How Smart Is a Bernese mountain dog? (Latest Guide)

How Smart Is a Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are very adaptable working dogs that originate from the alpine farmlands of Switzerland. These dogs were raised to herd cattle, pull wagons, and act as protecting dogs and friends to their families. So, how smart is a Bernese mountain dog? These dogs are suited to obedience, chasing, herding, drawing competitions, and working on a farm, all because of their trainability as well as high intelligence.

How smart is a Bernese mountain dog? Answer revealed 

As stated by the famous canine psychologist Coren from the University of British Columbia, Bernese Mountain Dogs fecund 27th in intelligence out of around 138 dog breeds. This figure is because of their capability to listen, understand, and rapidly learn from their past blunders and know-how.

How to Measure Dog Intelligence?


Coren is mainly responsible for our method of measuring a minimum of one section of dog intelligence. This measures how quickly a Bernese mountain dog can learn. For his study, Coren reached out to North American intelligence trial judges. Nearly 200 judges answered and assessed the dog breeds, comprising the Bernese mountain dog.

The criteria comprised:

The reappearances it took to acquire a new command. The fewer commands, the greater the status of intelligence.

The achievement rate of obeying a recognized command on the initial try. A greater success rate means higher intelligence.

Not all canines made it to the last intelligence ranking. Coren limited his investigation to at least 100 retorts from the judges. He also concentrated on dog breeds formally renowned by the American Kennel Club and contributed to obedience trials.

Bernese mountain dog Intelligence

Your Bernese mountain dog does well in obedience judgments, which is how this dog performed extraordinarily in the Coren’s valuations. It ranked beyond 100 other dog breeds and learned a command in around 5 to 15 repetitions, which means that a Bernese mountain puppy can learn a new command in 60 minutes or so, much quicker than several other breeds.

Furthermore, Bernese Mountain Dogs can learn rapidly and remember what they learn. Bernese Mountain Dogs had around an 85% success rate for the following command on the initial attempt.

Obedience and Working Intelligence of Bernese Mountain Dog

“Obedience and working intelligence” are the capability of a dog to learn rapidly through obedience training and hold what it has grasped. Berners are incredibly fast at understanding the linking between a verbal command as well as the activities that should follow.

Because of their natural wish to please their owners, Berners are very helpful during training sessions. These dogs can master a new performance with just some repetitions. Be steady in your commands for good results, and only consider positive training approaches.

Despite their size, Bernese Mountain Dogs are delicate. Harsh or punitive training approaches can make them tenacious and indifferent to training.

Again, it is significant to start training as soon as Bernese turns four months old. Likewise, provide loads of mentally inspiring toys to retain your dog’s brain sharp. The quantity of effort and promise you to put into your canine’s training and psychological stimulation can govern whether it gets its full potential.

How Do Other Canines Rank?

The Bernese Mountain Dog shares a group with the Cocker Spaniel, Pomeranian, as well as Welsh Corgi. Or else, dogs of typical intelligence sit around two classes under the Bernese Mountain Dog. The typical dog requires approximately 25-40 duplications to learn new expertise, which is suggestively slower than the Bernese—at least 5 times quicker.

What about holding? The average canine breed will only follow a specific command on the first try with around a 50% success rate, as a minimum. However, this isn’t a bad proportion; it’s far underneath the 85% for the Bernese.


Do Bernese mountain dogs select one person?

Bernese mountain dogs are also very friendly as a breed; however not essentially with other dog breeds. The Bernese mountain dog will frequently select a preferred person, and then they will need to obtain daily consideration from that person.

Why do Bernese mountain dogs place their paws on you?

Your Bernese mountain dog loves being nearby you. However, occasionally physical interaction can mean above love, although Bernese Mountain Dogs adore being with you. Once your dog goes in among your legs, the bodily touch of your legs in contradiction to their body feels very safe.


Bernese Mountain Dogs are intelligent as well as obedient dogs. As ranch dogs are bred to do various jobs, they determine numerous facets of intelligence, including natural and adaptive intelligence. So, if you want to bring a Bernese mountain dog at home, ponder if you can keep a dog that’s more clever than you!

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