How to Steer a Horse with Reins like a Pro? [Latest Guide]

How to steer a horse
How to steer a horse

Steering horses is commonly done with reins. To ride a horse, you need to have this basic skill. Therefore, every rider should learn how to steer a horse. Direct reining means holding each rein in both hands at the same time. To turn left, you use your left hand, and to turn right, you use the right rein. With experience, you’ll become able to handle the reins and guide your horse more effectively. Learn this skill by reading the article below.

What Do You Mean by Steering A Horse?

Steering a horse means running or walking with your four-legged friend. Just like riding a bicycle, you need to move your body to manage how your horse will run. All movements you make even though the horse regulates what your friend will do.

Do you need to go left or right? Emphasis on where you want to go, regulate your body, and look out for your four-legged friend to follow your instructions. Thus, you can do this movement using reins, as several people do, or by your legs.

How to Steer a Horse: 5 easy steps!

1.   Hold the Reins

The top of your hand should contain the bight of the rein, with your thumbs up. Hold the left rein with your left hand and hold the right rein with your right hand.

2.     Prepare the horse to walk forward.

As you cue the horse to walk forward, use your legs and seat to maintain a gentle elastic contact between the rein in your hands and the horse’s mouth. Neither the reins nor the horse should be drooping or taut. Your elbow should be in line with the bit.

3.     Turn left using the reins.

This is the most important step in this guide of how to steer a horse. Pull back gently with your left hand on the rein to turn left. Do not pull on the reins but rather squeeze them. As your horse rounds a corner, you can control the amount of bend he will take by staying in contact with his right rein while cueing with the left rein.

Therefore, it is important to never let the right rein become slack or too tight. When you’re cueing with the reins, press the left foot on the horse’s side as you cue with the right.

This will prompt the horse to turn around your leg. Keep your weight on your inside hip bone, and do not lean when you turn.

4.     As the horse turns, adjust the pressure.

Release both your hands and legs as the horse obeys the cue. You should gently touch your horse’s mouth until it stops or turns next time.

5.     Turn right by using the reins.

You can cue the horse in the same way, using the right hand and leg when turning right. You want the horse to bend around your right leg now that the right rein is the active rein.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can We Steer a horse with legs?

A: You can communicate to your horse that you want to turn left or right by positioning your legs in place and applying pressure to the correct spots.

Simply adjusting your hips and pelvis within the saddle will allow you to command your horse to speed up or slow down.

Q: Which leg do you turn a horse on?

A: As you turn right, extend your left leg forward without touching the inside of your leg. The inside leg should point towards your destination. When you shift your weight to this leg in the saddle, you will be able to turn in the opposite direction. Horses turn in response to pressure.

Final Verdict

You can have fun and enjoy yourself by horseback riding. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you need to know how to steer a horse properly.

During horseback riding, you may also make errors. You will have minimal problems riding it if you follow our steering guide. Beginners will also find these skills helpful for getting on the saddle and staying there for a long time.

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