Top 10 best horse breeds of all time: [Latest Guide in 2024]


Horses have been one of the most useful animals to mankind since the beginning of time. There are many horse breeds present in the world: to be precise: the number is 350. This is a big number, and therefore: it’s quite challenging for equestrians to find the best breeds. However, don’t worry about this as in this guide, I bring you the 10 best horse breeds of all time.

Hence you don’t need to look for them in all 350 horse breeds. Okay, so without further due, let’s get straight to the guide.

What are the 10 best horse breeds?

1.     Arabian:


The Arabian is one of the oldest horse breeds present today. This horse breed is capable of surviving in extreme environments like deserts. The history of this breed goes back to almost 3000 B.C.

This horse is the winner of all horses. He has confirmed worthy to endure the severity of a desert. His power comes from a manner he follows his rider’s command. White Arabian horses born dark, must raise light in shade before they are prepared for the test of their abilities.

Few desire enough for glowing to become drinkers of the storm. The dark Arabian horse once turns white, is full of sense and power and is ready for hovering in the desert winds.

The breed is so ancient that the ancestry of other horse breeds like Appaloosa, Morgan, and Andalusian can be easily traced back to the Arabian. Arabian Horses are one of the strongest, loving, loyal, and wise horses.

The Arabian breed is just one of its kind because it is athletic and strong, along with being extremely beautiful. Nonetheless, beginners cannot handle Arabian horses well; a person needs to have immense experience and knowledge to handle such a horse breed.

This initially wild horse breed lacked affection towards humans. However, this changed during the Bedouin era when these horses started to live with their owners in tents.

This is where the loyalty and affection for humans first started to take birth in this breed of horses.

2.     Irish Thoroughbred:


Irish Thoroughbred is known for its stamina, speed, and agility. This horse breed has been polished for over 250 years now. It is an outcome of carefully organized breeding between Irish draught horses and thoroughbreds. This horse breed is known for its excellence in various sports activities.

The breeding between Irish draught horses and thoroughbred has led to the creation of a strong, athletic, and speedy breed of horses. The size of the horses of this breed varies from 60 to 68 inches.

The weight of these horses can be between 1200-1500 pounds. Another noticeable feature of this horse breed is that both the stallions and mares have muscular well-shaped bodies. This means both of them can participate in all kinds of equine sports activities.

Irish Thoroughbred is one of the most versatile horse breeds present in the world right now. This breed comes in use for many things like as a domestic farm animal, for dressage, sports events, show jumping, leisure riding, and fox hunting.

3.     American Quarter:


No. 3rd on the list of best horse breeds is the American Quarter. This horse is among the oldest horse breeds of America. Besides, this breed came into being in the 1660s after the native Spanish horses, and English horses of Virginia were bred together.

These horses were introduced for racing by the late 17th century, and the race over a quarter-mile in Rhode Island and Virginia led to the name American Quarter. The American Quarter was specifically bred; for better performance, improved strength, and enhanced speed.

However, they were overshadowed by the Thoroughbreds for a long time because they performed better than the American Quarters. The height of this breed is relatively shorter than Thoroughbreds and stands somewhere between 56 to 64 inches.

In addition to this, American Quarter weighs between 900-1200 pounds. Noticeable physical features include a finely chiseled head, wide forehead, and a flat profile.

4.     Andalusian:


Andalusian is one of the most elegant and loyal horse breeds in the world.  This breed is known for its generosity, and sometimes these horses would go to such an extent that they’ll try to give you what they don’t even have.

Other than this, Andalusian horses are known for their flowing mane and beautiful tail. Andalusian horses crave their owner’s attention and love. This breed is not only used for ring shows or dressage but trails and sports events as well.

The weight of this horse breed varies from 900-1100 pounds. Andalusian horses are known for their use in parades and demonstrations: after all, they look like an absolute magnificence. Moreover, you can also see these horses’ bullfighting in countries like Spain and Portugal.

The ancestral legacy of this breed goes back to the Iberian horse, which was a great war-horse, and its legacy continues in the shape of the Andalusian horse breed. In the past Andalusian horses were easily found in many colors, but with time this has been refined to few colors.

These colors include gray, bay, minimal black, fun, chestnut, and palomino. Last but not least, the forward-moving mount is what makes this breed stand out. It gives an elevated animated look which just seems surreal.

5.     Marwari:


Marwari is one of the horse breeds that counts in as a battle breed. But why does this breed is known as the battle breed? Well, the ears of Marwari horses are extremely sensitive, and they can catch even the subtlest sounds. Thus, this makes them the most reliable breed for the battlefield.

In particular, these horses were used in the Indo-Pak subcontinent a lot, and the British army was surprised to see the number of failures in the Mughal assassination.

This happened due to the ability of a Marwari horse to catch subtle sounds, which led to its ears revolving and served as an indicator of alert for Mughal Generals. Moreover, a Marwari horse weighs around 900-1000 pounds and can at speed up to 40 km/h.

Usually, this breed is utilized for riding, sports activities, jumping activities, pulling carriages, horse shows, or safaris.

In the end, I would just like to say that this warhorse breed from the subcontinent has everything you’ll want in a great horse. From being loyal and affectionate to being brave and friendly, the Marwari horse posses it all.

6.     Morgan:


At first, you’ll be stunned by the beauty of a Morgan, and then you’ll get impressed by its efforts to please humans. This horse breed is among the best because Morgan horses are easy to get along with, and all types and levels of equestrians can handle them.

It’s not even a debate of beginners or experts; in this case, even children can handle this breed. This is because Morgan is an extremely cooperative and affectionate horse breed.

Furthermore, this breed is comparatively short and lightweight, but the beauty of it compensates for that. A Morgan horse can weigh around 900-1000 pounds, and the height can vary between 56-60 inches.

Morgan Horses have a muscular build, short head, and thick mane along with expensive eyes. The life expectancy of this breed is quite impressive: which is 30 years.

Overall, Morgan is an absolute multi-purpose horse that people of all ages can keep and pet. You can take your Morgan for a ride as well as utilize it for the race track.

7.     Appaloosa:


Appaloosa is the result of one of the most strict breeding practices by Native Americans, especially the Nez Perce people. They wanted a horse breed with several qualities; that includes being colorful, tractable, and intelligent.

Moreover, during the 1870s, this breed had almost extinct because of the U.S invasion of the Native American Land. However, during the 1930s, the interest in this breed regained, and thus some leftover Appaloosa’s were bred together to save it.

Appaloosa’s have a similar height range as the Morgan, which lies between 56inches to 60inches. In comparison, they can weigh around 900-1200 pounds which makes them heavier than Morgan. In old times, Appaloosa was utilized for battles, rides, and hunting.

In the modern age, Appaloosa still happens to be one of the best and most versatile horse breeds. Hence, today the breed is utilized for long trails, in rodeo events, as a farm animal, and racing.

Moreover, you may have seen Appaloosa starring in movies, and TV shows as this breed is extremely beautiful and stand out because of its markings. However, above all things, Appaloosa is an affectionate and friendly breed which makes it one of the best horse companions.

8.     Gypsy Vanner:


Gypsy Vanner is one of the rare breeds of horses today, but in the past, this was the essential horse breed to pull Caravans. The Gypsies from Great Britain carefully bred Shire and Clydesdale to produce a horse breed that is exceptionally strong while being excellent at temperament management.

This breed is known for its remarkable feathering and coats. Nevertheless, Gypsy Vanner is not only good for pulling Caravans but makes a great horse for beginners and children as it is easy to train and doesn’t have any significant aggression issues.

Gypsy Vanner horses are rapidly growing in reputation nowadays. With their peaceful nature, these horses can be well-paired with kids and with new owners and progressive adult riders.

As Gypsy Vanners are very prevalent, getting these horses in the US is getting easier. These horses are costly to buy, easily imposing $10,000 or extra each; thus, these horses are unlikely to turn out in rescue conditions where you could accept a horse. Before purchasing a Gypsy Vanner, the best choice is to find a trustworthy breeder or a remote seller in your region.

A Gypsy Vanner is relatively short in height, but it can be as heavy as 1700 pounds. This breed can be considered one of the best family horses, which are great for riding.

9.     Friesian:


Friesian is the best horse breed for people who love tall and black horses. This breed has thick manes and tails: which are exceptionally beautiful for dressage. Both beginners and advanced equestrians can utilize it.

Friesian is best suited for dressage as it can appeal to its audience along with possessing remarkable athletic abilities. However, this is also true that it is challenging to maintain and groom this breed because of its thick feathers and manes.

Thus, it’ll require a considerable amount of effort and time to groom a Friesian. Moreover, just like the Gypsy Vanner, Friesian is also easy to control and has a mild dependable temperament. This means these horses won’t spook easily and get along very well without much effort.

In addition to this, you can expect a Friesian to be large and muscular; however, it won’t be much tall. Friesians have powerful hindquarters and low set tails. Along with this, they have well-defined short ears.

Nevertheless, the number of genetic disorders in this breed makes it quite disconcerting. But if you love beautiful and powerful warm-blooded horses then, Friesian is a breed to consider.

10. Orlov Trotter:


Last on the list of best horse breeds is Orlov Trotter. This is one of the most fierce yet versatile horse breeds, which is hard to find today. Back in the day, it was considered the most prized Russian breed.

However, due to changing culture throughout the world, this breed reduced to being rare. Horse lovers still admire the speed, strength, and stamina of Orlov Trotter. The horse weighs around 900-990 pounds. Orlov Trotter is one of the best horse breeds for transportation, domestic farm work, and racing.

Furthermore, this breed is known for having a fast trotting gait. So, when this characteristic combines with extraordinary stamina and strength, this horse breed becomes one of a kind. One of the most impressive things about this breed is that it can adapt to both stable and pasture life.

Moreover, these horses have great temperament, and so they are cooperative to the extent that beginners can also handle them. Plus, Orlov Trotter does not even need frequent grooming and care: which makes this breed quite low maintenance.

Which horse breed is rare in Pakistan?

Hirzai or Nukra is an exceptional breed of riding horse instigated from Pakistan. These riding horses are of Arab derivation and have plentiful similarities to Baluchis. Their size is intermediate among those of a horse as well as a pony.

Which horse breed is well-known in Punjab?

Punjab contains two dominant horse breeds: Marwari, also called native horses, and Nukra, the perfect white horse. One more common breed is Kathiawari, which originates from the Kathiawar area of Gujarat.

Which horse color is expensive?

Additional wanted horse colors are chestnut, dark brown, as well as black. Horses of these colors frequently fetch a higher worth in the market compared to those deliberated as less wanted – white, light grey, light sorrel, and cream-colored are some of the less desired colors in horses.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. What is the most beautiful horse breed?

  1. Some of the most beautiful horse breeds include the Friesian, Arabian, Andalusian, Clydesdale, Lipizzaner.

Q. What is the smartest horse breed?

  1. Arabian is the smartest horse breed present in the world currently. It is known for its intelligence and smartness across the globe.

Q. What is the most stubborn horse breed?

  1. When it comes to stubbornness in a horse, the Faroese breed comes on the top. However, this breed is on the verge of extinction thus; it’s quite rare to find.

Q. What is the rarest horse?

  1. There are a lot of rare horses, but the rarest ones include The Newfoundland Pony, Dales Pony, and Sorraia horse.

Q. What is the oldest horse breed?

  1. Icelandic is the oldest horse breed in the world: whose lineage goes back to around 10,000 years.


Finding the best horse breeds is a quite difficult task, even if you’re one of the most enthusiastic equestrians. To make it easy for you, I have researched and listed the 10 best horse breeds of all time. Hopefully, this will be helpful enough for you to find the one suitable for you.

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