Top 6 Best Dog Food in Pakistan 2024: Latest Reviews


Every best dog food in Pakistan would indeed be equal under perfect circumstances. So a wide range of alternatives for dog food is instead provided to dog owners, all of which claim to be the finest available on the market.

However, when you’re trying to discover a dog food brand that’s both nutritious and economical, it’s easy to become incredulous by all of the options. So we’ve put up a list of professional ideas to help to narrow down your choices.

Dry kibble or tinned wet food is the most common kind of dog food given to most people. If you don’t like the taste of processed food, don’t worry; your dog will be quite fine eating it. Professional veterinarian testing is required for all high-quality commercial dog meals. So, what are the ingredients in these dog foods?

Dogs are not strictly carnivores, unlike cats. Domestic dogs can get nutrition from various sources, including meat, cereals, fruits, and vegetables. They aren’t only fillers but may provide critical nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Meat, veggies, grains, and fruits are all components of a nutritious dog diet. High-quality variants of these substances are included in the finest dog meals.

Top 6 Best Dog Food in Pakistan in 2024

Best Seller
Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food


Contains no more than ten components.
In a variety of tastes.
Veterinarian nutritionists came up with the formula.
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Best Seller
Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food


Highly protein diet.
Organic food.
Best food for healthy teeth and eyes
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Best Seller
Purina Pro Plan Senior 7 Dry Wet Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Senior 7+ Dry & Wet Dog Food


There are options for a wide variety of canines.
Scientifically and nutritionally formulated.
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Best Seller
ORIJEN Dry Dog Food

ORIJEN Dry Dog Food


Breed-specific selections are available.
Scientifically and nutritionally formulated.
Most dogs like the taste.
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Best Seller
Merrick Grain Free Canned Wet Dog Food

Merrick Grain-Free Canned Wet Dog Food


It contains no more than ten components.
High-quality real meat flavors
Variety of flavors to choose from
Veterinarian nutritionists came up with the formula.
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Best Seller
Bil Jac Dry Dog Food

Bil-Jac Dry Dog Food


Flavorful with a silky mouthfeel
Small, medium, and large dog formulas are available.
Chicken is the main constituent in this recipe.
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1.      Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

Taste-of-the-Wild-Dry-Dog- Food

When it comes to dry dog food, Taste of the Wild has nine distinct formulas, including one for pups and another for tiny breeds. In contrast, each of the other six recipes has been designed to meet the nutritional requirements of adult dogs.

The first ingredient in the taste of the Wild dry dog food is always real meat, regardless of the formula you pick. Duck, duck food, chickens meal, potatoes, and peas are among the first five items in the Wetland Canine Recipe.

And if your dog has a preference for a certain taste of kibble, you may choose from a variety of options (e.g., roasted fowl, wild boar, smoked salmon, etc.). Something is sure to please them.

The quantity of food you should feed your dog daily might vary depending on your dog’s activity level and the recommendations in the feeding guide. Your veterinarian can help you determine a suitable weight for your pet and alter the quantity of food they are fed.

Product review

There are some comments from customers who have tried the wild dry dog food. I’m going to have to eat this all by myself!! And his dog was a picky eater. NO MORE!!!!!! I see why he enjoys it so much. It was a great experience.


  • Contains no more than ten components.
  • In a variety of tastes.
  • Veterinarian nutritionists came up with the formula.


  • Expensive

2.      Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food

Wellness-Complete-Health-Dry Dog-Food

The Whole Body’s Well-Being Wellness’ dry puppy food is formulated to promote your puppy’s growth. The initial component in this cuisine is deboned chicken, followed by oats, ground barley, and peas.

Wellness’s All-In-One Health Plan Salmon, seafood oil, and tomatoes are also used in puppy food. DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid essential for the development of the brain and eyes, may be found in salmon oil; tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C.

Besides these nutrients, this puppy chow contains calcium and phosphorus for skeletal growth, vitamin A for healthy teeth and eyes, and omega fatty acids for skin health, and a shiny, gleaming coat.

There are also many alternatives for adult dogs at Wellness, including grain-free, big and small-breed varieties. Keeping your puppy on the same food brand as they become older is also an option.

Product Review

He noted that the pup grew gassy and had looser feces after two weeks of shifting off the breeder’s chow. The pup had terrible diarrhea and would squat in the yard continually once he finally transitioned 100 percent. He had no worms or parasites when I took him to the vet. In addition to a ten-day probiotic, reintroduce him to the breeder’s chow. He tried to contact Wellness but received no answer. With the soft puppy bites he ordered, he still has an unopened bag. In the end, I’m not going to buy or try this product again.


  • Highly protein diet.
  • Organic food.
  • Best food for healthy teeth and eyes


  • Expensive.
  • It might be dental issues.

3.      Purina Pro Plan Senior 7+ Dry & Wet Dog Food

Purina-Pro-Plan-Senior-7+-Dry-&-Wet- Dog-Food

Elderly dogs may benefit from a diet that encourages their health as they become older, just as puppies require nutrition to help them grow up healthy. Adult 7+ Bright Mind Chicken and Rice Formula is a dry meal developed to help older dogs maintain their alertness and mental acuity.

As a supplement to your daily diet, this meal is packed with brain-boosting nutrients like DHA and EPA omega-3 acids, as well as antioxidants, B vitamins, and Arginine. Additionally, it contains glucosamine, which is excellent for supporting joint health and flexibility in older dogs.

After poultry by-product meals, rice, and whole-grain maize, chicken is the first component in Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind dry dog food. Vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids in this Purina formula also help to keep your dog’s skin and hair healthy.

Purina’s Bright Mind senior dog food is also available in wet food, big breed formula, and small dog formula. However, this is the standard formulation.

Product Review

Decker, a 12-year-old decker gigantic rat terrier, had begun to thin down and her coat had dulled, as well as being less energetic. She was, in general, a mess. Her diet consisted of a high-quality dried meal that he mixed with water and fed her. A commercial for this prompted him to give it a try.

Previously, he would never have purchased this kind of food, but the many positive reviews swayed him. After a few weeks, he was able to bring back my beloved dog. She’s put on weight, she’s glowing, and she’s showing more interest in talking to us. When we talk about feeding your dog, he strongly recommends this product.


  • Cost-effective
  • There are options for a wide variety of canines.
  • Scientifically and nutritionally formulated.


  • Ingredients quality isn’t the best.

4.      ORIJEN Dry Dog Food

ORIJEN-Dry-Dog- Food

Orijen’s Original formula comprises 85 percent high-quality animal components, two-thirds of those are fresh or raw chicken, and fish is one of the best dry dog food alternatives available. High-protein dog food is meant to “match the nutrition your dog would consume in nature.”

Chicken, turkey, flounder, enclosure eggs, mackerel, and herring are among the six animal components in the Orijen Original formula. It begins with deboned chicken, which is proceeded by deboned turkey and Atlantic flounder in this formula. The freeze-dried liver adds an extra layer of taste to your dog’s meal.

Despite the absence of animal meals, Orijen’s Original dry dog food is rich in vitamins and minerals thanks to its high-quality ingredients (as well as protein). Probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids may all be found in this diet.

Product review

Due to current circumstances, he wanted to ensure some of the products he regularly buys in the shop. It was delivered on time since the final bag was completed an hour barely before the delivery. He’s been feeding his 13-year-old dog this brand and flavor, and he’s still puppy-like in spirit as he ages.


  • Breed-specific selections are available.
  • Scientifically and nutritionally formulated.
  • Most dogs like the taste.


  • Formulas may be costly.

5.      Merrick Grain-Free Canned Wet Dog Food


There are 33 different Merrick’s Grain-Free wet dog food recipes to choose from, including two just for pups. Although these recipes are diverse from the traditional “genuine chicken dinner” to the more fun and innovative “sweater weather supper seasonal dish,” these recipes are diverse.

However, all of these wet food alternatives are grain-free and created using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, regardless of the recipe. It’s 96 percent protein from animal foods, with chicken as the first component in the recipe for a simple chicken meal, for example. Likewise, vitamins and minerals for dogs are provided by including chicken broth, chicken liver, salmon oil, and other components in this wet meal.

This Merrick Grain-Free wet dog food also contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or by-products. Other grain-free Merrick wet food alternatives are wonderful as an addition to kibble or as an option for dogs that dislike or cannot consume dry food. Of course, the detailed ingredient list may vary dependent on the recipe.

Product review

We mix a tiny amount of this wet dog food into a bowl of dry dog food, microwave it for 15 seconds, then stir it in with a spoon, and our dog loves it. It’s convenient to be able to purchase in bulk, and the pricing is reasonable. If it’s available, we’ll switch to prescription.


  • It contains no more than ten components.
  • High-quality real meat flavors
  • Variety of flavors to choose from
  • Veterinarian nutritionists came up with the formula.


  • Expensive

6.      Bil-Jac Dry Dog Food


Isn’t regular kibble appealing to your dog? Try giving him Bil-Jac instead, which has a special soft recipe that many dogs seem to like. In addition to dry and wet food, the company also produces frozen food and a range of goods dubbed Picky No More for dogs with certain dietary needs.

Small, medium and big breed dog food formulae are available from Bil-Jac and puppy and senior feeds. By slow-cooking its ingredients over a long period, Bil-Jac says that it improves the flavor of its cuisine.

Fresh chicken is a popular initial component in many Bil-Jac dog diets, which pet owners and AAFCO standards make the food.

Product Review

Having discovered a dog food that works, she is overjoyed. Because of her delicate stomach and inability to chew dry food on its own, my Shih Tzu refuses to eat it at all. However, it is her favorite food, and she’ll eat it all without any further persuasion.

It was completely pain-free for me. It is the best dog chow out there. It was well worth the money since he wouldn’t have to waste food anymore. A reputable business. US-based manufacturing.


  • Flavorful with a silky mouthfeel
  • Small, medium, and large dog formulas are available.
  • Chicken is the main constituent in this recipe.


  • It’s unclear whether the company employs a veterinary nutritionist or not.

Factors to consider before purchasing the best dog food in Pakistan

Comparing dog food companies and finding the best diet for your pet may be a daunting task. The following are some points to remember:

1.      Nutrients:

The fact that dogs are not purely carnivores, in contrast to felines, implies that they may benefit from a variety of high-quality components in addition to protein. These components are also good providers of minerals, vitamins, and fiber.

2.      The brand of dog food:

AAFCO or The Association of American Feed Control Officials Canine Nutrition Expert Subcommittee has defined minimum nutritional criteria for dogs. Following these guidelines is required of dog food producers while creating their goods.

Dog food with the AAFCO nutritional assurance on the label is guaranteed to be complete and balanced in terms of nutrition.

3.      Preferences

Dog owners may have preferences for giving their pets fresh food or kibble, or even raw food. You may find that your dog prefers venison or beef but doesn’t enjoy salmon, for example.

Additionally, you may give your dog either kibble, wet food, or a combination of the two. Senior dogs with sensitive teeth may benefit from eating wet dog food.

All of these are things to keep in mind when comparing dog food companies.

4.      Health concerns:

Your dog may have a specific health issue, such as a sensitive stomach, that necessitates the use of a certain kind of food. These formulations are available in various flavors, forms, and price ranges from several different dog food manufacturers.

When everything else fails, you may always talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s food. With the guidance of your veterinarian, you may learn more about your dog’s nutritional requirements and pick a diet that fulfills those needs.

5. Considering the Feeding Timetable

Determining the appropriate dog food relies on how frequently you feed your dog. If your pooch has digestive problems, setting the accurate time is relatively significant. Selecting the right time for your pooch’s meal also relies on their liking. Some canines like to eat their meal before going for a walk, whereas others choose it afterward.

Numerous veterinarians recommend feeding your dog often to prevent overdosing at one time. Although healthy dogs don’t have to follow any grueling schedule, sick and mature dogs should follow a timetable to stop bloating and other gastrointestinal issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of the Science diet according to veterinarians?

A: Transitioning pets to Hill’s Science or Prescription Diet products have been shown to enhance health at the vet’s office. Wouldn’t you say that’s some pretty strong evidence? But, unluckily, it takes a few weeks for blood results to improve following a change in food for an animal with an ailment.

Q: Should I feed my dog a variety of brands?

A: We encourage sticking with one kind of food at Lakeside Animal Hospital since changing it too often might cause gastrointestinal irritation,” explains Dr. Frione, the veterinarian who runs the practice.

In addition, the dog food you’re feeding your pet may not be providing your dog with all the nutrients they need. In this case, you must ask your veterinarian about moving to a new food or supplementing your dog’s diet.


Your dog’s health and well-being are ultimately dependent on the food you provide him. As the dog’s owner, you are the only one who gets to spend time with him regularly. Your dog’s bowel movements should be firm and healthy, they should be active and fit, and they should be eating a good diet.

You may rely on the advice of your veterinarian at this time. In addition, they have access to information and resources that the common pet owner does not have. With your vet’s advice, you can limit your food selections and get answers to any concerns you may have regarding your dog’s diet.

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