How to Clean Horse Stall Mats? Best methods in 2022

how to clean horse stall mats

Cleaning and maintaining a barn are challenging tasks. Once one horse in the barn gets a cold, all the others soon follow. You need to learn how to disinfect horse stall mats and how to clean horse stall mats so that you don’t cause other horses to get sick.

Hopefully, i won’t have to do this too often, but it will take some hard work and time. Check out this cleaning tutorial to learn how to clean a horse stall, including the walls, mats, and floor.

How to clean rubber horse stall mats?

You can follow the steps below to learn how to get the smell out of Horse Stall Mats.

  • The first step in disinfecting rubber horse stable mats is to remove them from the stall. Take them outdoors.
  • Keep them away from the aisle floors of your barn, as this can spread contaminants. Make sure all bedding or debris is removed from the mats.
  • Disinfect the topside of the mats first, as this is likely to be the most contaminated site. Repetition of the same process for the bottom of the mat.
  • Replace the mats in the stall after they have completely dried. You can speed up this process by leaning them against a solid fence.

Disinfecting Stable or Stall Walls

  • Remove all items from the stall. Separately disinfect your buckets and feeders; don’t disinfect them together.
  • Wash your stall walls thoroughly with a detergent and make sure that all debris has been removed.
  • The perfect time to replace your rubber mats is now if you keep them in your stall. Pull them out, clean them, or disinfect them if they need it.
  • Drying your walls completely is important. Cleaning buckets and feeders can be done after the walls are dry.
  • Squeeze bleach into water to dilute it and clean all buckets with it. Spray a disinfectant onto all surfaces thoroughly. In the face of organic matter, Lysol is more effective than other products when it comes to cleaning walls stained with manure.

How to Disinfect Your Horse Stall Floor?

  • Apply a detergent solution to the walls and floor with a hose and garden sprayer. You may have to scrub stubborn stains by hand.
  • Begin rinsing all surfaces at the top of the wall. To remove as much water as possible, sweep water into a drain or out the door.
  • Allow the walls and floors to dry after cleaning them with a disinfectant. Don’t rinse them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Neutral pH cleaner for rubber mats?

A: The neutral pH cleaners are those which have a pH of 7. The closest thing to a neutral cleaner is dish soap.

Q: What is the effect of vinegar on rubber mats?

A: Rubber mats should not be cleaned with acidic substances such as vinegar. It eats through them and causes them to degrade faster.

Q: How do you mop a horse stall mat?

A: After the mats have been exposed to the disinfectant for the appropriate amount of time, clean them with plain water. No matter whether you are mopping or using a mat scrubber, you should only use a small amount of detergent in the water. Using excessive amounts of soap and detergent can cause mats to become soiled.


Here is a quick guide on how to wash horse stall mats. This guide will show you how to clean horse stall mats effectively. Don’t forget to follow every precaution. Following the reading of this article, we hope you will find it easy to clean your horse stall mats.

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