How to Remove the Saddle from Horse? 4 Important Steps

how to remove the saddle from horse

Saddles are essential in spreading the rider’s weight evenly across the horse’s back so that the rider’s center of gravity aligns with the horse. However, sometimes we must take them off, for example, during grooming. So, in this article, I will teach you how to remove the saddle from horse.

How to Remove the Saddle from Horse? 4 Easy Steps


Here is a 4 easy-step guide on how to removing saddle from the horse for newbies.

  1. Undo girth on one side

To take off the saddle, start by undoing the girth. The easiest way to undo the belt is to pull it straight up until it pops out of the hole of the buckle. Then just pull the belt right out of buckle hole. You may have to pull it very hard but never give up. Once the buckles are undone, pull them down from the saddle pad and gently place them on the ground.

  1. Undo girth on another side

Now immediately walk on the other side to undo the other girth. Never walk away when the girth is half off. It can be dangerous for you for your horse and your equipment. Once you reach the other side, repeat the same process. Lift the belt straight up until the prong pops out, and then slide the belt out of the buckle.

Once you undo both sides, place the girth on your shoulder. You can also lay it across the saddle but be careful as sweat and hair on the girth can damage your tack. Either lay it with the sweaty side facing up and away from the shoulder, or you can simply put it on your shoulder.

  1. Remove the Saddle

Now we can pull the saddle off. Anchor one hand on the pommel and the other hand at the cantle. Grab the saddle and saddle pad all at once and pull all of it off. If you cannot handle the saddle by yourself, make you have someone to help you. Lay the saddle and pad on the one hand and take it to the cross ties.

  1. Store neatly

Now put the saddle and pad neatly on the saddle rack. Don’t leave them to the cross ties as the horse can easily knock them over. Put the saddle on the rack first, then put the half pad right on top nice and straight. If the square pad is sweaty or dirty, flip it over and lay it on the top of the half pad.

This will keep the sweat and hair off the rest of your tack and give the pad a chance to dry before you put it away. Finally, either lay the girth over the pad with the sweaty side down or hang it up with your bridle to get cleaned later.

Can you remove a saddle from a pig?

Utilizing a saddle on a pig train the pig with the saddle, permitting the player to ride the pig. Handling the pig needs using a carrot on a twig. Slaying the pig is the only approach to regain the saddle in rdr2.

How do you take a saddle off your horse?

Unbuckle the girth—initially the left side, then the right. Then place the girth on the upper side of the saddle. Return to the left side of your horse and hold the saddle by the knob and cantle. Then, lift the saddle before dragging it towards you; please don’t pull it into your horse’s spine.

Is it aching to ride a horse without having a saddle?

No, as Clayton stated, infrequent bareback jaunts are not likely to cause noteworthy pain or harm. Long saddleless rides, frequent bareback rides over numerous days, and saddleless riding by weightier riders (who generate extra force) can be more challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should a saddle be placed?

Place the saddle gently on the horse’s back after it has been raised and over its back. You should do this on its left side. Close to the withers on the front and back of the saddle, about three inches of the pad should be visible.

Q: How does a saddle stay on a horse?

A wide strap holds the saddle to the horse behind the horse’s legs. It is known as a girth or Cinch.

Q: Do saddles come with a girth and stirrups?

There is no stirrup leather, stove, or girth included with English saddles. You need to buy these items separately.


So that was a simple and very easy guide on how to remove the saddle from horse. Just follow these four steps, and you will be able to remove the saddle from the horse within minutes.

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