How to Annoy Your Cat? Latest Guide in 2022

how to annoy your cat

Despite their cute, furry, and cuddly appearance, domestic cats can be a full-on headache. Anyone who has owned one can relate. In the morning, they sit on your head, mewing for food, and don’t respond to your calls. Perhaps you are tired of these things and wondering how to annoy your cat?

How to Annoy Your Cat?

Cats also have preferences, just like people. Most people would agree that cats’ favorite things include cozy beds, soft laps, catnip, and toys. Since you intend to annoy your cat, you might wonder what might make your cat mad? But you don’t have to think about it. Here is a simple guide on how to annoy your cat.

  1. Another Cat

Some cats don’t like each other. The furry friends in our house can often be quite jealous and territorial! Pay attention to your new cat give him food and treats. This will make your cat annoyed.

  1. Loud Noises

Our feline friends dislike loud noises too. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these drowsy little creatures prefer their kingdoms nice and quiet, given that they spend almost two-thirds of their lives sleeping. Hence, you can irritate your cat with loud sounds like vacuum cleaners and loud music.

  1. Forced Affection

Their behavior is bizarre in this way. Cats may not mind affection when it’s on their terms, but they’re completely put off by it if it’s not. While he may have been asking for a pet all day long, he will lose all interest as soon as you pet him roughly.

  1. Car Rides

Once you take your pet to the veterinarian, you will realize how much they hate being in the car. It causes them anxiety and meowing. Your cat will need to travel to and from health checkups, but taking her on a car ride will also be annoying to her.

  1. Surprise

Cats hate cucumbers, as everyone knows. It may seem hilarious to watch your cat leap three feet in the air when she sees a cucumber. The cat will surely be annoyed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it easy for cats to get annoyed?

Getting frustrated with your cat occasionally is normal; however, if this is often happening, it might be good to do some sleuthing to find out why they feel this way so often.

Q: What sounds annoy cats?

When a cat forms a negative association with a sound, it can become fearful. Fireworks are not the only things that can frighten cats–tornadoes, loud bangs, and lawnmowers can also cause them distress.

Q: Are cats capable of forgiving abuse?

There is no grudge-holding among cats, and they are quick to forgive and forget one-off incidents. Keeping themselves alive is their top reason for forgiving human transgressions. If you provide a welcoming, comfortable environment for your cat, it will be easier for him.


So, this was a simple guide on how to annoy your cat. You can use any of the steps mentioned above to annoy your cat. The one thing to remember is that if you do these things repeatedly, your cat will start to dislike you, and you will just be abusing him or her. Occasionally you can do it to your cat, but not too often.



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