The 10 Best Cat Nail Clippers in 2024: Reviews & Buying Guide


Clipping your cat’s nails is an important task. For some cat owners, nail clipping is such a terrible activity that they ask the veterinarian to pay attention to it. For people who are fearless enough to trim their cats’ nails on their own, it’s significant to have the best tool. A perfect tool will speed up the procedure so that it’s ended before your feline even recognizes it. In this article, we have discussed the best cat nail clippers and a complete buying guide for you.

Cats intuitively love to scratch. It’s also significant to keep your cat’s nails at an average length, along with giving your cat lots of scratching posts and rubbing toys to fulfill her needs. However, cutting a cat’s nails can require a bit of practice, as it’s likely to hurt your feline if nail cutting isn’t handled appropriately.

We have investigated cat nail clippers, examining ergonomic, user-friendly, and one-handed products. These products will allow you to grasp your cat by modifying the nail clipping method. Besides, sharpness was a different priority, as cat nails are resonating and frequently brittle, letting them susceptible to crushing rather than cutting.

Here are the best cat nail clippers below.

Top 10 Best Cat Nail Clippers in 2024

Top Seller
Shiny Pet Nail Clippers

Shiny Pet Nail Clippers


Sharp blades for fast, clean cuts
Blade angle makes it easy to get where you’re clipping
It can be utilized on any small animal
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Best Seller
Casfuy Nail Grinder

Casfuy Nail Grinder


Ergonomic and relaxed to hold
Easy to move
It can be used on any small animal
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Best Seller
JW Gripsoft Cat Nail Clippers

JW Gripsoft Cat Nail Clippers


Sharp blades trim rapidly and cleanly
Easy to move
Good for small animals
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Best Seller
Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper

Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper


Sharp blades give a clean cut
You can also use them on other animals
The safety guard avoids overcutting
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Best Seller
Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers

Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers


Clippers are available with a four-year guarantee.
Easy to move
Great for small animals
15% of incomes are donated to charity
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Best Seller
JOFUYU Nail Clippers for Small Animals

JOFUYU Nail Clippers for Small Animals


Sharp blade for rapid, clean cuts
Available with a file
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Best Seller
HH Pets Cat Nail Clippers

H&H Pets Cat Nail Clippers


Easy to move
Sharp blades
Great for all small animals
15% of incomes are provided to animal rescue establishments
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Best Seller
Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer


Calm, non-slip grip
You can tight blades at home
You can use them on dogs
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Best Seller
Dremel 7300 Pet Nail Grinder

Dremel 7300 Pet Nail Grinder


It comes with extra bits
It can be used on several animals
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Best Seller
BOSHEL Nail Clippers

BOSHEL Nail Clippers


Available with a file in the handle
Blades are sharp, long-lasting, and cut cleanly
Also good for trimming dogs’ nails
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1.      Shiny Pet Nail Clippers


These nail clippers were made to be ergonomic and, consequently, are at ease to grip in your hands. Thus, they are also non-slip as well as lightweight. Several of these scissor-style nail clippers are designed too small to be at ease for big hands; however, Shiny has made their scissors with extensive openings to facilitate large hands.

These nail clippers were also designed to work for left-handed as well as right-handed individuals. Furthermore, the handles are created by plastic and rubber; unluckily, the plastic can generate a clicking sound while cutting. This can scare your feline, particularly if she is already unhappy with nail trimming.

Additionally, these nail clippers are very sharp and can cut your cat’s nail effortlessly without any rupture. Their blades are at around a 20-degree angle to get where you’re clipping. Similarly, these nail clippers have the ideal size for your cat and any small animal.

In addition, the Shiny cat nail clippers don’t contain any specific safety features as they are scissors. But, the angle of their blades makes them easy to get exactly where you’re trimming. Furthermore, they’re also slightly tight once we talk about opening and closing; therefore, the blades will remain in place till you’re ready to trim.


  • Sharp blades for fast, clean cuts
  • Blade angle makes it easy to get where you’re clipping
  • It can be utilized on any small animal


  • Plastic handles create sound while cutting, which can scare your cats

2.      Casfuy Nail Grinder


This product is ideal for nervous cat owners. It’s safe, operative, and has a protective cap. It is comfortable to grasp despite whether you are right-handed or left-handed. This is the perfect product if you wish to sneak attack your feline’s nails when she’s asleep.

Furthermore, this nail grinder contains a diamond drum, which causes a delicate but operative experience. Indeed, you can finish the cat’s nail clipping within a few minutes. You can utilize this cat nail grinder with or without the protective cap; however, the lid does not allow the tool to create a clipping sound.

Rather than cats, you can use this tool for any small animal. You can use it on dog nails. This nail grinder is relatively safe. However, its cap can aid prevent hair from becoming wrapped around.


  • Ergonomic and relaxed to hold
  • Easy to move
  • It can be used on any small animal


  • May require longer time for clipping the nails
  • Costly

3.      JW Gripsoft Cat Nail Clippers


These nail clippers are made up of steel. Regardless of being inexpensive, they contain sharp, high-quality blades and rubber handles that offer a comfortable, firm grip. The rubber grip is soft, comfy and prevents them from slipping in your hands.

These nail clippers are small, and individuals with big hands can find them challenging to use. If your feline hides the nail clippers, the bright yellow shade of the grips allows it easier to get. These clippers contain sharp blades that trim your cats’ nails speedily and cleanly.

Apart from cats, the JW clippers do well on small animals such as rabbits and chinchillas. However, they’re excessively small for several dogs, particularly for dogs with thicker nails. Yet, you can use them on toy breeds.

These nail cutters do not have safety features. But, it doesn’t mean that trimming your cat’s nails is a risky task. Get ready to read our guide on how to trim your cat’s nails safely.


  • Reasonable
  • Sharp blades trim rapidly and cleanly
  • Easy to move
  • Good for small animals


  • Too small for big hands
  • Don’t have safety features

4.      Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper


These nail clippers trim like a knife. You can hold them easily. They work on several animals and contain safety properties. The Epica nail clippers contain ridges and a rubber covering to give a firm, strong grip. It is at ease and easy to hold despite whether you have big or small hands. Likewise, both right and left-handed people can use them.

Sharp blades are highly significant for nail clippers, and this product definitely offers. The blades cut like a knife, which means you can end up cutting your cat’s nails rapidly. Additionally, the sharp blades do not require excessive pressure to go through the nail.

As these nail clippers are a plier-type, so they have locking blades as well as a safety guard. The guard on these nail clippers can sometimes become problematic to move, which can be controlled by undoing the bolt keeping it in place.

Thus, the complete design of the Epica Professional nail clipper makes it easy to get where you cut; therefore, you do not need to worry about trimming off extra nails rather than you planned.


  • Sharp blades give a clean cut
  • You can also use them on other animals
  • The safety guard avoids overcutting


  • The safety guard is unable to cover the whole opening behind the sharp blades
  • Safety guard might be tough to move

5.      Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers


At a reasonable price, these nail clippers do well on your cat’s claws. Besides, they are available with a four-year guarantee, and Pet Republique gives 15% of profits to charity. These nail clippers have rubber around the handles for a non-slip hold.

The general design is ergonomic and is easy to use. It is also great for right-handed and left-handed people. However comfortable for most, people having big hands can get their fingers feeling slightly squeezed in these scissors.

Pet Republique is very confident about the sharpness of the blades that they provide a four-year guarantee. They assure that their blades remain sharp for several years.

Because of its size, it wouldn’t be an ideal choice for a cat owner who needs to utilize it on a dog. Thus, it can work on toy breeds such as Chihuahuas; however, it overall does not work well on dogs. When we talk about small mammals, however, you can use this product on rabbits and guinea pigs. As these nail clippers are scissor-style, so they lack safety features. But, the blades are designed to be tight.


  • Clippers are available with a four-year guarantee.
  • Easy to move
  • Great for small animals
  • 15% of incomes are donated to charity


  • It might be uncomfortable to grip if you have big hands

6.      JOFUYU Nail Clippers for Small Animals


The blades of JOFUYU nail clippers are at a 20-degree angle; thus, it becomes easy to get where you cut. They’re controllable and are available with a nail file. Their handles are easy to grip and covered in a non-slip material to prevent any damage.

They are easily moveable, particularly if you have to use them quickly when your nervous cat suddenly pulls her paw away. Because of the size of these nail clippers, they might be uncomfortable in big hands. These nail clippers are great for right-handed as well as left-handed people.

Furthermore, the stainless steel blades are long-lasting and sharp. They offer a clean-cut without jerking on the cat’s nails. This product is also the right choice for large dog breeds. But, it will work for puppies as well as small dog breeds.

However, this product doesn’t contain locking blades or a protection guard; the maneuverability, as well as comfort of use, prevents accidents. Also, once the scissors are locked, the blades are unapproachable, though you can keep this out of range of children.


  • Sharp blade for rapid, clean cuts
  • Available with a file


  • It might be painful in big hands
  • Lifetime satisfaction promise is vague

7.      H&H Pets Cat Nail Clippers


These nail clippers have sharp blades that have a three-year guarantee. Likewise, H&H Pets gives 15% of revenues to animal rescue societies. The non-slip covering on the H&H Pets clippers delivers a secure grip.

Because of its ambidextrous design, H&H nail clippers will work for both right-handed and left-handed people. Like numerous nail scissors, individuals with large hands might find these nail clippers to be excessively small for them.

The blades have stainless steel material; thus, they are long-lasting and immune to oxidation. The sharp blades cut your cat’s nails rapidly; therefore, you can leave the nail clipping period safe. Your cat will get cleanly cut.

Besides, these nail clippers are best for all categories of small animals. As you can see, these are slightly small for dogs; however, you can use them on diminutive breeds such as pugs. Although these nail clippers lack any features, they are easy to move around on your cat’s paws.

H&H gives a three-year guarantee on this product. If you like helping animal rescues, at that time, you will be happy to see that around 15% of H&H’s proceeds are given to animal rescue societies.


  • Easy to move
  • Sharp blades
  • Great for all small animals
  • 15% of incomes are provided to animal rescue establishments


  • It might be excessively small for large hands

8.      Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer

The Safari nail clippers are sturdy because of their stainless steel blades and the whole design. Besides, they cut effectively and contain a safety-stop to stop over-trimming. This product contains rubber-coated handles to avoid a durable grip.

Although the design is normally comfortable, individuals with big hands might get the product to be slightly small and hence uncomfortable in hand. Safari also provides a larger size of this product.

Safari contains sharp stainless steel blades. Thus it gives a clean-cut without any splintering. Besides, blades are held together by a screw as well as a washer. Being plier-type clippers, these are best for cats and some dogs.

These nail clippers do not provide safety from your cat’s implacable claws during trimming; however, they contain a safety guard to avoid over-trimming. Furthermore, safety guards aren’t guaranteed, though; therefore, keep in mind to avoid removing the pink portion of your cat’s nail.


  • Calm, non-slip grip
  • You can tight blades at home
  • You can use them on dogs


  • The small size might feel uncomfortable in big hands
  • Safety guard moves easily

9.      Dremel 7300 Pet Nail Grinder


The Dremel grinder is available with additional bits. The 60-grit rubbing drum efficiently grinds down nails. Besides, the Dremel grinder contains a wholly plastic body having some texture to it. This product is lightweight; thus, while you might tire of holding your feline down, you won’t tire of grasping the Dremel.

In addition, this product does not have any cap. Several individuals do not use the cap in any case; however, it is good to have the choice. It does and comes with five additional bits. The bits are 60-grit drums that make rapid work of your feline’s nails.

Dremel forms several power tools, plus it is not infrequent for individuals to use some of Dremel’s additional rotary tools on cat’s nails. But, those tools cannot be used on animals as they are high-powered.

This type of tool, particularly designed for the pet, has retained the available speed choices at 6,000 as well as 13,000 RPM. In addition, these speeds can grind the nails quickly; however, they will not harm your pet.


  • It comes with extra bits
  • Lightweight
  • It can be used on several animals


  • Requires three hours to charge the battery
  • It doesn’t have a cap

10.  BOSHEL Nail Clippers


These nail clippers have excellent safety features. They also have a nail file present in the handle. Their grip is soft as well as non-slip to avoid accidents. However, the grip is generally slip-resistant.

Although you can use this tool on cats, it is slightly big. For several cats, the size can make it a bit tricky to move, particularly with a fastidious cat. If you choose a smaller tool, you can pick some of the scissor-type clippers in this list, similar to the Shiny Pet nail clippers.

Furthermore, the blades contain stainless steel material. Thus, they are sharp, sturdy, and resistant to rust. If you’re in search of something to consider on both a cat and a dog, do not look further.

The blades can be locked once not in use. They also contain a safety stop to aid you to prevent cutting the pink part of your cat’s nails.


  • Available with a file in the handle
  • Blades are sharp, long-lasting, and cut cleanly
  • Also good for trimming dogs’ nails


  • Big size can make it challenging to move around paws, particularly if your cat is nervous
  • Costly

How I select and test?

I wanted to try several nail clippers, such as scissors, pliers, guillotines, as well as grinders. These are the main categories of clippers. I tested features, for example, angled blades, LED light gears, safety protectors, and different grip ergonomics within all types. Lastly, I focused on numerous pricing levels. I tested these gears from below $10 to more than $30 per cat nail clipper to know if they were worth the cost or a steal.

I tried 10 cat nail clippers on my cat, Gob. He’s characteristically timid and afraid to cut his claws; thus, it’s frequently a two-person job; however, using some of these cat nail clippers made it probable to have a good and less worrying experience. I made notes of definite styles, sizes, safety problems, and blade and complete quality of the products.

Things to consider before buying cat nail clippers

Caring for felines not only means giving them feed and guaranteeing that they get adequate exercise. It also needs that you take on other maintenance chores: brushing your cat’s teeth, grooming coat, and clipping nails.
Cutting your cat’s nails is frequently considered one of the most horrible tasks of keeping a cat.

An otherwise quiet and adoring ball of fur can rapidly turn into a mocking animal having untrimmed, sharp nails. Getting the best nail clipper for your cat might not promise an easy cutting; however, it means that the work is done more rapidly with less anxiety for your feline and you.

Additionally, it can also avert you from trimming the quick and thus decreasing the fear your kitty shows on the subsequent claw-clipping day.

Sharp Blades

Think of cat nail clippers for your feline in the same way you choose razor blades for yourself. Dull blades can be easier on your wallet; however, they are also more possible to harm you and be more aching even though you’re using them.

Strong as well as sharp blades cut through the thickest nails rather than crushing them. Stainless steel is frequently a great material for this.


You have to fear nail clipping time if the item isn’t easy to use. You need to feel relaxed while you grasp the clippers and self-assured that they won’t slide because you work around all nails. Seek a design that fits in your hand very well, isn’t too heavy, and aids you in sustaining control.

Safety Guards

The quick your cat’s nail part changes into live flesh. If you’ve unintentionally cut down your pet’s nail quick, then you recognize that this can be very painful for them. It also injures your cat and makes her nervous every time you carry the clippers out. Safety guards make sure that you do not need to cut too far down and harm your valuable fur baby.

Locking Blades

Locking blades aren’t at all times a selling point for numerous pet owners; however, we think that they’re an excellent feature to have if you have plenty of kids around you. Locking the blades retains anybody who is touching the cat nail clippers from trimming themselves on accident. It also makes the clippers less important for more suitable storage.

As you know, there are some different kinds of nail care tools available on the market; thus, we will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each type first, and then important factors to consider before getting nail clippers.

Different types of cat nail clippers


Devices to cut your cat’s nails are available in several styles, such as pliers, scissors, guillotines, as well as grinders. The first three types cut your cat’s nails, while the last grinds the nails.

1.       Pliers

These nail clippers are just like the actual pliers. They’re usually easy to use, particularly for thicker nails; however, they might be difficult to utilize on smaller cat’s nails.

2.       Scissors

These nail clippers seem like small scissors. They are easy to use and cut where you want. But, these nail clippers frequently don’t work on thick cat’s nails, and they can be painful to use if you have big hands.

3.       Guillotine

Guillotines are nail clippers having a blade that arises when you crush the handle. Whereas their sharp blades can easily cut through your cat’s nails, they’re also tricky to use and can injure a squirming cat. For that reason, we’ve decided to leave guillotines off of our list.

4.       Grinders

These aren’t nail clippers; as an alternative, they’re electric-powered rotational files that grind the cat’s nails. Besides, they’re a great choice if you need to prevent trimming your cat’s quick. Thus, the noise of a grinder can disturb skittish cats.

Although the main purpose of each nail clipper is the same, but you must consider the following factors before purchasing your cat nail clippers.

Quality of the blade:

The most significant part of the nail clipper is the blade. It can become inadequate apart from how many extra features it might have if its blade is not good. It is also essential to make sure that the blade is rust-free. In addition, stainless steel blades are an outstanding choice.

A sharp blade can make trimming quickly, clean, and trouble-free, whereas a blunt blade may possibly cause damage to your cat or cause the claw to be crushed. So, it is better to consider a nail clipper whose blade is sharp.

The comfort of usage:

Cat nail clippers are also available in basic, decorative, and stylish models. Just as the fancier clippers are aesthetically attractive, do not purchase them. Instead, make sure you can use it appropriately. One must consider features, such as rubber grips to facilitate clipping at ease.

Safety features:

Although cat grooming may look comparatively easy with a well-behaved feline, there are several things that can go wrong. In addition, the common issue is once you cut close to the quick, then bleeding starts.

Therefore, to solve such scenarios, cat nail clippers have “quick guards” to avoid cutting the quick. Several individuals do not like such nail clippers because they think it does not trim the nails appropriately. But, it is recommended to use such nail clippers because they provide safety features, which are essential for your cat.


Some nail clippers are manual, and other ones are electronic. However, people have doubts about utilizing an electronic product to cut their cat’s nails. Electronic clippers are more desirable over manual ones because they make your work easy and safe for your cat’s nails.

Is declawing good for your cat?

Declawing is a common practice; however, cat owners became more educated about their cats. Three methods are usually used to declaw cats, such as amputation, tendonectomy, and laser surgery.

Declawing a cat is similar to cutting off a human’s fingers at the last protuberance. It serves no useful purpose to your cat and instead contains undesirable consequences. These consequences are a pain in the paws, disease, back pain, leg pain, and tissue loss. Several cats start to bite because they lack claws to protect themselves.

Besides, declawing changes the nature of your cat’s foot; it means the foot will encounter the earth differently. This causes continuous pain and back issues.

Can I use nail clippers for individuals on my cat?


Nail clippers for individuals can be utilized on cats given that they’re high-pitched,” says Dr. Bonk. “You’ll need to use a bigger size on bigger cats or for lengthier nails, as cat nails are profuse compared to a human’s nails, and little nail clippers cannot be large enough to appropriately handle them. Besides, scissor-type nail clippers might also be utilized to cut nails that have become thick and frizzed into a circle.”

How to tell when it’s time to trim cat’s nails?

When we talk about how often to cut cat nails, it depends on the single kitty and how fast the nails grow. “Paolillo says, Some felines use their nails in excess of others. Cats that utilize their nails for climbing may keep a shorter nail length.

If your cat’s nails are already short, do not trim them. As stated by Paolillo, here are some signs that they’re excessively long and/or annoy to your cat:

  • The nails are becoming caught on fabrics as well as furnishings in your home
  • The nails are scratching people living in your home
  • Your cat is chewing on their nails
  • You will hear a clicking sound once your cat walks on the hard floor

Can you sharpen the cat nail clippers?

A sharp trimming surface is significant in preventing cat nails from crumpling rather than cutting in the trimming procedure. Dull cat nail clippers will cause your cat’s nails to crash and fray instead of being trimmed easily. However, whether the cat nail clippers can be sharpened depends on what type of clipper you select, what tools you hold at home, and how calmly you utilize them.

Numerous cat nail clippers are made so that the trimming surfaces can be substituted or sharpened. For example, sharpening household scissors, you can bring them to an expert for sharpening, or if you’re relaxed and proficient, you can sharpen them at home.

Several detailed videos are accessible online to help you sharpen your cat’s nail clippers once they start to get dull. However, be careful if you want to sharpen them on your own because you can harm yourself if you don’t consider appropriate safety precautions.

What is the easiest method to cut cats’ nails?

Take your cat’s paw in your hand and utilize your thumb and pole finger to moderately press the top as well as the bottom of the cat’s paw on the joint behind the claw. This would make the claw extend; thus, you can rapidly but cautiously snip off the strident tip and no more.

Is it best to trim or grind cat nails?

Cat nail clippers are also a choice; however, you run the danger of cutting the ‘quick’ blood circulation inside the claw. Doing this causes loads of pain for your cat and possibly for you as well. A cat nail grinder is a much calmer and more natural substitute for declawing and safer rather than using cat nail clippers.


Q: Can we use nail grinders for cats?

A: Several nail grinders come with a device that polishes a cat’s nails and avoids rough ends. Thus, there won’t be any itching or tearing. It means nail grinders are the perfect substitute to nail clippers.

Q: How to trim a cat’s nails effectively?

A: Give treats when you lift and grasp your cat’s paw. Trim one nail and give a treat simultaneously. If your cat remains relaxed, then cut the second one while the feline is eating; if the cat remains relaxed, continue to trim all of your cat’s nails in one session.

Q: How frequently should you trim your cat’s nails?

A: A nail-clipping every 10 days to 2 weeks is suggested. When your cat refuses nail clipping, contact your veterinarian for help.

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The bottom line

Whether cutting your cat’s nails is a march or a walk onto a battleground, using a reliable tool is important. A perfect tool can make the method faster and more relaxed for you as well as your cat. In addition, you’ll save your money after doing it. Thus, having the right tool, you can become a nail-clipping professional.

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