The 10 best horse clippers in 2024: Latest Reviews


Horse clipping is an essential part of grooming as well as maintaining hygiene and allowing the skin to breathe. However, for this task, you need to have a good clipper. Otherwise, the job will seem tedious and inefficient. Today in this article, I will review the 10 best horse clippers.

Along with that, you’ll be able to get your hands on a detailed buying guide for choosing the best clipper too.  However, for this, you’ve to stick to the guide till the end.

What are horse clippers and their importance?

Horse clippers are devices used for clipping or trimming horse fur. They are available in many types, such as corded, cordless, light-duty clippers, medium-duty clippers, and heavy-duty clippers.

The main thing to deliberate is your horse’s temperament, and how calm and stable they’re capable of staying around loud sounds. If you keep a very skitterish horse or a horse that isn’t too excited about getting clipped, select a horse clipper having a low noise yield of approximately 120 volts.

Horse clippers make it easy to clip or trim coats of horses. Trimming and clipping are essential for horses, for example, during winters if you’re training the horse.

Clipping allows the horse to lose heat in which is important during activities like training sessions.

On the other hand, in summers, it makes your horse feel cool and relaxing after the thick coat shears through its body. Just like this, there are many other benefits of trimming and clipping.

Hence, it can be concluded that horse clippers help make your job easy and efficient: therefore, they are a must-have tool for clipping and trimming horses.

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Reviews: 10 best horse clippers in 2024

Top Pick
Andis AGC super 2 horse clipper

Andis AGC Super 2 horse clipper


Corrosion and rust-free finish
Precise cut
Effortless and easy to use
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Best Seller
Wahl Professional Animal Show Pro Plus horse clipper

Wahl Professional Animal Show Pro Plus horse clipper


Remarkable quality
Quiet operation
Adjustable blade size
7200 strokes in one minute
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Best Seller
Oster Clipmaster variable horse clipper

Oster Clipmaster variable horse clipper


30% lighter design than its predecessor
Stable clipper
Adjustable blade size
Tension adjusting knob
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Best Seller
BEETRO 500W Electric horse clipper

BEETRO 500W Electric horse clipper


Low vibration
6 variable speed feature
Strong copper motor
Remarkable overheat prevention
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Best Seller
TAKEIT Professional Electric horse clipper

TAKEIT Professional Electric horse clipper


Ergonomic design for better control
Efficient and fast
Can shear through toughest coats
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Best Seller
Wahl Professional Animal Iron Horse Clipper

Wahl Professional Animal Iron Horse Clipper


Suitable for low body trimming
2-year warranty
Virtually unbreakable exterior
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Best Seller
Oster A5 Two Speed Horse Clipper

Oster A5 Two Speed Horse Clipper:


Chew proof motor
Great clipper for rough and soft coats
Detachable blade feature
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Best Seller
Lister Star Large Horse Clipper

Lister Star Large Horse Clipper


Ideal horse clipper for thick coats
The slim design promotes better grip
Suitable for medium and thick coats
Long cord to walk around the animal
Replaceable air filter
Good at preventing overheating and clogging
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Best Seller
MTP UCONTRO 350w Horse Clipper

MTP UCONTRO 350w Horse Clipper


Practically noiseless
Suitable for many farm animals
Ideal for thick and tough coats
Effective heat prevention
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Best Seller
Double K 401 Horse Clipper

Double K 401 Horse Clipper


Many accessories can be attached for other tasks
Variable speed feature
Trim all kinds of coats
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1.     Andis AGC Super 2 horse clipper:


The Andis AGC Super 2 is known as one of the most durable and versatile horse clippers. You get both high and low-speed features in this clipper which means it is a complete grooming package.

Moreover, one of the good things about this horse clipper is that you get precise cuts on horsehair. This convenience of precise cuts can be very advantageous while grooming a horse. It doesn’t end here; Andis boasts about providing you a quiet grooming session with your horse.

In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion on Andis AGC because it comes with a premium chrome finish.

Plus, you don’t even need to keep on changing or cleaning the blade. However, you might face some issues with chord tangling while grooming the horse. But the cord prevents immense wear and tear as it is a 14-ft heavy-duty cord. Thus, you can overlook the tangling part.


  • Durable
  • Corrosion and rust-free finish
  • Precise cut
  • Effortless and easy to use


  • The long cord might tangle during grooming sessions

2.     Wahl Professional Animal Show Pro Plus horse clipper:


Wahl is known for its great horse clippers, and Wahl Professional Animal Show is no different. This horse clipper attached to an 8-inch cord is designed to be lightweight.

It isn’t ideal for heavy clipping, but you can use it for light to medium-duty clipping. It is the best clipper for trimming areas near the face, ears, bridle path, and fetlocks.

Wahl Animal Show has a blade size range of 30, 15, and 10: which can easily adjust by utilizing the resizable lever.  Moreover, this clipper is also capable of making 7200 strokes in just one minute and activate metal heating for better trimming.

This is an incredible feature, no doubt. To conclude, I’ll say the Wahl Professional Animal Show clipper is best if you’re looking for a light to medium body clipper.


  • Remarkable quality
  • Quiet operation
  • Adjustable blade size
  • 7200 strokes in one minute


  • It comes with a cord

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3.     Oster Clipmaster variable horse clipper:


On the list of best horse clippers, we have Oster Clipmaster as no. 3rd. This is a powerful variable speed horse clipper which makes it ideal for light to medium level clipping. This clipper has a variable speed of 700-3000RPM.

Moreover, like the Wahl Professional Animal Show clipper, this one also comes with an adjustable blade.  Moving on, Oster customers have been demanding a more stable clipper, and surprisingly the company has listened to them. This clipper is known for its stability and 30% lighter design than its predecessor.

Along with this, the clipper also has a shatterproof design which makes it reliable and durable. Furthermore, you can also adjust the tension on this horse clipper for precise cuts and trimming. The ventilation is great on Oster Clipmaster.

Last but not least, Oster Clipmaster comes with a kit that includes a cleaning brush, grease screen, intake screen, clipping machine, and top and bottom blade.


  • 30% lighter design than its predecessor
  • Stable clipper
  • Adjustable blade size
  • Tension adjusting knob


  • Corded clipper
  • Similar to Wahl Animal Show clipper

4.     BEETRO 500W Electric horse clipper:


The BEETRO 500W is a powerful horse clipper that happens to be low vibration too. It’s an excellent horse clipper for clipping sensitive areas easily.

The overall material used in the design of this clipper is quite strong. The body is made up of nylon PVC and the clipping head from aluminum.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a clipper that doesn’t overheat then, BEETRO Electric clipper is amongst the best. This is because the clipper has a proper air cooling fan attached to the body: which helps to prevent overheating significantly.

The most notable feature of this horse clipper is the 500W copper motor installed in it: which makes it extremely powerful.

Besides the powerful copper motor, this clipper has a 6 variable speed of up to 2400RPM. You might be thinking this is a very heavy clipper, then? No, it is not. The clipper weighs only 5.93oz which is easy to carry and use.


  • Low vibration
  • 6 variable speed feature
  • Strong copper motor
  • Remarkable overheat prevention


  • The head of the clipper might catch rust
  • Needs proper maintenance

5.     TAKEIT Professional Electric horse clipper:


TAKEIT Professional Electric Horse Clipper often gets mixed reviews because it isn’t the best clipper: when it comes to noise and sturdiness. But, it is also a super-fast, efficient, and great multidimensional horse clipper.

This clipper holds the power of trimming the toughest and roughest horse coats.  Moreover, it is compact: which makes it portable to carry. As for the issue of noise, as long as you’re trimming at low speed, this clipper won’t make a lot of noise.

However, you’ll have to tolerate noise at high levels of speed. In addition to this, manufacturers have done a good job of eliminating overheating at all speed levels: which is a very important feature.

It is corded like every other horse clipper, and along with that, it comes with a detachable blade. The polymer-coated body of this horse clipper has an ergonomic handle for better grip and a low vibration experience.


  • Ergonomic design for better control
  • Efficient and fast
  • Can shear through toughest coats


  • Noisy
  • It doesn’t come with a sturdy build

6.     Wahl Professional Animal Iron Horse Clipper:


We’ve another Wahl clipper on this list which is the Wahl Professional Animal Iron Horse Clipper. The most noticeable feature of this horse clipper is its aluminum exterior which makes it virtually unbreakable.

This clipper by Wahl is great for medium clipping, and along with this, it can be utilized for trimming the bridle path, fetlocks, and ears of the horse. Moreover, this isn’t an ideal clipper for horses with tough coats.

However, if your horse has a soft coat; then, this clipper can be utilized for light body trimming. You can also change the blade size easily using the adjustable lever on this clipper.

Nonetheless, it is a great light to medium clipping and low body trimming horse clipper, which comes with a 2-year warranty. Nevertheless, you can’t rely on it if you live in a hot area because it isn’t that effective in preventing overheating.


  • Suitable for low body trimming
  • 2-year warranty
  • Virtually unbreakable exterior


  • Not effective in preventing overheating
  • Not suitable for tough coats

7.     Oster A5 Two Speed Horse Clipper:


Oster A5 is one of the heaviest horse clippers available in the market. This beast has a two-speed feature that allows you to adjust between the two extreme speeds, as per the requirement using a switch.

The 12-inch corded masterpiece by Oster is great for horse clipping. With 2100RPM, you can easily do light body trimming with this clipper. In addition to this, if you switch to 2700RPM on this clipper then, you can easily shear through rough coats.

It also comes with the detachable blade feature, and the compatibility extends to all Oster A5 blades. Moreover, the most interesting feature you’ll find in this clipper is its chew-proof motor.

Overall it’s an excellent clipper for both thick and soft coats, but it can get overheated at times: which can get irritating for your horse. Therefore, do consider this aspect of the Oster A5.


  • Chew proof motor
  • Great clipper for rough and soft coats
  • Detachable blade feature


  • Heavy horse clipper
  • Gets overheated at times

8.     Lister Star Large Horse Clipper:


Lister Star Large is an ideal horse clipper for thick coats. Moreover, this clipper is known for its ventilated and self-cleaning blades. These self-cleaning blades help in avoiding overheating or clogging inside the clipper.

Apart from this, it also comes with an easy-to-use tension system to set precise tension while using it. The cord length for this horse clipper is 16 inch which is more than the above-mentioned clippers.

The slim body of this clipper provides the user with an ergonomic grip.  Overall, this is a good horse clipped for tough coats, and it does a commendable job of preventing overheating too.


  • Ideal horse clipper for thick coats
  • The slim design promotes better grip
  • Suitable for medium and thick coats
  • Long cord to walk around the animal
  • Replaceable air filter
  • Good at preventing overheating and clogging


  • It doesn’t offer variable speed
  • Needs oil maintenance frequently
  • Noisy

9.     MTP UCONTRO 350w Horse Clipper:


MTP UCONTRO is not primarily designed to clip horses, but its remarkable features make it fit for the job. However, to make use of this heavy-duty clipper, you’ll have to replace its head with one suitable for horse clipping.

This 350w powerful clipper is great for shearing thick coats easily. It is a corded clipper, and it comes with an extra detachable blade in the box too. It is compatible with Oster, Heiniger, GTS, and Shear magic blades.

This virtually noiseless clipper has an effective design for ventilation and cooling.  All these features have made it popular amongst farmers, as it can be utilized for clipping many farm animals, including horses. However, it isn’t an ideal horse clipper for big horses.


  • Practically noiseless
  • Suitable for many farm animals
  • Ideal for thick and tough coats
  • Effective heat prevention


  • Not a great clipper for big horses

10. Double K 401 Horse Clipper:


Other clippers mentioned above were mostly for low to medium trimming. But Double K 401 is a full-body horse clipper that can easily shear through thick, rough, or wet coats.

The best thing about this clipper is that it happens to be 5 times more powerful than other clippers. You can utilize a variable speed of 200-9000 per stroke according to your preference and requirements for trimming or clipping your horse.

It comes with a 10-foot cable so that; you don’t have any problem moving around the animal. Last but not least, with this clipper, you get a 3-year motor warranty from the manufacturer.

However, unlike other clippers mentioned above, this one is not easy to carry and doesn’t have a portable design.


  • Many accessories can be attached for other tasks
  • Variable speed feature
  • Trim all kinds of coats


  • It doesn’t not have a portable design.
  • Extremely heavy to carry around

Categories of Horse Clippers

There are three key types of clippers:

Touch Ups: These are perfect for trimming the face as well as ears. They might be smaller and softer, which can be supportive once clipping a delicate horse.

Body Clippers: Clippers are made for clipping the whole body throughout the winter months. These horse clippers will be heavier duty because they grasp a heavier workload compared to those made for touch-ups.

Multiple Purpose: These clippers are made to do a little of the whole shebang. They might be larger as well as heavier compared to touch-up clippers and cheaper than body clippers.

Clipping a horse

Horses develop thick furs, and their skin generates more grease in the cold season to protect them in contradiction to cold weather. This thick coat helps your horse stay warm; however, it can also be irritating and even harmful if your horse is worked frequently to the point of extreme perspiration.

Once the sweat blends with the grease in his coat, it produces a film that mats his thick coat. Then the thick coat becomes slow to dry, and it is unable to keep your horse warm in this condition, leaving your horse susceptible to chills, which causes illness.

So, his hair is clipped along the bottom and sides of his neck, shoulders, or belly. The trace clip is prevalent as it eliminates hair from the parts where horses sweat most. Several individuals clip a narrow band of hair, whereas others wish to clip the hair around halfway up the horse.

Some Horse Body Clip Styles

If you’ve known this far, the likelihoods are that you want to try body-clipping your horse. You just need to decide what clipping style to do at that moment. (Yes, you can choose a haircut style as you do for yourself!)

There are numerous body clipping styles for your horse.

Trace Clip: This clipping style can be “low” or “high” depending upon the quantity of hair removed; however, it includes trimming under the chin, sideways the neck, the whole belly and most of the flanks. 

Blanket Clip: Not amazingly, this style appears as though your horse is tiring a quarter sheet. Hair is detached on the neck, belly, withers, and flanks. This is a nice choice for sore-backed horses; however, it leaves the legs as well as the face alone.

Hunter Clip: This is preferred among, you predicted it. You eradicate all the hair excluding the legs, as well as an English saddle pad over the back. This style provides extreme cooling whereas still shielding the legs against jumps.

Full Body Clip: This clipping style is accurately what it sounds like. You clip the whole horse; therefore, this must be kept only for horses doing hard work during winter and/or those that often travel to hot places for shows or additional events.

Strip Clip: Some people call this a Pony Clip; however, the style is the same regardless of the term. You eliminate the hair under the chin, on the base of the neck, among the front legs, and down the distance of the belly. It’s a petty clip that’s perfect for light work.

Why should you clip your horse?

Throughout the winter, several horses grow a fine thick coat to have them well shielded from the cold climate. Once we exercise horses, this can make them overheat and begin sweating. Excessive sweating can then cause your horse to get nippy as it can’t be warm and dry with drenched wet fur.

You can clip their furs, which means they won’t swelter or start sweating. Afterward, a ride, your horse’s clipped fur will still be dry.

Pro tips utilizing the best horse clippers.

  1. The clipper frequently heats up while using. Thus, you have to keep it cool using a cooling fluid. Otherwise, you can turn it off and make it cool if needed.
  2. Don’t clip early or too late, as this might slow the development of your horse’s coat.
  3. Do not clip the day before your horse competitions. The clipped hair frequently requires 5-14 days to return to its alluring state.
  4. If you want to clip near the tail as well as the mane, ensure to wrap them, plus a clip to the side to stop slipping any long hairs. Otherwise, you can ask your associate or anyone to grasp both to the side to do it comfortably.
  5. If you want to clip the horse’s face or any delicate area, kindly leave it for last. Besides, ensure you utilize the smaller clipper to execute.

How to choose the best horse clipper in 2023? [Buying Guide]

Buying an everyday product is one thing and purchasing a horse clipper is another thing. Not many people know much about this tool, and even if they do know something, it is still challenging to pick the right one.

However, you don’t need to worry about anything as this buying guide will help you in selecting the best horse clipper.

·        Clipper Blades:

Every horse clipper consists of two blades. One is the lower blade aka comb, and the other one is the cutter.

The comb helps in feeding the hair, and then the cutter cuts the hair with each pass. To determine the type and length of the cut, you need to know the thickness of the comb first.

However, to pick the right thickness, you have to be aware of the purpose of the cut you want. For example, in colder climates, a distant cut needs to be made, and therefore a thin blade is required.

Moreover, you’ll see a feature of detachable blades in advanced clippers: which gives you the freedom of attaching multiple blades with one clipper.

In addition to this, clippers with adjustable levers allow you to bring the cutting blade closer or distant to the hair. This feature allows making different types of cuts from the same clipper.

·        Motor Type:

Unlike hoof snippets, the motor of a horse clipper determines its performance.

1)      Rotary Motor:

Rotary motors are the most common type of motors installed in horse clippers. An electric component and rotating disc assist the motor to function. This happens when the disc rotates utilizing electricity which gives power to the blades.

The speed of this motor can be controlled easily through a switch. However, at high-speed levels, the noise increased.  So if you want a quiet horse clipper then, a variable speed horse clipper might not be right for you.

2)      Pivoting Motor:

Pivoting motors have a fairly basic design. They consist of a single hand and a magnet. In this type of motor, the magnet is fixed, and the hands and blades are moving.

The motor pulls the blade in one direction utilizing its single arm. After this, the spring pulls the blade in the other direction. Pivoting motors aren’t considered good for short trims.

3)      Magnet Motor:

Horse clippers with magnet motors have many adjustable features. These motors work using a magnetic field and a direct drive shaft.

Thus, as compared to other motors, these motors can make the blade run back and forth multiple times easily. Because of this, magnet motors become suitable for both light and heavy trimming.

In addition to this, these motors generate less heat and noise, unlike the other motors mentioned above.

·        Motor RPM:

RPM is the revolutions a motor is capable of making. The higher the RPM, the higher will be the speed and intensity of the clipper’s cut.

However, higher RPM also means more noise and heat. Therefore, a clipper needs to have a cooler or other ventilation systems to prevent overheating.

Motor RPM is another important thing to look at when choosing a clipper because of the number of aspects of a clipper it influences.

Moving on, if you want to do heavy-duty full body clipping then, choose a horse clipper with higher RPM and vice versa for light to medium clipping.

·        Size of the clipper:

The next important thing to look for in a horse clipper is its size. When it comes to clipping hair from the sensitive areas of your horse, you must consider the clipper’s size.

Why? Because normally, big clippers don’t have cords attached, and it becomes challenging to handle them. On the other hand, small clippers are easy to handle.

Whenever you’re trimming a horse, you need to be careful of its sensitive areas like the neck, ears, and face. Clipping such areas becomes easy with small and easy-to-use clippers: which allow you to focus on your pet’s movements.

·        Heat and Noise:

It’s very much likely that your horse might find trimming and clipping intimating. However, the heat and noise can make it feel more agitated.

Hence, whenever you’re selecting a horse clipper, make sure you prioritize the one with minimal noise and heat.

·       Maneuverability.

If the horse clippers are huge, it can be fairly hard to grip and move around the horse’s body. In the meantime, small horse clippers can be extra problematic to utilize on vast parts of the horse.

On the other hand, size also plays a vital role in getting how strong the clipper is. The horse clippers should be powerful to knob the copious hair coat. However, if it’s excessively powerful, it can lead to uneasiness in your horses. You should go for a model that gives between 1,000 to 2,000 strokes for each minute to get the best outcome.

·       Quality of horse clippers.

Horse clippers are a venture, so you need them to last. Propitiously, there are numerous great brands accessible that snag even the hardest trimming!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Q. When should you first clip a horse?

  1. Well, there are can be varying answers to this question. However, to be precise, the ideal time to clip an average horse is in October. Nonetheless, it can vary according to how fast your horse can grow its winter coat.

Q. Can you use human clippers on a horses?

  1. No, you can’t use human clippers on horses because horses have relatively thicker hair than humans.

Q. Should I clip my Cushing’s horse?

  1. Yes, horses with Cushing’s disease require regular clipping as they can’t lose their thick coat by themselves, which makes clipping essential.

Q. Can I use dog clippers on horse?

  1. No, using dog clippers isn’t efficient at all. It can take days for you to clip a horse using a dog clipper because it isn’t that powerful and makes the process slow.

Q. Which is better, Wahl or Andis?

  1. The answer to this question is not that simple. Both brands have incredible products. Thus, the answer to this question depends on the preference of buyers. If a buyer wants a strong and sturdy build, then Andis will be a better choice.

However, if a buyer wants lightweight clippers then, Wahl will be the winner. Moreover, both the brands have several products with a variety of features in the market. These features and different models of clippers suit the need of different buyers. Hence, it’s just a game of choice and preference.

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Horse clippers come in handy every year to clip off that thick winter fur of your horse. However, selecting the best horse clippers isn’t an easy task. This requires a fair amount of understanding of horse clippers and the purpose of use you want them for.

This guide will help you understand how to do this and then select the best horse clipper. The information in this article is pretty helpful when it comes to horse clippers: therefore, read it all. And hopefully, you’ll find it helpful too for your purchase of the best horse clipper.

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