Fran Smith, DVM is the owner of this breeder.

With over 30 years of experience, Danikk Labrador might be the perfect place to find a healthy Lab in Minnesota. They focus on breeding three colors, for example, black, yellow, as well as chocolate. All the pups here are free from hereditary health problems such as elbow as well as hip dysplasia.

The breeder also guarantees that all canines are free of genetic eye difficulties. Danikk Labs are among the top-quality canines you will ever find in Minnesota. Before going to their homes, the dogs get all essential vaccinations as well as deworming.

All their Lab puppies come microchipped, nails removed, and well-socialized. Moreover, the team here ensures that a veterinarian visits the pups when they are up to 7 weeks old.

Dr. Fran Smith knows a lot regarding Labradors. Being the only certified reproductive expert in small animal practice has assisted her in being prominent in her field.

The Danikk line has created numerous champions. With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Fran Smith is devoted to improving this breed. If you want to adopt a Danikk Lab puppy, you must visit their website.

Danikk Labrador Details

4.     Whispering Pines Family Kennel LLC

Whispering Pines Family Kennel LLC

Whispering Pines Family Kennel is situated on a huge 60-acre farm in Minnesota. Here, you will find numerous different colors of Lab puppies, comprising Black, Yellow, Ivory, as well as Fox Red.

All the canines here are laid-back, stunning, and smart. Their personalities are pleasurable, and they have a full retrieving drive. This kennel is checked by the AKC, state, as well as county. The team here struggles to create outstanding Labradors with the preeminent hereditary lines.

They have a birthing room where all their puppies are born. All new pups are weighed and raised in this room for around two weeks. They move to the roomy nursery once the breeders have guaranteed that the mom is good and all the Lab puppies are raising well.

At Whispering Pines Family Kennel, Lab puppies are socialized well. The breeders carry all pups into their homes and introduce them to numerous noises, pheasant wings, games such as Fetch, as well as personality assessments.

All pups are also presented to the porta-kennel. They make loads of effort to socialise the pups early to make them well-attuned. Contact this Kennel now if they are the right breeder for you.


5.     KT British Labs

KT British Labs

Situated in Elbow Lake, KT British Labs is an excellent place to get a hunting companion or a perfect family pet. The Labs here are healthy, glad, and well-socialized. The team in this kennel aims to amaze you with the superiority of their dogs and outstanding customer service.

They perform well to keep all canines in top shape and train them good before sending them. Thus, if this is your preferred breeder, you must contact them now. They are always accessible and enthusiastic to talk about their loveable fur babies.

KT British Labs Details

6.     Northern Lights Labradors

Northern Lights Labradors

At Northern Lights Labradors, Lab puppies are bred to fulfil the AKC breed rules. Here, you will get dogs that are sound, smart, affectionate, calm, and keen to please.

They struggle to improve the Labrador breed. The team ensures that all breeding dogs are OFA-cleared for elbows as well as hips. Moreover, they do their best to eradicate possible genetic flaws like cardiac issues, epilepsy, allergies, and EIC. Therefore, you will find a healthy dog.

Northern Lights Labradors Details

7.     Loyal Labradors

Loyal Labradors

Loyal Labradors is situated in Mora, where they grow lovely, AKC-certified English Labrador pups. Their puppies become loyal and exceptional companions to their forever folks.

This breeder has an outstanding program for breeding English Labs. They only choose the best dogs for breeding. Like this, they guarantee that all their pups get an outstanding start in life.

Loyal Labradors give more than sufficient care for their pups, which is no wonder since they only create a few litters in a year. The team ensures that all their canines are health-verified and OFA-licensed. Your new Labrador puppy will leave this breeder with early experiences.

All the pups from this breeder grow into medical dogs, service dogs, winners of several kinds, and best friends. Thus, if this is your preferred breeder, you must contact them now to start your puppy adoption.

Loyal Labradors Details

8.     Canvasback Retrievers

Canvasback Retrievers

Canvasback Retrievers is recognized for breeding canines that are hereditarily sound and healthy. All the dogs are health-checked, paired, and cared for to become high-quality hunting companions.

All dogs are spectacular and a mix of hunt tests as well as show lines. They have the smartness and the energy to make an owner satisfied in the field, plus at home.

The people at Canvasback Retrievers raises all their pups inside their home. They struggle to provide numerous positive experiences for their dogs. Like this, the puppies can have a charming transition to their forever homes.

Canvasback Retrievers Details

9.     Welcomehomelabs


Welcome Home Labs is home to numerous adorable English Labradors of different colors. You will get colors, such as chocolate, yellow, as well as black with quality champion pedigree.

Their dogs are outstanding at therapy, service, competition, and working. The team emphases on personality, health, and giving quality care in an affectionate home atmosphere. Their home is situated 40 miles south of Duluth.

They take pride in creating high-quality English Lab puppies. All their pups are born and grown in their home. They screen the pups’ growth and health closely, relishing their activities from the first moments of their lives. 

Pups at Welcome Home Labs get more than sufficient family care, socialization, affection, and regular handling during the initial stages of their lives.

The breeders comprehend the significance of social and emotional growth in puppies. They introduce all their puppies to numerous different experiences because they help them become happy family dogs.

Welcomehomelabs Details


What is a red Lab?

Not a separate dog breed but an exceptional type of Labrador retriever because of its characteristic coat color. The deep mahogany-red hue is a standout; standard Labradors have black, yellow, and chocolate-colored furs. 


The Labrador retriever breed is popular. However, before you adopt a Labrador puppy, ensure it is suitable for your routine. Once you decide that this is the right pooch for you, you will require a breeder. Feel free to select from this list of Labrador retriever breeders in Minnesota.

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