How to Draw a Rottweiler? 16 Easy Steps

how to draw a Rottweiler

In this article regarding Rottweilers, you will learn how to draw a Rottweiler. Just in case you haven’t perceived, Rottweilers are loyal, honest, well-trained, and passionate dogs who have mild behavior. Rottweilers were formerly dogs raised to drive cows to market. Far along, they were utilized for pulling tumbrils for butchers.

How to draw a Rottweiler? Step by Step Guide

Step1: Draw 2 circles as guides for your Rottweiler’s body. These circles should not be perfect. They’re only guides. And, don’t place the spheres too far away, or else your dog will wind up too long. Besides, the circle on the left side must be around half the size of your first one and must be placed a bit lower.

Step 2: Draw a little square-like outline on the upper right side as a direction for your Rottweiler’s head. Create the corners of the square a little extra round. Besides, the lower-left crook should scuff the leading circle’s edge.

Step 3: Draw 2 interconnecting lines within the head to aid draw the Rottweiler’s facial features afterward.

Step 4: Then, draw a small sphere on the lower portion of the head as a guide for your Rottweiler’s muzzle.

Step 5: Draw a rectilinear line like a triangle on the left of your dog’s head as a guide for the ear.

Step 6: Then draw 4 lines under your Rottweiler’s body as guides for its legs. Stoop the lines close to the middle to show the joints and the tips of the feet. Pay consideration to the location and dimension of these lines.

Step 7: Draw a range of curved lines that join the main shapes to generate the Rottweiler’s body.

Step 8: Draw your Rottweiler’s eyes within the head by utilizing the lines as guides for location. The outline of the eyes is like footballs. Draw lightly initially to acquire the shape right. Then draw an arched line over each eye for your dog’s eyelids. After that, add a small line in its eye for the genuine eyeball. Draw a small circle inside both eyes to represent shine. Add a spot in each eye to represent pupils. Color the rest of your Rottweiler’s eye, excluding the small circle that signifies glare. 

Step 9: Then, draw the Rottweiler’s nose by first lightly sketching an oval. Then darken the upper and sides of the oval to provide the nose extra structure. Draw an arched line on top and a small vertical line at the end. Add 2 shaded circles in the mid for the nostrils. After that, draw several lines nearby the nostrils for further detail and blacken the remaining lines a bit extra.

Step 10: Draw the remaining Rottweiler’s muzzle by utilizing the first tiny circle as a guide. The mouth contains a wavy line below the nose. Observe that the ends of its mouth dash the sides of the little circle. Then draw the loose skin as well as the chin underneath the mouth using a range of curved lines. Utilize the right side of the primary circle as a guide to form the muzzle’s right side.

Step 11: Consider the triangle-like shape on your Rottweiler’s head to draw its left ear. Just darken the lines, plus make the shape curved. Draw one line on its right side for the ear.

Step 12: Consider the innovative square as a guide to draw the remaining Rottweiler’s head. The line slopes a bit in the central point at the top of its head and underneath the eye on the right side. Use fast, short strokes when you draw the lower part of the Rottweiler’s head for a fuzzy texture.

Step 13: Add more lines all over the Rottweiler’s face for additional detail. Add several lines amongst the eyes and an extended set of lines on the lowest left side for the jawline.

Step 14: Utilize the lines on the right side as guides to draw your Rottweiler’s front legs as well as feet. Lightly draw the shape of the primary leg as you follow the route of the line. Once you get the edifice right, just darken the lines. Then draw some curved lines at the last portion of the paw to draw the toes. After that, draw the anterior leg on the additional side by utilizing the other line as a direction. Draw it a similar way by lightly outlining the shape first and just darkening the lines once you achieve the structure right.

Step 15: Now utilize the other lines as directions to draw your Rottweiler’s rear legs using the same method. Follow the guide line as you sketch the front leg. The Rottweiler’s rear legs must be wider at the upper side than the interior legs. Draw its toes at the end of the foot. Draw the back leg on the other side, utilizing the last line as a direction. Just darken the lines that form the leg when you get the structure right.

Step 16: Use the leftover lines as guides to draw the remaining Rottweiler’s body. Draw some curved lines alongside the neck to show the folds of skin. These dogs have smooth furs; thus, use clean lines rather than the usual rapid, short strokes.

Furthermore, add some shading to the Rottweiler drawing to provide it with extra dimension and size. Pick the way of the light source once shading so that the shades are steady with it. Don’t worry about the shading if you want to add more value to the Rottweiler drawing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is it easy to draw a Rottweiler?

Drawing a Rottweiler is not difficult if you are an expert in drawing. 

Q: How much time do I need to draw a Rottweiler?

Rottweiler drawing depends upon your expertise. Usually, it will take around one-hour minimum to draw a Rottweiler dog. 

Q: What is the best way to draw a Rottweiler?

The best way to draw a Rottweiler is to watch the video given above before drawing it. In this way, it would become easy for you to draw your dog.


So, can add extra value during your Rottweiler drawing for more detail. The head is black except for lighter spots on the muzzle, above the eyes, and cheeks. Vary the force on your pencil to obtain different grades of tonal value. Besides, add the value by utilizing strokes that go in the common direction of your Rottweiler’s coat. 

Consider a lighter value on some parts of the body to signify the shine of the fur. The coat is also lighter on the neckline, chest, and the inner part of the legs. If you are a Rottweiler owner, try to match its pattern on your Rottweiler drawing. So, it will be a great idea to consider references. 

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