Horse Riding Lessons: Learn How to Ride a Horse Like a Pro

Horse riding lessons

Horse Riding Lessons | There is nothing more enjoyable than riding a horse. It is important to practice and gain experience before you ride horses. Check out our best horse riding lessons if you want to learn how to ride a horse like a pro.

It is no longer feasible to interact with horses regularly, as it was centuries ago. Recent years have seen a surge in interest in horseback riding, but only a few people can access it.

However, if you are among these lucky people or want to be among them, there are some things you need to know. Be sure you know how to mount, steer, and signal your horse to move, so that you can move safely.

As well as knowing how to ride, you must be able to train your horse! You must always do the groundwork before riding your horse.

It is an essential aspect of riding horses. You need to perform groundwork before boarding your horse so he understands you are in charge.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the best horse riding lessons for everyone.

Step by Step Guide of Horse Riding Lessons

Dress appropriately | Horse Riding Lessons

It is essential to wear long pants and enclosed shoes whenever you ride, preferably boots. Helmets are also essential. You should wear a good helmet if you’re doing it alone.

Outfit for your horse | | Horse Riding Lessons

English saddles are the best choice to learn with since they are smaller and do not have saddle horns. If riders prefer a Western saddle in the future, they can easily switch to that later. The horse will also need the following items besides the saddle:

  • Girth
  • Bridle
  • Bit
  • Reins

Get to know the horse | Horse Riding Lessons

It’s important to learn good horse etiquette before taking a ride on a horse.  It is the most important aspect of any horse riding lessons. Any misunderstanding can create a huge problem for you as well as for your horse.

Don’t move too quickly. The horse will be spooked if you run up and hug it like a dog. You should always touch the horse’s body the entire time when you walk around it, so it knows where you are.

Do not make loud noises while walking around the horse.  You should always walk quietly and at a normal pace when approaching horses.

Mount your horse.

Using a mounting block is not a bad idea for first-time riders. You can use this wooden structure to mount the horse by standing on it. It is a good idea to have someone else hold the horse’s head while you ride. Position the horse near the left side of its body.

You will need to launch yourself through the stirrup with your left foot. Place your right foot in the right stirrup after lifting your right leg over the horse’s back.

Put yourself in a balanced position.

Make sure you’re in a balanced position once you’re in the saddle. Maintain a straight spine. Your ears, shoulders, hips, and heels should be straight when you ride a horse. You should also ensure that your shoulders and buttocks are levels.

Walk on

Squeeze the horse’s legs gently to signal it to begin walking. It may be necessary to give your horse a couple of soft heel bumps if he is lazy or stubborn.

Keep your eyes between your horse’s ears, and don’t look at the ground when you walk. Once the horse has begun walking, do not squeeze its leg repeatedly.

Turn your horse

Rein and leg pressure is used to communicate this to your horse. As an example, when turning left, you gently pull the left rein backward (about one inch), putting pressure on the horse’s left front mouth.

In the meantime, apply gentle pressure to the horse’s body using your right leg. Horses reward themselves by turning their heads and bodies to be free from pressure.

Training horses for lessons should not involve force since the horses have been trained well and are responsive.


Equestrians describe trotting as jogging on horseback and having a bouncing sensation as they walk. This is like what it is for humans when they jog. You can jog once you have gotten used to walking a horse. If that doesn’t help, give him a heel bump.


Lopping is generally not recommended in horse riding lessons for beginners. But if you are confident enough, then you can go for it. Changing from a jog to a lope requires you to make a clean transition from the jog to the lope without speeding up your horse.

You can make the horse lope by moving your outer leg several inches backward, then gently squeezing both legs together.

Don’t pull on the reins except when slowing down; balance yourself on the saddle’s horn. You’ll gently pull back the reins to signal the horse to start jogging again.

Stop your horse

Grasp both reins and pull back. Whenever the horse stops, release the pressure by saying, “Woah. When the horse stops, it will receive a reward from pressure release.

Dismounting A Horse

Regardless of your level of riding, dismounting a horse is essential knowledge. As we discovered, when mounting a horse, you must keep your horse stationary and make sure that it doesn’t wander away from you.

Check to ensure that there are no other horses around your horse and that your horse has completely stopped. You should be able to swing your right leg across the backside of the horse without kicking him back when you have a firm grip on the reins.

The left side of the horse should be used to drop to the ground. You don’t want him to freak out, meltdown, or hurt himself since he’s not used to people being on the right side of him.

Frequently Asked Questions about Horse Riding Lessons

Q: When horses are hugged, how do they feel?

A: The most common way horses express affection is through body contact. Horses can only lean and even “neck hug” to express their affection since they cannot use their hands or arms.

Q: Is it okay to rub a horse?

A: It is much preferable to rub or stroke horses strongly and rhythmically as opposed to scratching or tickling them.  Often, horses love to be rubbed on the head and ears. Horses groom each other on the whither, so this would be a good place to check out.

Conclusion Horse Riding Lessons

When you first begin riding horses, you may feel a sense of excitement as well as trepidation about controlling and riding a very large animal. It’s normal to feel these emotions at first. Additionally, every beginner has a simple question regarding how to ride a horse.

The horse riding lessons guide on our website includes step-by-step instructions for learning how to ride a horse in a fun and safe way. Following the guide and guidance of your trainer will help you achieve this goal.

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